Tourism And Migration Is Not Kalergi Replacement Plan...

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Tourism And Migration Is Not Kalergi Replacement Plan...

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:53 pm

Many people have confused these terms. The enemy has used "Hospitality" and all these values that are inherent in the West, such as working, and giving people ability to work, and live a better life, and confused this with a full throttle invasion plan to extinct the native races.

This is why we have Tourism. Different races, different civilizations, different people, go to see and enjoy one anothers creations in a manageable way so humanity can enjoy the creations we have made. Then there are reasons why we have work migration, so people can work in a decent and controlled environment so they can gain while they serve a country. You give labor force, you get something in exchange.

Then, you have minorities. Minorities exist in all European states including also National Socialist Germany. There did exist an Asian minority there and Buddhists and so forth. Minorities are to be respected and they can co-exist with a largest group of people who have the rights to their nation and help on the side, if they agree with said values. This 'agreement with values' was used by the jews as a stepping stone to start said invasions, and it's an argument of last century, where people couldn't travel in such large masses, and therefore, things were under control.

But now the situation is different, so "Agreement with our values" is a vanity argument. This may not be the 'perfect' way to manage things, but it is also necessary given the developments of civilizations. At least that's the 'scholarly' argument of these 'values'. Contrary to popular knowledge, Hitler's Germany was also a place of tourist attraction.

The Nazis had impeccable Tourism policy because they truly wanted the world to see what a country without the enemy can achieve. You can go from a shit crap country in a world superpower in a few years. They also did this to show people that the authoritarian state is nothing you need to be 'afraid' of contrary to what the jews say. Many people, and ironically, the same people that are in Europe today, have more respect than Hitler than the native populations can have in some cases. Arabs love Hitler. Because he knew of their pains and woes, and because he tried to prevent all of this from happening. This is where values TRULY matter.

Now it's all in words, such as using 'values' as excuses to justify invasions. And not even these values exist as invaders do not share any with the native populations being invaded, not even these imaginary or typical xian BS values.

Let me tell you also that the enemy filling Europe with Arabs, if this plan goes 'well', then the jews of Europe will be the first ones to go extinct. They will not stand a chance of survival. Arabs unlike native Europeans will show no restrain in incapacitating the heads of the jews if push comes to shove. For this reason many jews are deserting Europe en masse. So as a byproduct the jews are creating their own "hell" in Europe. An angry White mob that will hate them for being invaded, and an Arab mob that will also hate them because of all the things they do to Arabs since time immemorial.

None of the above has to do with what is going on in Europe and has went for a lot of time now. Now, the above has been ruined. You go to Paris and London and you see less White people than all the other races of the planet. Aka the people that built these countries are no in places no longer present. As to where they are, they live out of these capitals.

So what happens is you have a gradual replacement of populations and invasion going, runsacking populations and stealing their governments by 'voting'. Increasing numbers of minorities are predetermined and helped so they can become 'ruling' from minorities. And just steal the lands through invasion and elections. Which the jews increased due to the migrant crisis by the tens and twenties of millions, who knows, possibly more.

And if 5% of these people moving would be Syrian families or women and children, there would be zero problems, they are great to be there, fine, until things stabilize in Syria. But 95% of people are not even Syrian, let alone families and children. So what happened from this migration...Is an invasion to create the Kalergi plan in effect.

They just brought there millions and millions of lonely dicks, many with ISIS beliefs, a desire for free grubs, and many with a criminal past. To rape, look, murder and gradually organize to take over the native populations by intermarriage and by making minorities majorities in the countries that belong to other people. All the time Mosques filled with AK-47's and grenades are unmasked, and why do you think these are there? For decor? Or are these water guns?

Every living parasite decided to exploit this fact to go to another "advanced" with jewish eulogies. They are just people who decided to jump into another country to freeload, steal pensions, and even assume leadership and dominate others through birthrates and steal the countries. The numbers the jews give out on ISIS militants are very low all police whistleblowers show this. There is red alert going in many European countries, but the media keeps it silent. Just look at what Erdogan called the muslims to do in Europe, to repopulate the native populations, and you see this is Ottoman Empire vs Europe 2.0 that is being boiled.

If people think that due to sentimental arguments such as 'muh feels' a country belongs to you, then anyone elses's 'muh feels' arguments are valid.

Now as for people here, you know the Truth. You would be welcome in any country, because you're a decent person, folllow the laws, respect the culture, and come as part of a measured situation. You could live there a honorable life without impediment and get what you can get, and give what you can give. For spiritual research, or personal development.

But tens and tens of millions would not like the above, they are animals. So they decided to carry an invasion and exploit a bright opportunity that was meant to exist for those messacred in Syria by Israeli Proxy Warfare. In plain slang if you have boats of random people coming in your country and demand to live and get paid for it, this is called a military invasion, these people simply don't have guns and that's the whole trick.

