Thoughts On Korea

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Thoughts On Korea

Postby HP Mageson666 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:05 pm

As some others have mentioned from the news the leaders of South and North Korea have met and agreed to peace and the end of the nuclear testing of the North. Our RTR's have brought this around.

However what I wonder if the attempted false flag attack on Hawaii back in January that was intended to be blamed on North Korea to start a world war in the region between America and its NATO allies against North Korea that would pull in China and maybe Russia who has military alliances with North Korea. Is what pushed North Korea to move in this direction not wanting to be a scape goat.

Here is the article I wrote on the attempted false flag:

Hawaii Missile Attack False Flag By Israel

The missile attack on Hawaii this month was not a false alarm. It was a real attack on the Island. From a Hawaii citizen:

"Word here in Hawaii is that a group of tourists and tour guides were on a boat 100 miles off shore Saturday morning around 8 AM when they witnessed what they thought to be an meteor blowing up over the ocean. It was reported on Hawaiian channel 2 but then removed from there website. Rumor is the launch came from an Israel Dolphin 2 submarine. Some college basketball games had a red alert across the screen from US Pacific Command declaring a missile launch in the Pacific near Hawaii."

The reports are they saw the sky go white with a explosion. The missile was from reports intercepted by American missile defense systems. Reports are Israel is now missing a Nuclear weapons sub after this attack. From reports American systems intercepted and destroyed a nuclear missile.

More: ...

HAWAII TOURISTS SAW THIS BLOW UP OVER HAWAII? Hawaii false alarm was no false alarm

This would not be the first time Israel has launched a false flag attack on America to pull American's into a war for the Jewish power. The USS Liberty attack was another event that is documented in history along with the Lavon affair. And the 911 attacks by Israel as well:

The case this time from reports is the attack was to be blamed on North Korea to pull America and NATO into a war with North Korea which would pull North Korea's allies China and Russia into a greater war. This is how the last two world wars they started happened. They started it with smaller powers to then pull in the larger powers.

This has to be understood within context. The Jewish power believes in the Messianic global war that must occur to bring about their Global Kingdom and rule. This is why they started the other two world wars to bring this about via Communism. The blue print for the Jewish World Government the Bible is full of commands of how "god" [the Jews] will destroy the Nations [The Gentiles] with fire [nuclear war] at the end of days. So that "god" can then build the Global Kingdom of the Jews. Israel from the NSA document that was leaked under Obama. Is one of the world's largest nuclear powers.

Remember Israel used a nuclear weapon on Damascus during 2013.

Keep up the Reverse Torah Rituals, this is the second time the Jews have tried for a World War the other time being last April with the Tomahawk strike on a Russian-Syrian base in Syria which was timed to connect to the Kabbalist date of the anniversary of American being pushed into the first Messianic war.

Our RTR's are stopping this from getting off the ground but only if we keep them up.

The Jews are getting more desperate to start their Messianic war as they are getting exposed globally on a scale never before known. This attack on Hawaii goes along with numerous attempts to control and shut down the internet:

A massive global war would give them martial law powers in America and aboard to accomplish this as well. And in general destroy everything allowing them to distract people off of them.

High Priest Lucius Oria
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Re: Thoughts On Korea

Postby High Priest Lucius Oria » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:36 pm

A positive turn of events regarding Asian Geopolitics.

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Re: Thoughts On Korea

Postby StraitShot47 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:08 am

Thank the Gods Trump knows the art of deals!

The Gods and us saved Asia.

Heil Satan!

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Re: Thoughts On Korea

Postby natalie_lion's_heart » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:56 pm

It could be that NK is trying to appear innocent with regards to the nuclear attack, and it could also possibly have been Israel - I'm reading the Ringmakers of Saturn and the book talks about nuclear blasts created by UFOs (electromagnetic crafts) and that's seriously scary to me. Enemy ETs could easily set off a false flag to trigger a war and I believe blame could be laid upon any country they like.
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