IMPORTANT: Staying Pure On Spiritual Warfare

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Re: IMPORTANT: Staying Pure On Spiritual Warfare

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HP. Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:09 am
Lord_Nocturnus wrote:
Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:52 am
Are you serious at this point? You're going to throw the baby out with the bathwater because I identify as a Vampire? I highly doubt many who post on here even have an altar or practice spiritual warfare on any competent level anyways. Satan demands excellence, not judgmental tiddys who cry over someone's personal label. I have been a Spiritual Satanist for 17 years and I am putting out material for the Spiritual Satanists to find inspiration and programs to practice spiritual warfare. I notice no one else has put a book out on such matters. It is what it is. Satan always shows the true nature of people, that's for sure.
You are not unwelcome here, kind intentions towards Satan are welcome everytime. Be however aware, that the first thing you do, is you come here to brag. Most people here are actively advanced. This can therefore be perceived as a joke.

At the very same rate, you are free to do as you please. The first thing you did however, is come here to advertise these books on top of everything, which shows you are interested solely in profits.

This is not just "another" Satanic forum. If you want to gain something from us, you need to actively read our content and understand what we are doing here or where we are coming from. There are many shit forums on "Satanism", LaVeyan and otherwise, you can find hundreds of these to advertise, if they let you.

We are the biggest Satanic organization online, by far. Haven't you noticed in the last 17 years? We're going to cross 22 years soon...
Thanks HP on the corrections!
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Re: IMPORTANT: Staying Pure On Spiritual Warfare

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HP. Hoodedcobra666 wrote:
Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:30 pm
Spiritual Warfare is what the name says, it's warfare. There will be negativity, and kickback, but also negative energy and reactions. Those who have been doing this for like 10+ years here, do understand, that resistance of the other side is falling, because they are getting weaker and weaker.

Years back, before there was advanced weaponry against the enemy, negativity was very high, and many were affected - but only those who did not follow verbatim the very clear advice from below. Those who did, only got stronger in the same way a bodybuilder would.

This strength can be extremely helpful in many areas of one's life, such as when one needs to vindicate themselves in Black Magick.

The RTR's and the rituals we are doing, are reversing the kosher worthless stuff of the enemy. Much of that is infested, and is no different than cleaning a very dirty attic. The affirmations, do direct these counteractive forces to the enemy, doing what the affirmations say, and collapsing all of them.

This deletes and obliterates what the enemy has been setting up.

As anyone with spiritual knowledge will understand, this act of attack, as with any effect, can have a counter-effect. The enemy is cursing 24/7, all days of the year. When someone does that, some negativity may emerge from the task of destroying these things.

This is where one must always remember: in the same way you don't go into war without armor, you do not do spiritual warfare without cleaning yourself spiritually, and applying your aura of protection. If you go without an armor and you complain that you got smoked, then this is your mistake.

Those who do not do this well, may feel some negativity, which means one has to clean further until it's all gone. It this is felt then it has to be cleaned obviously, and directed back to the enemy.

When one is very strong, no negativity will be felt at all, because it will naturally bounce back to the enemy which automatically tries to direct this on anyone who does that. This is again not a state to be cocky, because one has to still do cleaning and protection regularly. This takes a while to reach that level.

The above level, one may also feel like one has had a shower and very very good after they have done an RTR. This is because, the curses in place to stop people from this cannot affect one anymore, plus, one is removing residue of this from themselves. But again, one has to clean and purify the soul regardless.

As the enemy collectively weakens, there will be less and less of a reaction, and more and more issues for them to deal with. This is why certain ones of the enemy have lost a total grip in the forums, in political positions, in crazy jews going out on the news and admitting they want to enslave people, and so forth.

They can't stand it anymore than an infectious agent can stand being thrown penicillin on it. They'll scream.

Lastly, for the sissy category that does nothing against the enemy, because they think they will have less "negativity" to deal with, this is an errant belief. The enemy is a plague that is trying to emerge itself over the whole body of mankind.

The blanket of curses the enemy throws includes you also, and even civilians, it hits people collectively. Those who will resist and outdo this force, might as well survive and rise above it. Many people out there are actually swimming in these curses.

This is no different than observing a fire spreading and spreading on the village, while one sits there and watches TV. They smell the fire, the house gets warmer and warmer, and they insist on sitting there watching TV... It won't be long until these people are swarmed also.

Strangely, people who were out with the buckets, fighting and observing the fire, may actually escape or find escape routes. The person watching the TV will just cook like a chicken.

One only needs to read the elaborate curses of the enemy, and they will understand it. I understand many feel like they have no choice, as in, to live peacefully, but you can definitely have your peace, after you win the battles that are necessary.

Otherwise one's life will never have any peace, because the jews do war on everyone indiscriminately and consistently. Out of all the possible routes, the route of pacifism is definitely the worst. You can't be a pacifist if you love anything in this world or care about anything in it, even if this is only yourself.

We didn't pick any choice for this fate for people, that is for sure. But people have to wake up also and understand that many things in this universe are heaped to people without a choice or say in it. The only choice one can consciously do however, and one has a luxury to decide, is to actually fight against this to stop this from continuing further.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
I dedicated myself to Satan when a church broke my mind. I'm doing my best. I think I understand your post.
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