And for this reason the booting has to happen, and it will happen by force, as hatred and unlivable conditions are generating. If people believe that races need to go extinct, you are not better than a jew who extincts the Palestinians gradually by decades. And you do the same thing. So if you are treated like a jew, it's because you're jewing.

If you don't act like the above there is nothing to worry about. But those who do, get ready because in the future, as the situation goes there is bound to be fire and bloodshed. The symptoms of such have manifested in countless no go zones. As the elements who make these things spread like leprosy, the only thing that will be possible is to fight the situation with blood. The enemy covers this until it's too late from the public.

This is all done for jewish messianic prophecy which says "Israel will be used as a broom to wipe off the children of Amalek and of Esav (the West)". So you can thank the jews for this.

Lastly, the irony of it all. Arabs are better right now when it comes to antisemitism, and more jew aware, because of what the jews have done to them. They are more aware than native Europeans are. Native Europeans seem to not really grasp yet the full effect of what it means that 70 years ago the enemy almost had all us extinct and under a USSR regime from Stalin's applied Judaism.

So we have nothing really to divide with Arabs as they have their lands and we have ours, but with jews, everyone has a problem. But socially speaking if we distance ourselves from these matters, as we ALWAYS should, one can see where this is gonna go. We will do our part so things go peacefully and change for the best, but sometimes deep infections only create more and more violence.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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Re: Tourism And Migration Is Not Kalergi Replacement Plan...

Postby likman666 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:11 pm

This is very true the 'refugee' crisis is white the world you have countries with like Saudi ARABia, the Syrian ARAB Republic,United ARAB Emirates e.t.c these names clearly indicate Arab Nationalism which is fine no one complains now let someone suggest calling lets say France the French WHITE Republic...."OOOOOYYYYYYY VVVVVVEEEEEYYYYYY! That would be soo racist!" that would be general reaction from the jewish rats and mostly their gentile liberal cucks. So Whites wanting to have a white country is racist its such bigoted view to have. You attack a race's nationalism you are the existence of that race.Nations have always been founded on race this is actually the normal natural way of things its nothing new its jews you have confused gentiles with this liberal bullshit.And yes in case some don't know I am a Black Spiritual Satanist.."Oy vey ,the Blacks for Satan are acting White!" No I am acting Black to be honest in the beginning(when i was a newbie) I never used see the whole white genocide issue I thought JOS were being 'racist' . But with meditation and some research I got convinced of the obvious truth of it.
This is an article from these guys are not SS or 'extremists ' as far I can tell for those not convinced check out the website
Shut Up and UNIFY!
Controlled Opposition, Exposing the Con, Featured, Religion of Political Correctness, War On Whites
Tucker Carlson says we need unity. “Diversity isn’t our strength. Unity is our strength.” @4:28

Unity naturally flows from homogeneity, and it doesn’t need a vast propaganda campaign to enforce it. If people look, think and act the same, if they share similar genes and similar consciousness, they will have unity. They will naturally agree on the important things. If the people don’t have similar genes, they will not have unity, and no amount of force or propaganda can change that fact.

Tucker Carlson, however, thinks unity can somehow be imposed. “That doesn’t mean we have to look alike. It doesn’t mean we have to come from the same places. It does mean we have to share common beliefs.” This is exactly what every wordist and every religious fanatic says. We all have to have the right BELIEFS. A belief is something you are REQUIRED to regard as true. But what if it isn’t true? A belief is an opinion you can’t prove. If something is true and you can prove it, you don’t need to believe it. Though they may differ slightly on the beliefs, Tucker Carlson is in complete agreement with adherents to Political Correctness and their anti-white terrorist enforcers (commonly called “antifa”) that we are required to believe SOMETHING. Contrast that with trust and respect which are EARNED. By the way, do I get any say in what these beliefs are or are they handed down from on high like a Supreme Court decision?

Wordists laughably claim that nationalists (those loyal to their own kind) have a monopoly on divisiveness. But wordists divide everyone into two camps: 1) those who believe their Universal Truth, and 2) heretics. Under nationalism, you are not required to believe any particular thing. A nationalist can say I am loyal to my own kind not because I think they are better but because they are MY OWN KIND. But a wordist HAS to think his Universal Truth is superior to every other Universal Truth else why do I choose to be loyal to this particular Universal Truth? A wordist also has to be an imperialist. If this Universal Truth is good for me, and we’re all the same, it must be good for everybody, right? No one is more intolerant and divisive than a wordist.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy @3:58: “We did not survive, grow and become the most powerful civilization in human history because we are focused on our diversity.” That’s because there was no diversity to speak of. America was created by a bunch of white nationalists for “ourselves and our posterity.” In 1965, America was 90% white. No one needed to implore and browbeat people to be “unified” because we were largely homogeneous. Rep. McCarthy is saying we are focusing on diversity now for no good reason whatsoever. The fact that we have been flooded with tens of millions of non-whites has nothing to do with it. How could someone so stupid be house majority leader? Obviously, the reason we are seeing more racial politics today is because we have been forced to become more multiracial. You anti-whites created this division. Us pro-whites are just responding to it.

