Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

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Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:05 am

Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Ancient Iran was once part of a larger Vedic empire that included northern India and central Asia. Its ancient name is Aryana Kshatriya meaning the "Empire Of The Aryans". The original Vedic head deity of pre Zoroaster, Vedic Iran was called Mithra. Who is also a important Vedic deity in the Rig Veda. In ancient Hindu coins Mithra, Visnu, Shiva are shown as the trinity of Hinduism. Its acknowledged in the ancient Zoroastrian texts that Vedic Priest Kings ruled over Iran before the Zoroastrian period. In the ancient Veda's the God Murrugan is also called Mithra and in the Hindu Purana's this is also stated that Mithra and Murrugan are the same God. In ancient Persia the festival of Mithra was called the "Mihragan". One can still note the Murrugan in the name. The Yezidhi elders also state their God Shaitan, Melek Taus is Murrugan in Hindu India. Yazidhi is also a title of Mithra.

During the reign of the Zoroastrian theocracy the worship of Mithra was suppressed and elements of Mithraism came into Zoroastrianism to attempt to control things by the ruling theocrats. However when the Aryan Parthians who had kept the Vedic Mithra as their main deity conquered the Zoroastrian regime. They installed Mithraism as the open and ruling culture again. However later on the Parthian dynasty was over thrown in a coup lead by Zoroastrian Priest elites. And then Mithraism was banned and driven underground when they created the Zoroastrian Sasanian Empire. However due to conditions many Parthian nobles were able to gain some regional autonomy were able to keep Mithraism going more openly to a degree in the sense of initiation societies and noble houses.

The Sasanian Empire was drastically weakened from a long and costly war with the Eastern Roman Empire. And was attacked and over ran by the Moslem Arabs who destroyed the Sasanian Empire totally and massacred much of Iranian culture and Aryan Peoples. The Parthian Nobles and the followers of Mithraism rose up against the Arab Empire the Caliphate and fought a series of fanatical and major battles that left hundreds of thousand of warriors killed. The largest battles of their time were fought to free Aryan Persia from the Judeo-Arab Empire [Mohammed was openly a Jew who imposed Judaism on the Arabs thought Jewish Arab tribes and mercenaries]. Sadly the Parthian Nobles lost the open war and were forced underground into an occult war, but already adept at this from the previous Sasanian regime. Over time the Iranian's were able to wrestle some regional autonomy from the Arabs. Which allowed for the continuation of the Mithra culture however they had to hide this under the blanket of Islamic Sufism to survive and then still many Persian Sufi's were executed by the Moslem regime for being devil worshippers and heretic's. As the ruling Arab theocracy and Imam's knew this was nothing Moslem about Persian Sufi it was cloaked Paganism. Sufi was synonymous with Pagan to the Islamic rulers. Because it was.

The Kurds are all Iranian's. They speak Iranian languages and all come from ancient Iranian regions. This comes to the Yezidhi People. The Sheik Adi of the Yezidhi's was sent by Taus Melek who they call Shaitan to maintain the ancient Mithra culture under enemy persecution. The name Yezidi is literally an ancient title of Mithra and the Yezidi plain was the major region of the Mihragan celebrations. The spiritual leader of the Yezidhi is called the Mhir which is a title of Mithra. The Yezidi language has ancient Vedic Sanskrit all thought out it and its only found in the Veda's in India. The oldest texts of Hinduism. The Persian Sufi's were known to be highly ascended spiritual masters who had siddhi's, great spiritual powers. Shiek Adi was a Sufi. He was a highly ascended master of the Mithra tradition. This is were the Islamic blanketing comes on the surface they had to conform to certain ideological structures of the Islamic regime to avoid being all together outright massacred by the Islamic armies. Even then many Yezidhi's have been murdered by Islamic rulers during history.

The Persian's just managed to regain self control under the Shah's many of them Sufi's. One powerful Shah who ruled from the Peacock Throne was a Yezidhi as well. However later on Iran was attacked by the Islamic Turks and then later the Mongols both who annihilated whole regions of Iran. This is why much of the Iranian population of today are no longer racial Aryan. The Yezidi's however are still called the Blond Blood Line. As they maintain larger purity following the racial laws given to them by Melek Taus.

