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Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:05 am
by HP Mageson666
Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

This is from an answer I gave on a thread:

Tables Talks has been altered like everything else.

That fact as I wrote in an article on the subject Hitler is the acknowledged liberator of India and the father of Indian independence by the Hindu swami's and scholars themselves. Srila Prabhupada is on record stating this fact it was not Gandhi but Hitler via Bose who was the giver of Independence to Hindu India. Hitler and Bose worked together with their allies to liberate India from the Rothschild Empire which was brutality oppressing the India population including with genocide. There are murals of Hitler meeting with Bose the national hero of India all over the nation. The Jewish Rothschild's and their fellow Jewish oligarchs who ran the Empire also worked to destroy Hinduism in India as the last major Pagan Gentile land left. Thus following the Torah. The Rothschild's in their own writing from the 19th century call themselves the Messiah thus the Kings of the Jews race they inherited this mantle from Yacob Frank the Rabbinical Jew and founder of Communism who put the Rothschild's and Warburgs into power with his money and political connections. Frank was the political messiah of the Jews in his time.

You can also note Hitler didn't invade the Soviet Union to rule it. But to destroy Jewish Communism and the Jewish golem of the Red Army before their invasion on Europe along several fronts coming the next month, and Hitler wanted to give the people back their free nations. This was stated by the Russian author Suvoro in his book on the subject which he wrote from the Soviet archives. His books are banned in Jewish run Russia. Suvoro who is no friend of Hitler stated that the invasion of Hitler's forces into the Soviet Union had nothing to do with lebsraum or any maniac plans But it was a very rational decided plan and the only working plan to deal with the Soviet invasion that was coming as there was no other action that could be taken. It was self defense of the European world against the criminal plans of a band of Jewish racist maniac's bent on world conquest and enslavement as their Torah is the blueprint for.

Hitler's plans for liberated Europe follows his anti Imperialist stance and the pointlessness of trying to rule vast different Empires.

Hitler always hated the Austro-Hungarian Empire because it was a ploygot failure and didn't want to recreate this.

If you study Hitler's writings and actions he was not racist towards other groups in fact he was quite respectful towards other groups. which was outside of the norm for the time. Something to note Hitler lead a vast multi-racial and ethnic force in which everyone was treated with equal respect and not discriminated against based on race or ethnic background. This was vastly different from other nations policies who treated the different races and ethnicities serving in their forces as second class people. Including the American military where Blacks were treated as second class back of the bus types. There was the written memories of a Black solider who served in Hitler's army. He stated the Black soldiers were treated equal to the White solders they even ate at the same tables and slept in the same barracks. This did not happen in the America Military. The Officers and enlisted men in the SS also ate at the same tables this would not have happened anywhere else. This was done on purpose as the SS was the National Socialist force. And was against the classism of the previous world.

Hitler himself stated National Socialism was not about racial hatred of others but love for one's who race and the want to improve the best traits of your own People. Hitler stated that National Socialism was based on mutual racial respect, racial self determination and improvement for all Peoples.

Hitler did oppose the Jews because they are violently racist against His own People and the world and where trying to oppress the German People and destroy the nations of the world with Communism the messianic weapon of the Jews. Which is politicalized kabala theosophy and just a manifestation of Jewish supremacy and racist predatory beliefs of the alien soul of the Jew. As mentioned Communism was created by Jewish Rabbi's.

The Jews in charge of the Western Allies even worked to slow down the military advance of Patton and the British forces to allow for their Red Army to take as much of Europe as possible. Patton complained about this quite loudly. This on top of already agreeing to give away as much of Europe as possible to Stalin at Yalta.

As already proven in the court case of Zundel when the Holocaust was put on trial right from the Red Cross records which were admitted and the testimony of the Red Cross themselves on the stand admitted as expert witnesses. The Red Cross had observers in the German camps the entire war and kept records. There was around two hundred and such thousand people who died in the camps. And they died due to ALLIED BOMBING RAIDS and the effects of the entire infrastructure of Europe being bombed to the ground by the Allies during the war. Not in homicidal gas chambers. The expert forensic testimony of the Leuchter Report sealed this fact. The Leuchter Report proved there was no poison gas used at Auschwitz. And it was scientifically impossible any of the shower rooms could have been used as gas chambers. The camps were industrial centers and the workers where needed to build war material which is why they were targeted by the Allies in bombing raids. The Jews that were put in the camps were done so as a understood legitimate threat to German security during the war as members of a hostile race. Every major sabotage group, guerrilla movement and such against the German's and their allies during the war was lead by Jewish people and operating as part of a larger Jewish network. Its no different then how Japanese were put into camps during the war by America and the Japanese also put British and American civilians who lived in China and the Far East in camps during the war as well. It was standard practice.

