Manifestation Of Workings

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Manifestation Of Workings

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:40 am

Manifestation Of Workings

The kabala was stolen from the east and corrupted.

In Hinduism the way of manifestation of thought forms is the thought then emotion then will this then comes down thought the five elements ending in earth the materialization of such. Or Malkuth in Kabala.

The kabala tree has four worlds which relate to the four levels of manifestation of thought forms. However there is a hidden fifth world which is Daath, ether. Daath is a pun on sexual union this is relating to the ether energy generating the other four elements. And how this gives generation to all existence. This is also in the east. And how thought generates reality, sexual energy is creative power. Everything in existence is a thought of the mind of "god" the ether element that manifests the entire universe. Your doing the same with your own thoughts as co creator.

The thought is a living thing its on the subtle plane the ether then by infusing it with emotional energy and then by directing it by will it can manifest thought the more dense elements till it materializes. This is the major theme of kabala magic and why they use the six it brings it down to materialization. However a thought form can also be generated by sound vibration of mantram's and then interfaced with such already. Which is what the Torah is. All Kabala mantrams are from within the Torah for this reason they act to direct and materialization of the energy generated. Hence Torah is anagram of Rotah meaning wheel or Karma its the symbol of the generation of energy. Its also connected to the wheel of the year with the power points to do major readings as occult workings against Gentiles.

This is how the enemy thought form of Christ works they implant the false idea into people who are then told to worship this with emotional energy and will this connects them into the Jewish matrix of energy and uses their own soul energies to help to manifest the spell of the Bible which is the attempt to materialize the Jewish World Order into reality. Which is stated as the end goal of the final book of the Bible, Revelations. This is done by the final destruction of all the Gentiles in a Messianic world war. This is why you have to let Christ live inside you. Its mentally and spiritually opening the gates of the mind and soul to connect mentality and spiritually into the Jewish thought form and become a conduit for the spell to materialize into reality. Its a literal form of possession by a Jewish thought form and nothing more.

This is why the Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood use Kabala numerology and predictive programing. Its to imprint the vibrational state they wish into the mass mind of the Goyim to then connect that thought energy into a larger direction to give this agenda life to bring this about. Its just harvesting the Goyim spirituality.

The only way to undo this as the Rabbi's state in the Kabala is to reverse the name of the thought form. This is all designed to connect into the Torah. The Torah is called the name of "God" in Kabala. So the reverse Torah Rituals are the only way to undo the enemy. That is why they work because this is how the enemy infrastructure exists within natural law.

The enemy teachings of Christianity and Islam tell people to suppress their own desires and that the goal is to merge into "God" which is just the enemy thought form. But to do this one surrender and must become nothing that is to repress the active states of mind so the enemy thought form can then work thought them more easily. And that they exist to serve and worship "God" as the property of "God". The Jews are the false Gods of the Bible and Koran and they call Gentiles their property, literally Goyim meaning Cattle. The endless worship is just pouring energy into the Jewish spell which allows the Jews to take control of all the wealth and power on earth.

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Re: Manifestation Of Workings

Postby NaziMan12 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:04 pm

The Jews want the USA gone first and foremost.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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Re: Manifestation Of Workings

Postby luis » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:36 am

NaziMan12 wrote:The Jews want the USA gone first and foremost.

And they want to do this with martial law right?
Have you even heard that they want to use Wal Mart (that if you switch letters is Mart(ial) law) as a place to put all the people? I know that It sounds weird but there are videos on YouTube of when a lot of Wal Mart were shut downs for months and there are a lot of police that looked over the place and weird rumors coming out under the Wal Mart place...some say that the Wal Mart's are all connected by a tunel used by the military and there is a map but who knows..i wouldn't be suprised, actualy It makes sense to me especially that Mart Law thing.

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