Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

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Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

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AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
First of all before we begin... Thank you for your time, I know how busy you must be and I appreciate your attention.

I am a young Satanist in terms of age, so when I came here was in my adolescence and immaturity stage, I did not believe in you so I invoked one of our gods and my life changed, because of that immaturity I did what any young person at that age is attracted to, like popularity spells....
As one is young, one must also understand what desires exist around you versus what you truly desire in life. That can take a lot of years to fathom, and there is nothing wrong with trying these types of spells or training yourself to get better in those areas. It's natural to want acclaim and other things, and yes, the Joy of Satan spells and everything can provide you with a serious boon with these. Yet, one must also recognize one must also act in life. Spellwork builds upon your actions as a being.

Invocation is a very serious practice and when you do it properly, yes, it can help change your life through changing your consciousness. But life needs more than just a couple invocations and a few things on the side to be "changed". This has been explained in the Karma series and that's why meditation and a whole subset of work, meditation, studying and self improvement, are very necessary.

Nobody in Spiritual Satanism who is serious and knows this path would tell you hocus pocus things. However, as most people who are young tend to not properly read [not everyone, but many people] misplaced assumptions can be borne out of both ignorance and quick impulses, leading to wrong conclusions.

One must welcome this change of perspective as a formal growth into the path. Nothing bad with this at all.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
The point is that through pain I learned that those things are not important because at the end of the day I was still the same immature person who still did not solve the important things in life, I learned this the hard way through the experience of bad relationships and I have to say that my spells of that type always worked, which gave me momentary satisfaction.
Yes, spells can grant you easy access to certain things you want or need, yet, the situation is that these things you ask might not yet be in line with what is truly best for you.

That's normal and again we learn as we go. Now, it appears you also have insight to your own problem, ie, that serious problems need serious solving.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
Time went by and when I saw the real problems such as lack of money, not knowing what to do with the direction of life, etc., I became overwhelmed; I was overwhelmed, I asked for help to the gods but I did not feel them again as I felt them (their bioelectricity literally something very beautiful), I interpreted that as a way that maybe I no longer needed their help and that is why they did not answer me but when I did money magic for the first time I was surprised that they did not work as I expected and I questioned why my other spells did work, I could attract the woman I wanted but I could not attract the money to support me.
Yes, and none of this is actually that much related to the Gods. Most people try to bring the Gods into everything via force, yet the responsibility of doing serious progress in the financial area has to do with skills, knowledge, understanding, and many other functional skills. To think that one will simply prosper without doing any of the above, is errant, and is a common false belief that many try to misplace in Spiritual Satanism.

Will you prosper in love if you literally have no clue how to make a relationship with other people and work through it, just because of quick love spell? No, that would be absurd to ask. In the same way, finances and other things must be treated in a serious manner.

The Gods are always with us the question arises how we distance ourselves due to our ignorance, and how far from them are the things we think of and we request. They always help in one way or another. Realizing problems is a major way to know they are helping you, more than them "solving" these.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
And well, I just continued studying finding the deficiencies of my soul and there I understood why in some areas I am excellent and in others not, I could also know the nature of my talent to choose a university career and I am currently studying it.
That's a true sign of knowing the Gods care, as one is arriving at smart and true understanding, instead of just getting a random wish granted.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
Some time ago I abandoned a lot here with you because I had a horrible attack in which I felt alone as an energetic battery for you, today I know that it was only frustration which has been disappearing as I have cleaned my soul, but the fact that I failed you in terms of unfinished projects hurts me too much, I hope someday you can forgive me for abandoning you, today with certainty I know that I am in a good direction and I will resume the rtr and I will strive to finish what I left unfinished with you, I hope it is not too late :')
That is a very common situation, where one, like a pissed off spouse or a very bad husband, suddenly just flares up and starts blaming anyone else for their relationship woes, including whilist never thinking where they have been doing in said relationship.

Frustration, stress, and the nakedness of facing reality, is oftentimes a major factor that shocks people, leading them to wrong conclusions, that don't have anything to do with reality, but just act as desperate measures to try to get back at something due to anger.

The reality is the whole "energy battery" nonsense is just nonsense, and is yet another product of human overestimation of themselves. What kind of energy does a sleeping and weak human have, that a God has not, or that others who are developed, cannot develop?

This and more nonsense arises out of lack of knowledge of spirituality, and out of distractions, or mere foolishness. Certain people who have copiously used drugs [which take so much out of you that can kill you over a few months], will in the same page "complain" that something "fiddles with their energy". Imagine your problem not being teeth going out due to drugs, and the problem being thinking something is "taking energy from you" from another planet just because you aren't managing your diet.

Also, since guilt is present here [in this case, good guilt] then you might be making up all sorts of bullshit excuses to not develop yourself, which can range from the fact that Greys fart, or whatever part really of Spiritual Satanism that is taken and malformed to just make you feel less guilty. Instead of doing what you know is right, one might try to minimize guilt by trying to reduce what one must do, via the route of trying to reduce the importance of what they know to be good and for them.

That's like people trying to make up excuses lifting weights will hurt your knees, while figuratively they have never lifted weights or are not on the fitness level to ever have such problems. That's called excuses and bullshit.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
I explain the above so that you know the context of my next questions:
Do you believe that every Satanist can get out of poverty with the proper work (I ask that because no one here has answered me that already has financial freedom, I am still working in that direction with patience but I want to be sure that it is possible with your own words)?
Yes, absolutely possible. Yet the path to certain things is a given in life. I have heard a lot of mistakes over the years which I have done mistakes for, therefore, I will rectify them without any hesitation in this response.

