How to use JoyOfSatan SSA(Safely, Securely, Anonymously)

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How to use JoyOfSatan SSA(Safely, Securely, Anonymously)

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Hello everyone, I have decided to create a guide on using JoyOfSatan and related sites safely, securely, and, anonymously.

For this guide you will need a few things.
1. An 8gb or larger memory stick[Neccesary]
2. An internet connection[Neccesary]
3. A computer running WIndows, MacOS, or Linux[Neccesary]
4. A phone or secondary device which can load a webpage[Neccesary]
5. A spare drive such as an SSD, SSHD, or HDD [Optional]
6. A Sata to USB cable[Optional]

Step 1. Getting and installing tails
a. Go to
b. You will be greeted with three large green buttons. Look in the top right of your webpage and find the donate button. Under the donate button you will see options for EN, DE, ES, FA, FR, IT, and PT. Select your language if it is not already selected.
c. Towards the bottom of your screen you will have three green buttons. One for windows, One for MacOS, and One for Linux. Select your current Operating system.
d. After selecting your current Operating system you will be brought to a different screen. On the right side of your screen choose "Install from _" where _ is the operating system you selected.
e. After selecting the install option you will be brought to a different screen. Click the green "Let's go" button at the bottom of your screen.
f. After selecting the "Let's go" button you will be brought to a different screen. Follow the "Direct download" steps. These steps will lead you to installing tails on your USB drive. After installing using steps 4/5. create a persistent storage using steps 5/5 for "Personal Data" and "Network Connections"
e. If you would prefer video tutorials on installing tails and creating a persistent folder I will link some videos below.
Install tails on windows -
Install tails on MacOS -
How to create persistent on tails(from the playlist earlier) -
For linux users I will assume you can install it without needing a video. There are detailed steps on the link I posted earlier.

Step 2. Preparing tails for use with JoyOfSatan
a. The first step to using tails for JoyOfSatan is knowing how to use tails in the first place. Watch this video series from 2017 on tails(While it is an old series, tails has not changed much in the past 3 years so while some information is outdated you will be able to get a good grasp on what tails is and how to use it). For more in depth information I recommend reading some things from the tails doc after watching the video series.
Video series - ... GQYo9YB5E8
Doc -
b. Now that you have watched the video series and read over the doc you should be familiar with the applications and general rules of the tails operating system. What you are going to do next is go to the top left of your screen and click the drop down for "Places" and select "Persistent"
c. You should now be in your "Persistent" folder. If you look at the window that just opened you should see "Home / Persistent" at the top, to the left of the magnifying glass. If you do not see "Home / Persistent" you may have selected the wrong folder. Once you are in the persistent folder you should see this image. I have boxed the top left where you will see the "Home / Persistent"
d. Create a few folders inside of your Persistent folder. These folders will be used to contain every file and all information you wish to keep after reboot. Tails is amnestic so it acts as if it was never used after reboot. That's why you have to safe stuff you want to keep in the persistent folder.
e. Once you have created your folders go to Applications > Accessories > Text editor. On the top right of your text editor click save. This will open up your file browser. On the left side of the file browser select "Persistent". At the top of your file browser type "Accounts" for the name and then click save on the top right of your file browser. Now close the text editor.

Step 3. Using Tor and tails safely
For this I will give you a few links which I recommend you read and memorize for the sake of privacy. Usually I would detail this all out on what to do and what not to do with tor and tails but that would make this thread 5x as long.

a. ... using-tor/

d. If you aren't interested in reading the above links and would prefer to do the bare minimum here are a few quick tips which should help you stay safe(IT IS RECOMMENDED TO READ THE ABOVE LINKS. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE ENOUGH)
1. Never put any identifying information on a website you are using tor through
2. Once you load tor select your shield in the top right of your browser and click Advanced security settings and set it to Safer if you are going to only browse JoyOfSatan and trusted Sites or Safest if you are going to use Tor to research more than just JoyOfSatan.
4. Always keep Tor in the perspective it started in. DO NOT PUT TOR IN FULLSCREEN.
5. Do not log into any accounts or web services that you use on your normal internet connection.
6. The purpose of Tor is not to make you "super spy anonymous" but is instead designed to make the starting point of your traffic impossible to find. If you tell someone where you live and your phone number they will be able to find you regardless of if you use tor or not.
7. I cannot stress this enough. Do not use facebook, gmail, youtube, or any other form of accounts that you use on your normal internet connection. The only exception would be your JoyOfSatan forum account and once you login to it using tails you should NEVER login to it using your normal connection again.

Step 4. Email, Logins, Passwords, Communications

a. For an email I recommend using Protonmail or an email from . You will likely have to create your protonmail account using your real ip address(protonmail keeps ip logs but they are cleared automatically). Afterwards you should never use your real IP to login to protonmail again but instead only access it from tails. I would also recommend using protonmail from its tor site on tails. You can find the tor site here
b. Passwords and account information should be saved in your persistent folder in a text document. These passwords should be a long strong of random characters, numbers, letters, symbols and the like. The easiest thing to do is to use duckduckgo to create 60 char passwords by searching "pwgen strong 60" and then select a random 20-40 character block of the generated password to use instead of the whole thing. Or combining multiple blocks from multiple "pwgen strong 60" searches ... uckduckgo/
c. You should keep communications between Satanists on the forum and on the forum alone. The only time I would consider it SECURE(not safe. SECURE) to use apps such as telegram, wire, signal, etc. to communicate with fellow Satanists is if you know how to create a VOIP service which is impossible to trace back to your real world identity. Otherwise you are just going to reveal yourself to the enemy. I am not going assist anyone with that so please do not ask.

Step 5. Optional Things
a. If you have the Sata to USB and a spare drive create a LUKS encrypted volume and use it to backup your files every time you update anything in your persistent folder. After you backup your files store your encrypted LUKS drive somewhere hidden where it will never be found by anyone unless they know it's there. What this does is makes it so even if your flash drive is lost, broken, stolen, or otherwise compromised you still have access to your most important files. Details for creating an encrypted LUKS volume are in the link below. ... d_volumes/

Important points review
a. You should use your persistent folder to store passwords and logins in a text document so that you do not have to access any form of password manager to access your account.
b You can create strong passwords by searching "pwgen strong 60" on duckduckgo and then taking a block of 20-40 random characters from the generated password and using that instead of the whole password.
c. Never login to an account you use on your normal internet except for your forums account and then never login to your forums account on anything except tails.
d. Communication between Satanists should be kept on the forum and the forum alone.
e. Never reveal personal information which can be used to link you to your real world identity.
f. Do not use tor browser in full screen.
g. Use tor in Safer mode only when you will be using JoyOfSatan and other trusted sites. If you are going to visit non trusted sites then use SAFEST mode.

With the above stated I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. The above is my current setup and is what I use for staying safe online so I can confidently say that I recommend this to you as I use it myself.

Hail Satan!
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