ALL politics in any multiracial country is racial politics. The more multiracial you get, the more racial politics you get. This is not a choice; this is an inevitability. McCarthy @4:09: “It is not our differences that makes us stronger. It is our unity despite our diversity.” He’s admitting that diversity makes unity more difficult, else why would you have to call for unity? If you have homogeneity you don’t need a mass brainwashing campaign and tyrannical speech controls to try to artificially create unity where there is none.

If people are unified you don’t have to demand unity. It’s a lot like equality. Only people who think they’re inferior demand equality. Only people who know they’re being divisive demand unity. If people are equal you don’t have to force them to be equal. And if they’re not equal, no amount of force will make them equal. If people are united you don’t have to force them to be united. And if people are divided, force won’t make them united. If you share common genes, you are not required to share common beliefs.

In time of war or national crisis, people are called on to temporarily set aside their differences and solve the problem at hand. Tucker Carlson, in saying we must UNIFY, is saying we must remain on a permanent war footing until everyone is unified, that is, they believe whatever religion he wants to impose on everyone. America was founded on freedom of religion and now Tucker Carlson, like a Grand Inquisitor, says to be an American one must believe, that is, follow HIS religion.

Anti-whites are already demanding speech control to protect the system of anti-whitism they have forced down our throats. They engage in blatant political censorship on social media platforms. Now they are demanding we stifle differences of opinion. This is another casualty of multi-racialism and its why we say diversity and freedom are incompatible. In a healthy homogeneous society there will be all sorts of disagreements which can be discussed and debated rationally. But on the important things, there will be broad agreement because with similar genes you will have similar thought patterns. Anti-whites demand we suppress any disagreements that threaten the anti-white system. But the divisive things are the important things. Suppressing them won’t make them go away.

If you were really interested in unity, the first thing you would do is reduce division by reducing multi-racialism. Unity would automatically increase without force, repression, browbeating, guilt-tripping or speech restrictions.

White people are starting to notice that non-whites are allowed to promote their racial interests but whites are not. This doesn’t seem fair to whites, and the last thing you want to do is let whites think something is unfair because white people are all about fairness. Then they tune into one of the last places they can go to be free of anti-white guilt-tripping and they watch millionaire football players complain about non-existent oppression. President Trump, consciously or not, could sense that this double standard wasn’t going to work any longer, so he began to browbeat the non-whites like whites have been browbeat for decades to forget about their skin color and unify around the proposition nation. This was the first serious attempt to get non-whites to forget their racial interests and get with the civic nationalists we all bleed red program. And so far it has failed miserably. It’s just way too little way too late. The oppression narrative is too firmly entrenched in the minds of non-whites. Its way to easy to blame someone else for your shortcomings. The double standard will continue and more and more whites will jump off the sinking civic nationalist ship.

This call for unity is just another scheme to get whites to accept their own genocide.

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Re: Tourism And Migration Is Not Kalergi Replacement Plan...

Postby StraitShot47 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:54 pm

But High Priest, the white populations are dwindling. Their birth rates are laughable, if some statistics are accepted. For the white man's economy to keep servicing intrest and debt it has to grow annually for all time!

If only 15% of these wonderful asylum seekers go into the work force the white man's economy will be saved!

These refugees fleeing for their lives is actually a blessing from God, Goyim!

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Re: Tourism And Migration Is Not Kalergi Replacement Plan...

Postby SatansMan » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:20 am

I am a 21 year old That was born in Holland raised as a Muslim.

Work for a Car Broker that kills competition due to an ethnical diverse company bout 90 languages. Very Profitable!

Arabs and Pakistanis are awake. White people are scared to talk about jews due to WW2.

Its like askin my fellow Pakistani friends what they think about the fact that Arab Muslims invaded our country and brought Islam only after rapin our women and killin our great grandfathers. Thats how Pakistan was made.

I truly am thankfull for the things u write! And i can tell u with full confidence that i will die for The White Working Man as he is the best person in this world as a Pakistani Man.

I know some truly good white Men that dedicate every penny to only goodwill and charity!

But the White Man needs to wake up! Grow some Balls! And coop with the Muslims and fuckn get after those Jews in Israel that are killin the Palestinians as of NOW!


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