Getting rich, or anything of value and substance in this world, won't happen just because you are jacking off your penis to pornography and you just pretend that you use this energy to become rich or something, and then playing 12 hours of video games after expecting your mother to bring you more fast food.

I hope this harsh example is self explanatory. Here, I want to highlight against the delusional use of magickal means thinking this will just "solve it all" while one is insistently on a wrong and false path, that is inconsistent with the laws of existence.

You want to change your life here, not to just "become wealthy".

These changes and how these can happen are all in the JoS in infinite material that would require true application. One must do work to elevate themselves in any human activity.

While people don't ask for things like "Oh, can I just do a spell and become like Arnold Swazzeneger in muscle", or "Can I launch a spell and suddenly become a Pianist Virtuoso", or "I just jacked off once and imagined some color am I ready to head NASA now"? It's very often that said questions arise with a lot of stupidity where it comes to financial progression.

When people are confronted that yes, it takes a few things [and that spells help majorly in that regard, but won't do the WORK for you], many people get pissed off.

The Gods and all the Spiritual means can greatly accelerate this progress, magnify it, and truly be miraculous. Yet, they build on the pattern of existence one is working with, ie, your life, your efforts, your work etc.

That's reality.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
Will the gods forgive me for abandoning them for so long?
What is the best way to get back to them?
Yes, because the Gods, while sad on the lack of progress, do not discard people away for faltering on a difficult path.

The Gods are repaid in great deeds for the community [even small], self development [meditation and getting better] and doing generally what one knows will make themselves and the whole better. They also certainly care about warfare, in that this is the way the damage of evil if minimized on the planet and so on.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
Do the gods communicate through the shabad (the electric bee-like buzzing sound we all hear from our bioelectricity)?
Apart from the knowledge you bring is it worth studying more sources, I have always stuck with your knowledge for fear of falling into ignorance due to the Jewish sources but yet I see that you keep bringing knowledge and so I guess the pagan religions still have real knowledge that has not been eliminated.
Yes, they do. They communicate in many ways. Ranging from signs, to your thoughts, yet in general, the Gods are where you know what is right, and in knowing the real and proper thing to do. You must not be sitting there waiting for heavenly omens to just do what is right for yourself.

The "knowledge" of "pagan religions" is most of the time quite watered down, but it can give you certain things as you might need. But most of us have found it won't really solve the major questions or dillemas that only Spiritual Satanism can solve.

I am able to only rectify via being around 15 years or so a practitioner of the Gods, and having taken this seriously in this life as Ronaldo or Lionel has taken his football career. Any prior attempts before I truly joined the Gods in Spiritual Satanism, I am certain would not work, knowing some Pagans who are "Pagans" for 40 years and still fully oblivious and stagnant.

Just flapping a book open especially from many "Pagan" or "Jewish" sources, will likely not yield any results, since that won't lead to wisdom. Wisdom is attained by meditation and truly walking the path. Application of Spiritual Satanism will undoubtedly yield all the results one is after.

After taking the world of all this two times over, I have found, so long one walks the path, whatever they need will unfold.
AskSatanOperator wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:17 pm
I hope you hear from me soon and now not as an anonymous, but as someone who was able to get ahead....
Thanks for your message and I hope this finds you well too in the response.
-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666,
Joy of Satan Ministries


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Re: Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

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Hail Satan Brother ❤️
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Re: Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

Post by Karnonnos »

I can give an example here. The weight loss spell by HPS Maxine in breathing in blue energy to boost the metabolism in trance will help you lose weight. Help is the key word. So if you overeat by say 200 or 300 calories occasionally, it can help in mitigating this, and losing excess fat in general. If you are drastically losing weight, it can have an even more pronounced effect.

It can't make you lose weight or fat if you eat 3,000 calories of double cheeseburgers every day and do nothing. That's not happening.... the scale doesn't lie. Even in a high stress job where you expend 800 calories every day it's still going to occur at a glacial pace if you eat 3,000 every day. In that case you really need to use trance to affirm the idea you eat healthily in the right amounts.

Just like the eating healthy thing, there are certain mental prerequisites to Magick that involve understanding how things work... and for naive or desperate people these aren't really explored.
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Re: Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

Post by Meneteu »

Thanks for sharing this answer great HP, it really warmed my hearth and i will gladly translate this piece of gold for romanian forums
"Accept people as they are, but place them where they belong"
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Re: Banishing Misconceptions 1: Getting Rich In Spiritual Satanism - A Response To A Young SS

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When people are confronted that yes, it takes a few things [and that spells help majorly in that regard, but won't do the WORK for you], many people get pissed off.
I think this happens because some people who seek wealth here disregard the way how they are going to get money and what for. In what specific way. Money can't come to them via spam email obviously, so they have to first choose the way money come to them which is obviously some kind of impact into society. It should be a profession or lifestyle that they really wish to lead most part of their life, because wealth is just a result of successful self-realization. If they can't afford physical effort for example they have to look for some their dream profession that would let them stay in bed most of the time or would not demand any physical effort from them so that their life does not turn into a nightmare when their magic manifests. This choice should also be a choice of heart, this should be pretty a love of a life to spend a life in, because much money = much work most of the time, and it means some 90% of your life might be put into doing this thing. They should consider to include it in their affirmation and walk this path: go into university that teaches their dream profession, hang in specific circles etc. This profession or life choice might be also asked to be advised by the Gods. Mine was led by the Gods.

I believe our life CAN become a paradise if we carefully think about every detail and pursuit them both magically and (when opportunity appears) - actually. This is also a reason why we usually add "in most comfortable, safe and desirable way for me" or so, after our affirmations.
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