The reason Melek Taus is called Shaitan is because this is the ancient name for the serpent energy and the supreme God of the Aryan Peoples. This is also Satan in Sanskrit. Which is shortening to Sata or Sat and Satya. Meaning "Truth". The Aryan Peoples who lived in Iran called the Pagan deity of the serpent energy Shaitana and this was shown as the personification of the kundalini serpent.

The ancient Grail tradition of the Templar's was well documented even by the Templar Knight, Wolfram who made them popular to be a Persian Sufi tradition. The Sufi's had a tale of Jamshid and the golden cup the grail. The symbol of Shaitan among the Persian Sufi's and Yezidhi's is the color green and the Peacock. The green is the ancient symbol of the life force to the Persians its literally the color that symbolizes Mithra. And the grail king in the Templar is shown with the crown of Peacock feathers. The Templar's had the God of the Sufi's, Taus Melek. Which means Peacock King who is also called Shaitan by them. Both Templar and Sufi and the Yezidhi's called their God the Green Man [Al-Khadir] who is symbolized as the Palm Tree the symbol of Baraka the kundalini energy.

The article that deals with the Templar side and that of Al-Khadir "Satan Is The Green Man" is put together with this one.

The Truth Behind The Christ Myth, Mark Pinkham
The Guardians Of The Holy Grail, Mark Pinkham
The works of Dr. Jordan Reza Jorjani.

Satan Is The Green Man

The Yezidi's who call their God, Satan. Came from India, and also call their God "Al-Khadir" this title means in English the Green One or Green Man. Satan is the Sanskrit Vedic title of the supreme God. The God Skanda shine city in southern India is called Katirgama, the "Place of Kartikeya" which the ancient Greeks in their own maps called Bachi Oppidum the "Town of Bacchus" a title of Dionysus. Karitkeya is the ancient name of Skanda. And where Al Khadir comes from as a title. One of the meanings of Taus Melek a title of the Yezidi God means Peacock as well as Verdant Land. Verdant means Green. The Yezidi's God is shown with the serpent and Peacock and as the eternally young God same as Dionysus and Skanda.

Skanda was called "Jnana Pandita" further west this becomes Joannes or Ioannes the ancient name of Dionysus who is the same God. Dionysus has the serpent, peacock and spear and the six pointed yantra as His image the same as Skanda or Jnana. The mythos around both Gods creation are the same as well. This Jnana becomes John from Joannes and this is Dionysus shown as the leader of the Templar's by the Grand Master of the Templar organization Leonardo Da Vinci. And why all Templar Commanders called themselves John. The Templar's also carried the red, black and white thread the Yezidi's, and Brahman's wear its the symbol of the three main nadis of the serpent energy in the spine. The Druids wore the same thread. Dionysus was also Osiris in Egypt as both Egyptians and Greeks stated. Ioannes is also Oannes the Babylonian title of Enki.

The Sufi's which name comes from Sophi, Sophia the name of the serpent energy. Had the same tradition as the Templar's the head deity of the Sufi's was Al-Khadir as well. The Templar's and Sufi's had close ties as two branches of the ancient tradition. Persia was the home of the Sufi's and the Yezidi's are connected to this ancient Persian branch. The word Baphomet means "baptized in Sophia" the risen serpent and the releasing of the waters of life that flood the being and transform them into the divine state. The water is symbolic of the energies of the serpent and chakra's. This is why Oannes or Joannes is the baptizer God the serpent.

The Templar Order had its major bases in Scotland and England as well sometimes under different names. This later became the Order of the Garter which was modeled on the Order of St.Khadir a Sufi order in the near east which was called Tarika-I-Hadrat-I-Khidr which translates directly into the English language as The Order of the Garter as well. Both orders divide their members into groups of 13 members. The Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is a Templar Temple has the Green Man all over its ancient images and within the 8 pointed star as well. The Rosslyn Chapel motif's of the Green Man are the popular ones you see in Wicca. Laurence Gardner showed the original Order Of The Garter was a Pagan society which the 13 was the number of the Coven. This Garter is also a symbol of the Old Religion and symbol was consider one of Witchcraft by the Christian Church. Its a hidden serpent symbol of the ouroboros.

