History Exposed The Jews Admit Christianity Is Jewish Witchcraft

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History Exposed The Jews Admit Christianity Is Jewish Witchcraft

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:24 pm

History Exposed The Jews Admit Christianity Is Jewish Witchcraft

The Jewish history of the Rabbi's admit something important, the first Pope and founder of the Catholic Church the one all Popes ever since have worn his symbol on their ring, that of Peter the fisherman, was himself a Kabbalistic adept who was working with the Jewish Kohanim, his fellow Rabbinical leadership of the Jewish race to create Christianity and move its base of operation to Rome. The Jewish history states that Rabbi Peter was openly using Jewish witchcraft of the Kabbalah including numerous Hebrew Kabbalah formula's to manipulate events and the Gentiles who were converted into the Jewish plot to overthrow the Gentile world. The Romans stated Christianity was a "Jewish movement" and was banned by the Romans because it was a method of Jewish warfare against the population. The Romans banned the Torah in many cases for being Kabbalistic witchcraft so did the Greek leaders. The Jewish Rabbi's themselves state Kabbalah came from Abraham then the Torah from Moses to encode the Kabbalah. This is their way of educating their own that Kabbalah is the source of Judaism.

The Jewish adepts and Rabbinical elites state that Judaism is based on "The Language Of Branches" this includes the Torah, its a symbolic occult formula method of writing to encode information. The Jews in their historical texts are informing their own that the Jewish Rabbinical elites created Christianity and the Catholic [universal] Church as their own program to overthrow the Roman Empire and take control over the Gentiles. The Catholic Church was created by Jewish Kabbalistic Rabbi's, who wrote the Bible and created the Christian ritual. Christianity is all Kabbalistic witchcraft of the Jewish race. The Jews freely admit this to their own.

If one studies the history of Kabbalah in the western world it originally emerged into the public from the members of the Catholic Priesthood. The Jesuit Order, was founded by the Jewish Kabbalistic adept Loyola who himself was imprisoned previous to this, by the Spanish authorities for being a member of a Talmudic-Kabbalistic movement of Jews. The Jesuits entire system if one reads Loyola's works are all based on Jewish Kabbalah. The Jesuits run the Catholic Church, this is well documented they select the Popes as well from behind the scenes. This is however nothing new the entire Catholic Church was created and is always been run by the Jewish race as Witchcraft against the Gentiles to bring about what the Bible calls: The End Of The Gentiles.

The images of the Popes all show them to be obvious racial Jews as well and sometimes it comes out they are Jews, into the public such as the Borgia popes, John Paul II and if one reads the historical list of the Catholic Popes further back it openly admits the long list of racial Jews were the original Popes, this includes the Cardinals and bishops as well. The Orthodox wing of the Catholic Church if one studies the mystical practices of such, that are ancient and from the start of the Catholic Church, its from the Merkaba traditional of the Jewish prophets in the Torah, its Kabbalah they do not hide this either the writings openly admit they are using Kabbalah.

This is why the Jewish Rothschild's who are Kohanim adepts are the bankers for the Vatican, thus making them the most powerful banking dynasty on earth. This is nothing new the Jewish bankers and money elites in the time of Charlemagne funded the Catholic Church and its military crusades into Europe. Charlemagne the military commander of the Catholic crusades made the Jews the bankers of his Empire and the record of history shows he himself was Jewish, Jewish historians also brag about this. His family was from the Palace Mayors who were put into power over the Frankish Empire by the Vatican, after they had the original Gentile King assassinated, they took power and became the ruling elites for the Vatican. The crypto Jews of the new Vatican elected dynasty then worked to turn Europe into a Catholic Empire of the Jews working with their fellow Jews in the banking and Vatican, they murdered their way through Europe for centuries then the rest of the world. Christianity is what allowed the Jewish race to gain control and maintain its control over the Gentiles.

That is why every Pope wears the ring of the founder of the Catholic Church a Rabbinical master of Jewish Witchcraft. Even today the Pope is a Jesuit.


The goal of the Christian religion is the goal of Judaism, to bring about the Jewish Messiah and give the Jews control over the world and bring about the end of the Gentiles. As the Jews admit the Christian religion and Bible is Jewish witchcraft.

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