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Crypto/NFT Community Thread

Post by DerHochsterasse666 »

I know this seems unrelated at first, but hear me out:

- JoS needs donations to run
- We need money to compete with fraudsters and liars
- With money, we can get a lot more done

I'd say we go at it. Heck, if NFTs are a scam, let's be the scammers.

It's not even that hard to buy a newer NFT at 0.08 ETH/2800 USD and sell it at 300 000 USD. You could literally then fulfill your obligations and donate 50 000 USD back, and still have well enough for yourself.

I know that moralfags will come on here, quit being a moralfag. It hasn't helped before, and it won't help now. Be quiet, get some money, give some back to the people who brought you here.

Let's see what we can get to!

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