Christianity Exposed The Virgin Birth

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Christianity Exposed The Virgin Birth

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:00 am

Christianity Exposed The Virgin Birth

In the east where much spiritual knowledge has survived despite the attempts to remove this from humanity the concept of the virgin birth can be found for what it was originally in the Pagan spiritual teachings as it has survived in the spiritual teachings of the Pagan east such as Hinduism and Taoism which have the same alchemical teachings.

The eastern texts mention that the individual is to meditate on the third eye, "The Heart Of Heaven" the "Eye Of Shiva" the pineal gland region to manifest the energy of spirit the dew from this point. This is considered to be spiritual semen in the east, the semen of Shiva, the solar chakra is considered feminine in the east and is the spiritual aspect of the menses of the female womb. This energy of the dew is brought down from the head to the female region of the solar chakra. From here the generated energies of the white and red drops the semen and menses are united in the solar chakra which is symbolically the spiritual womb, in Taoism the act of this then generates the "Golden Fetus" this is also the symbol of the Yoni and Linga together in Hinduism they unite in the "Cosmic Womb" and generate the new soul. Just as the act of the union of the male semen and female menses uniting in the womb creates new life.

The Taoist texts openly show this spiritual concept the new soul being generated by the practice of uniting the semen of Shiva with the menses of Shakti and the creation of the "Golden Fetus" in the spiritual womb of the navel chakra:



This concept was stolen and corrupted into a literal event to promote the lie of Christianity, which states the original sin was normal human sexual conception and that all humans are born in sin, because their parents had sex to create them. And thus Jesus is the sinless man because he was born when Yahweh the invisible Jew, raped his mother at 15, from the spook realm.

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Re: Christianity Exposed The Virgin Birth

Postby Jack » Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:34 am

Krishna was born of a virgin birth,Horus,Mithra there are countless more examples.
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