The Zundel trial proved those people all died in the camps as victims in a horrific war started by the Elders of Zion to destroy the Gentile world. The Zundel trial is also the proof of why the Jewish power lobbies have made it against the law to question the Holocaust in 18 nations. Because the truth does not fear investigation. The Jewish presses also tried to claim the Germans murdered six million Jews in WORLD WAR ONE from 1914-1918.

Look at Palestine to witness who the genocidal, racist maniac's really are. The Jews. Hitler fought against this as the Jews were trying to turn the entire world in one large Palestine with Communism. As Hitler realized before His time. We are all Palestinians now.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:02 pm
by Egon
He even mentioned in The State chapter that missionaries should not bother African tribes but left them alone to preserve their racial integrity, but somehow a quote or two of the Mein Kampf are taken out of context to show how Hitler hated blacks and stuff, while 70% of the bible is pure genocidal hatred towards heathens and some retarded wonder if the MK should either be printed or not while the bible and koran are spred everywhere.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:36 pm
by Jack The GOOD guy
Thanks for clearing this up. I just needed a confirmation. I always knew actions speak louder than words which can be made up in time of history. And Hitlers actions clearly show him to be a benefactor of the Indian s.
Heil Hitler!!!
Heil Satan!!!

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:55 pm
by NaziMan12
Arabs, Mexicans and Latins, Christians are all the result of hundreds of years of the Jewish peoples dominance in Europe where every White was like how a North Korean is today. The Kings and queens of these nations were some times intermixed with the Jews themselves, but at the least payed absolute homage. Sometimes these kings may have been the last thread keeping the white race alive at all.

Even the people who carried out Satan's will to create a true Nordic empire on Earth had to fight their hardest while they lived amongst poverty - as the Jews massacred the only people who could have advanced society in the material sense - the pagans. Meanwhile, they plotted in their cathedrals and at the Vatican on ways to further enslave society and the Nordic people.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:12 am
by 13th_Wolf
Someone I know who is very interested and knowledgeable on WW2 told me that the Allies had halted their advance almost completely in southern Germany because they thought or had a "reason to believe" there was several battle-hardened SS divisions in the Alps. Shows how the xtard Allies really perceived the "eeevil nahtzee solders" XD

While they were busy faffing and mucking around with flip flop movements into Germany (back and forth) the Jooish pinkos steamrolled the Eastern front. It only makes more sense now, I had suspected that the Jews were involved in this charade. It honestly pains me sometimes how the Americans and the British literally derped tf out because some kike told them "there are SS in the mountains ooooo vey".

Then again it was all part of their plot to weaken and destroy Gentiles, so you can see why the bombings were prolonged and the Reds invaded the majority of the territories. All of the confusion and cringeworthy stupidity starts and ends with that kike on a stick.

Saytan Abbrasa

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:49 am
by HP Mageson666
When Hitler spoke of the Reich meaning Empire. He was speaking of the united states of Germany. Which is what the second Reich was the unification of different German states and regions into a nation. That was just the traditional German word for such. Like how we say "United States of America." This is why Germany had a national vote along with Austria to have Austria united into the Reich. Austria was the one German state that didn't become part of the Second Reich because it was part of the Austro-Hapsburg Empire. Hitler put Germany back together again and ended the oppression and discrimination the German People were suffering and in the case of Poland outright genocide. He fought for the rights of his People.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:18 am
by NaziMan12
One fact that blows the Jewish M.O's cover is the fact that there were Foreign Waffen SS from all of these countries claiming to have suffered from Waffen SS "extermination camps". No Foreign Waffen SS ever came forward claiming that their parents had been killed or taken to these camps, because they never existed nor did the killings exist.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:31 am
by EasternFireLion666
The western allies threw explosive toys out of the planes in an eastern country. This is an obvious targeting towards children. Boojs and internet do not document this. My grandmothers told me this. They akso saud the germans were behaving ok in our country.

Re: Hitler Fought Against Organized Jewish Racism

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:27 am
by Ravenheart666
EasternFireLion666 wrote:The western allies threw explosive toys out of the planes in an eastern country. This is an obvious targeting towards children. Boojs and internet do not document this. My grandmothers told me this. They akso saud the germans were behaving ok in our country.

Same thing here , my grand-grand and grandparents were very happy to find out the Nazi Germans were, hear this, even buying the supplies they needed from local population, throwing candies and stuff to the children from their vehicles as they went by, literally filling the street sides with people young and old only to eyewitness them..meanwhile on the other hand the reds just raped and killed their way into the countryside taking whatever they wanted. Any opposition was met with beatings or bullets , needless to say.