The Truth About What The Templar's Found Under The Dome Of The Rock

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The Truth About What The Templar's Found Under The Dome Of The Rock

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:58 pm

The Truth About What The Templar's Found Under The Dome Of The Rock

"The families behind the initial Templar presence in Palestine may have been looking precisely not for simply Jewish treasure and esoterica, but something far older and more powerful: the Tablets of Destinies, of for something that tied them to ancient Egypt.
Significantly, Gardner is aware of these types of implications, for he mentions antediluvian esoteric traditions concerned with these Tablets of Destines."[1]

The Templar's are known to have been digging under the "Temple Mount" are to have found something of drastic importance there. However its also known there was never any Jewish Temple on the mount it was the location of a Roman Garrison, the archeological finds show the Temple of the Jews was over a mile away. As a Roman Garrison the rooms underneath it would have been created as store rooms for the Roman military especially in times of possible siege of the city.

The Dome of the Rock which is located on the Temple Mount was the headquarters of the Templar Order in the city. However this is the clue that shows the truth the Dome of the Rock was built by Sufi's who shared the same esoteric tradition as the Templar's did. This could be as reports state the Templars and Sufi's come from the same pre-Abrahamic tradition already so they knew to search there or the Templar's found something there that initiated them into such. What did they find:

"The Templar's' principal teachers of alchemy were the enlightened Sufis, who during the more than one hundred years the Knights resided in the Middle East were recognized by much of the known world as the greatest alchemists... The Sufi's had gathered the rarest and most valuable alchemical texts of the Egyptians, Persians, and Indians and then stored them in monastic libraries..."[2]

That is what the Templar's found hidden within the vaults under the Sufi built Dome of the Rock. The ancient texts of the Pagan tradition that where stored by the Sufi's under their facility to hide them and keep them safe from being destroyed by the Islamic regimes. That is why the Templar system was the same the Sufi's had they found their knowledge not some made up nonsense about the Jewish esoteric knowledge from a Temple that never existed in that location. The entire Sufi tradition was the original Pagan religion cloaked in the persona of pseudo Islam in public to prevent their destruction but even then the Islamic regime attacked them and drove them out frequently as Pagans.

The Sufi deity is not Allah but Al-Khadir the name of the Yezidhi God, Shaitan. The Yezidhi's religion was the same the Sufi's had including the eight steps of alchemical transformation to the Magnum Opus. Further east Al-Khadir is known as Murugan. The Yezidhi God is also called Mihragan and the city of the Hindu God Murugan in India translates to the place of Khadir. The Yezidhi records and elders state that Murugan is their God in India and they originally came from the ancient East. Their ancient hymns are full of Vedic Sanskrit. The symbol of Murugan the serpent and the peacock is the symbol of the Yezidhi God. Both are shown in the same image as the eternally young God. The upright ascended serpent one of the most sacred symbols to the Yezidhi they stated it represents "wisdom" the risen kundalini energy. The yantra of Murugan in India is also on the Yezidhi Temple at Mount Lalish. The Yezidhi's are Persians and it was Persia that was the original homeland and base of the Sufi's and provided the most resistance to Islam. Their name Sufi means "Sophie" which in the Sufi system is the activated third eye. Which is ruled by Shaitan the Yezidhi God who's image the Peacock the Yezidhi's state is the fully opened third eye. The Peacock is the symbol of eternal life in the ancient world.

The Sufi's placed a lot of importance on the number 8 as it represents Venus as the morning star and evening star which is how Venus is shown in the different periods of the day. The two circles of the numeral 8 in the Sufi system represent the two poles of the morning star and evening star united together this the male and female chakra's united the middle point of the 8 is the heart chakra with the upper circle the three upper chakra's the female centers and the lower circle the three male chakra's. The Templar's stated the 8 represents the 7 planets and their centers and then Sophia which is the seven main chakras and the pineal gland [Sophia] and how it interconnects with the third eye and crown.

Murugan rules the planet Venus.

The Yezidhi's state "They are the mother of all eastern religions"[3] and their religion is full of Tantric Hindu rites identical in the worship of Murugan in India. This includes Linga worship, the rituals of wine, the marking of their forehead with the Tilak before entering the temple of Lalish, the way the image of Shaitan the bronze Peacock is prepared and worshiped in ritual is the same way the image of the Hindu deity is worshipped. The bronze Peacock image of the Yezidhi is identical to the same image in the Hindu Temples of Murugan in India. The rituals of the Yezidhi are also found on the walls of ancient Assyrian bas reliefs showing what the esoteric "Tablets of Destiny" it was mentioned the Assyrians possessed as sacred knowledge still lives on it their culture and the Templar's where looking for.

Note Venus is called Farq by the Yezidhi's. Lucifer the name of Venus or Luci-far is a Persian word the Fer or Far means water of life the energy of the Grail. The Templar's grail mythos came from Persia. Ancient Persia was originally part of a large Aryan homeland that included northern India and area's of central Asia. The name of Persia was "The Empire of the Aryans."

Thrice Great Hermetica And The Janus Age, Joseph P. Farrell [1]
Guardians Of The Holy Grail, Mark Pinkham [2]
The Black Book of the Yezidis, Jon Lange [3]

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Re: The Truth About What The Templar's Found Under The Dome Of The Rock

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Re: The Truth About What The Templar's Found Under The Dome Of The Rock

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