Patrick Crusius

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Patrick Crusius

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:10 am

Patrick Crusius

As stated the El Paso shootings happened in connection with the enemy rituals for Av, now we can witness how the energy connects and why the occult program of the enemy is dangerous. The shooters father Bryan Crusius:


Bryan Crusius in his own videos discusses how he was trained by Christian "spiritualists" from John of God, who is a Brazilin faith healer who runs an institute that is named after the Jesuit founder Loyola and John of God is the name he took from a Catholic founder of order of Catholic hospitals. The Jesuit system is based on the Jewish Kabbalah, John of God has also worked with the Jewish Kabbalist of spirit cooking fame, Abramovic and himself was also endorsed by Oprah and now is charged with the rape of hundreds of women. Bryan Crusius in his own book claims to have had visions of Jesus and was deeply into the Christ thought form of the enemy their occult vortex of energy. He also states he was a poor father who abused drugs and alcohol and caused his wife to leave him with the children.

He is deeply connected into the enemy thought form and uses the enemy occult system for "healing" that is tied into drawing this negative energy to oneself and onto others such as his son who he lived with at some time and from reports Bryan used his energy therapy that is based on this negative energy of the enemy, on and thus connected this power into his son. The son was already emotionally unstable from years of home issues and maybe was on some type of drug himself and along with being connected into the enemy thought form with his father's practices upon him and in the area he lived within. The curses of the enemy of Av, connected along this path and that's how it goes.

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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby Quietlysings666 » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:53 pm

notice all the fancy decerations and how they are labled. noting what a label is.

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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby ShadowTheRaven » Sat Aug 10, 2019 7:16 am

Aldrick Strickland wrote: From one blabbering crazy person to another. What the fuck you talkin about?

I think that person is Schizophrenic. One of the telltale symptoms of Schizophrenia is complete word salad, which as you can see from their activity, comprises at least 80% of their posts.
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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby txg » Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:03 am

LaconicLion wrote:
Quietlysings666 wrote:Painm will never end never wilkl their be peace, im going to skip court in october and burn ion hurt in hell long before, let ther" molten hot snake stab me", i divorce you
fuck you in the neck bitch!

Are you on drugs? Stop polluting this forum with your inane babble.


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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:00 pm

The media profile of the shooter Patrick Crusius shows him as a self confessed, fundamentalist Christian as well. This is how the energies connect. The mentality unstable Christ Church, shooter was also a unhinged fundamentalist Christian.

Something to note if one runs the Gematria on the Christ Church shooting it adds to the sum which is "Ninth of Av" in Hebrew Kabbalah. Which shows they are connecting the energies with rituals in the attempt to bring about their political control.

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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby Azorm » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:06 pm

Lately I started feeling and seeing energies more...
I was shocked when I started seeing those ties. Apparently lot of normies, majority of them are linked to the enemy in some way or another or to the people who are linked to the enemy( those people always abuse them in some way it seems or are toxic to them). They way for them to remove this is to clean their chakras, to raise their vibration and ofc to start working under the protection of Satan and to do RTRs.

It's really important to raise vibration daily, to keep chakras strong and to do AoP and cleaning at least once a day. It should cut those ties more and more and it will protect us for all sorts of things. As we are making our souls more pure, our lives tend to follow this. From inside to outside, tho if we see an opportunity to change something in our lives to the better, we should do it, and it will make us feel better from the inside too. Cleaning yourself and becoming stronger will also keep away wrong people in our lives, and we will lose those who are toxic and bad for us slowly (there are also meditations and programming of our chakras that can help us in cutting off links with negative things and people).

Now, I saw some people on the Astral who played with the enemy, foolishy believing they are above the enemy or that nothing bad will happen if they let those nasty enemy entities and enemy energies inside of their souls and lives. What happened to them is really saddening. Those energies got attached to them and destroyed their minds and souls. It seems Gentiles who let too much of those energies inside of their soul simply go insane and become just a puppets to the enemy over the time.

Also people who are close to the Xians and Muslims who believe they will be unaffected by this enemy bullshit, who believe they can act freely around them and to even free them completely from those ties just like that, the thing is that it's really hard that everything will go as they planned. Most likely nothing good will happen and they might find themselves tied to the enemy too and they will have to cut those people from their lives if they are serious about advancing themselves.
Cutting those ties and cleaning soul of people who are on the enemy side is not wise at all, and in most cases because of their flawed mindset they will attract those ties again in a day or two, as their soul became one with it anyways. It's crazy how our meditations and RTR's are cleaning our soul and we are really lucky to be on this path. People without tend to be controlled by the enemy all the time and even when they are not admitting that they are linked, in some weird way they are. The more they are linked the more they are unstable and empty from the inside.

And healing and magic from those on the enemy side is nothing but a bullshit, enemy is just giving them watered down methods that will eventually just ruin everyone even more and tie them to the enemy thoughtform even more strongly.

I am not an expert in those things, but I think this all is obvious as fuck.
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Re: Patrick Crusius

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:49 pm

And knowing this one should easily understand why I pick the fiery pitchfork everytime I see "Gnosticism", "John the Baptist", "Krishna Kristos" and the related toilet tie in's.

The reality is simple one must stay away from the spiritual stuff of the enemy if they are to live. People either turn insane, into torah robots, or mentally ill.

This is just a manifestation of the worse of this.

The confusion of this character can be seen on just a picture. All ideas into one soup surrounded by Judaism. That doesn't end well and it doesn't matter if you have an Aum shirt or a Buddha Head somewhere.
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Re: Сайт знакомств Новокузнецк

Postby ShadowTheRaven » Sat Aug 24, 2019 8:57 am

clusa wrote:...

I've translated the Russian in Google Translate, this is a bot advertising a dating website. Cyka Blyat!
We live in a society. Thankfully, this forum as well as the Gods (especially Azazel and Paimon) have kept me sane throughout my existence.

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