The Green Man or Al-Khadir in England becomes St. George later on. Who slays the Dragon this is the ancient motif that goes all the way back to Indra:

"The main Vedic God Indra, the wielder of the thunderbolt, destroys the dragon who lies coiled at the foot of the mountain and thereby release the seven rivers to flow into the sea. Indra represents the awakened mind of the state of "seeing". The dragon or serpent is the Kundalini which lies at the base of the mountain of the spine... The seven rivers are the seven chakras or yogic charka's in the subtle body. Their waters are the streams of bliss that flow from them."[1]

In ancient Alchemy there are two serpents one is the symbol of the soul in entropy the serpent laying at the base of the spine unawakened and the soul sleeping in stagnation. The Hero must fight with and slay or transform this energy into the awakened and perfected soul which is symbolized by the Serpent wand of Hermes. The thunderbolt is the symbol of prana and fire which awakens the serpent and transforms the soul. The fight or struggle is the opening of the nadis and transformation of the elements and chakra's.. Zeus resurrects Dionysus to life with the Thunderbolt for this reason. Dionysus the serpent energy which transforms the soul. This is simply a step of the Magnum Opus.

The reason why Satan is called Al-Khadir or Kartikeya is because....

In Hinduism Skanda-Kartikeya is the God that rules kundalini Yoga the highest form of Yoga.

The Ka letter in Sanskrit is the letter of Skanda[2] and its the bija mantra of the serpent energy that transforms the soul. The prefix of Kun in Sanskrit is the name of the serpent energy that transforms the soul. This is the Kun rune which is the 6 the 666 of the transformed soul the ancient Greeks placed the pentagram with the 666 to show this. Al-Khadir means The KA. Kun is the prefix of Kundry who is the symbol of the Grail holder of the Templar's and the divine serpent energy that transforms the soul to the ascended state. Kunda is the name of the serpent Goddess where Kundalini comes from and Kunda means Virgo in Sanskrit the Goddess Virgo the Virgin Goddess that transforms the soul into the reborn state. The serpent energy. The Templar's Baphomet head was found to simply be a silver head of the Goddess Virgo which had a code which spells the name Isis. Isis's name was Isis Meri this was stolen by the enemy and corrupted into the Virgin Mary. Isis was also spelled Is and appears as one of the runes as well. Iss also is a title of deity in Sanskrit as well and becomes Iswara. Which relates to sound vibration. Which is the 50 petals of the Sanskrit alphabet which form the seven chakras the body of the Devi the Goddess. Who gives birth to the new soul by turning the chakra's to gold by the Magnum Opus. This new soul is Skanda the Green Man.

[1]Gods, Sages And Kings, David Frawley
[2]Mantra Yoga And Primal Sound, David Frawley
Guardians Of The Holy Grail, Mark Pinkham
Realm Of The Ring Lords, Laurence Gardner.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby Sinistra » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:15 am

What about "Alevism ?
It seems like a mix-match of satanic and judeo-pisslamic elements. They also have links with sufism in a secular fashion. I suspect the intent was to preserve and pass on some remains of spiritual knowledge and cultural paganism under a pisslamic blanket but over time and generations) they became more and more confused and actually believing their make up mix-match religion as part of pisslam ? This is the form of the kurdish religion that remains to this day in modern day Turkey.
The turkish government has been persecuting kurds for decades. They are only left alone when they renounce any kurdish affiliation start speaking turkish only and becoming a mainstream generic pisslamist. Because of the persecutions and the forced cultural, religious and linguistic assimilation there is a proportion of population with kurdish origins passing as mainstream turkish now.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby Academic Scholar » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:03 am

Thank you this explained so much! Whenever I'd debate with people in the past about Yazidism being Satanic they'd try to say its just a Sufi sect of Islam.
HP Mageson666 wrote:Its acknowledged in the ancient Zoroastrian texts that Vedic Priest Kings ruled over Iran before the Zoroastrian period.

