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Death of Communism in Online Warfare / Activism

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:58 pm
by Ninja 666
This is on the topic of Online Warfare / Activism when it comes to Communism. It is not to discourage activism in other topics like Jews, National Socialism, Christianity, Satanism etc.

In the Death of Communism PDF HPS Maxine states:

“Communism and xianity are the same. Satan wants us to now focus on
destroying communism. People need to know it is the Jews behind both. From what we have been getting in the news here, it appears the Jews are trying to resurrect communism again in Russia. They must be stopped. Several also in the JoS ministry are all getting the same message from Satan and the Powers of Hell -
destroy communism”.
- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Connecting dots is a good tool in passing peoples barriers and opening them up. The field has been ripe for sowing seeds for some time now, and it's become even better recently, but if we don't work with the opportunity it won't lead to anything. (Captain Obvious)

Communism is the political manifestation of Judaism, and Communism in practice is even worse then on paper. It has branched out and clothed itself in several sub-forms, but they have the same core and goal. Marxism was created after open Communism failed in the West; Liberalism, Multiculturalism, Globalism all ties into this. There are the afore-quoted religious ties as well: Communism is Christianity, and a person once said "if you take 'God' in the Bible and switch it with 'State' you have Communism".

Now that homogeneous Asia has come into the picture with the riots in Hong Kong in their conflict with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Communist China, screaming democracy and all other values shared by the West / Whites, and with the Liberals in Japan who are working to destroy it, with identical means and tactics to the Leftist politics in Western / White nations like in Europe and the USA, the immigration and media censorship, Hollywood and television Leftist political and social brainwashing, race mixing propaganda, and the constant attacks at the rights and liberties like the "freedom of speech", "gun laws" and "due process of law", and so forth. We can connect dots across the board with many indirect benefits to the overall fight against the Jewish war on humanity.

If you go directly for the Jews or just focus on the ideologies and their political and social issues, it will work to connect all of it in the end.

You can get the information you need to form your arguments and comments in the Death of Communism PDFs available in Satan's Library:

Re: Death of Communism in Online Warfare / Activism

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:28 pm
by The Alchemist7
On Quora you can just type in search bracket "Communism" and there is an entire category dedicated to it where you can find plenty of questions. Also there are related categories like "Soviet Union" or things related to communism. On other political forums you can just open threads about communism and post the link to Death of Communism. On Instagram you can create images about communism and post them to your account. You can post different comments to popular images so people can see and visit your account. On youtube you can post on videos about jews that communism is their political weapon to instaurate the global government, or speak about communism on videos related to globalism or multiculturalism. Do not post any links on youtube because you'll be shadowbanned for sure. Usually on youtube I write "j3ws" instead of "jews" and the message goes through. And better everywhere you do activism on, replace "jew" with "globalist", " communist", "deceiver", " zionist", "marxist" or whatever, see what is fit for your message.

And from experience I say not to point straight to the jews because you will be banned instantly. I've been banned on Quora over criticise of the jews and holocaust. The post that put an end to my account got over 200 views in just a few minutes. After that I was banned and that post probably was deleted, and I wasn't provided with any reason excepting "violating the policy" which doesn't prove anything meaningful. Better avoid speaking about Holocaust, apparently is even worse than speaking about jews. You might be able to do it on Youtube because there most likely you won't get banned, always be careful to check from a different account to see if your message is there. Youtube uses algorithms that shadowban the evil goy comments that are too obvious.

Apparently activism about communism seems to be easier as most people reject communism. So many people live in post-communist countries and they felt this jewish slavery on their own skin and agree that communism is about total subversion and enslavement. There even was a proposal from a party from my country to pass a bill that would imprison communist activists for 10 years. As far as I know it was just a proposal and apparently hasn't been forwarded to the government.

Re: Death of Communism in Online Warfare / Activism

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 12:23 pm
by Ninja 666
While all the bans can definitely happen on YouTube. IP bans, Ghostbans and account bans.

I have posted comments that have gone through and gotten likes and attention about Holocaust, Jews and the Talmud, Jewish agenda, Jews goal of exterminating and enslaving the planet and gentiles, Jews being behind Black slavery, Jews control the governments, finance, media etc. Some have been deleted, some Ghostbanned, but some have also gone through.

So it's sometimes random. I still take precautions and mix it up with different point of views as you've stated here, and advice others to do so, but you can also name the Jews straight up on YouTube.