Is "Priest-King" an ancient title of those with risen serpents? I've only heard this term from an SS a long time ago that said it is but I haven't heard this term in JoS until now.
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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:18 am

Yeah just a Islamic sect that honors Tammuz, Shammash, Mithra, and full of ancient Pagan rituals. The Al Jiwah tells them to stay away from the books of Islam, Xianity and the jews. That is the answer you get from dummies who don't actual study the Yezidhi. I have sat down and read books on the Yezidhi that also include interviews with them and watched hours of documentaries on the Yezidhi's as well as lectures on them.

Academic Scholar wrote:Thank you this explained so much! Whenever I'd debate with people in the past about Yazidism being Satanic they'd try to say its just a Sufi sect of Islam.
HP Mageson666 wrote:Its acknowledged in the ancient Zoroastrian texts that Vedic Priest Kings ruled over Iran before the Zoroastrian period.

Is "Priest-King" an ancient title of those with risen serpents? I've only heard this term from an SS a long time ago that said it is but I haven't heard this term in JoS until now.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby MoonlessNight666 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:20 pm

I remember being in a ''History Class''(we were thought that the Crusades were done becuse the Knights wanted to go on an adventure - no really this was actually on a test) back in highschool and when our History Teacher mentioned that the real Kurdish people are actually blonde with blue eyes we were all so shocked because, we are so used to seeing them as the boogyman. There was a time, and even now sometimes but definatly not as much as it used to be where people were constantly talking about how evil and dirty Kurdish people were and how they were trying to steal our land and there was an overall resentement towards them because we felt that while there was still so much work needed to be done on Turkish people Kurds were getting all the help.

There is also so much propaganda surrounding Turkey. Like Chobani yogut is being sold as Greek yogurt meanwhile the founder and the CEO of the company is Turkish or how on the side of The Camal cigarettes(for those of you who never smoked a cigarette before there is a camel -duh and a pyramid on the cover) it says''A master-crafted blend of only the finest hand-picked Samsun & Izmir''. Meanwhile there are no pyramids in Turkey nor is possiable for there to be a desert in Samsun or Izmir as they are both port cities.

Why is this? Also I have my suspecions Attaturk may have been a cyripto jew. Becuse any leader who fought agains jews were litterally turned into a Halloween mask meanwhile ataturk is being worshiped as demi-god?

Also for anyone who comes across this post who happons to be Turkish there is something I found online, it is a very VERY good translation of the JoS. Sadly not the PDF but on the overall stance and philosophy of the JoS. I highly reccomed this blogspot webside as it literally tears apart kur-an and shows what an ugly and vile way of thinking it is. Im so happy somone took thier time to do this as I now have a resource in Turkish that I can provide it to people who dont know how to read in English

Im providing a link to thier archive for accessability purposes. Once again I have NOT ONCE came across another webside that is in line with what JoS teaches and talks about.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby Sinistra » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:47 am

MoonlessNight666 wrote:Why is this? Also I have my suspecions Attaturk may have been a cyripto jew. Becuse any leader who fought agains jews were litterally turned into a Halloween mask meanwhile ataturk is being worshiped as demi-god?

Yes he was a jew working for his tribe. His job was creating a turkish identity and a (((nationalist))) state in Anatolia, part of the jewish plan of slicing up the middle east to prepare their stealing of Palestine. Which is also exactly how the xtian (((nationalists))) are today. It's fake nationalism serving jewish interests.
Check out this thread as well
There were also some sermons a while ago on Turkey. They are probably in the satanic library now.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby NaziMan12 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:14 pm

Kurds are having trouble with Turkey right now. I'm sure the Jews would like to kill off Kurdistanis, they have been trying to mobilize popular opinion for an invasion of Kurdistan for awhile. Meanwhile ISIS has thousands of Yezidi slaves in underground camps in Iraq and Syria.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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Re: Sufi's, Yezidhi's And Satanism, Important Read

Postby ZmajEriksson » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:46 am

So are the Sufis still satanic or have they been changed similar to the Masons?

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