Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

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Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:52 pm

Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

The current Huawei scandal has a much larger backdrop to it.

Note the Jew Schiff also funded the Jewish Communist revolutionary movement in Russia for the Jewish Rothschild's.

China has been built up for decades by the International Jewish banking cartels and their agents mainly out of America. The three top ranking people around Chairman Mao, leader of the Chinese Communist Party where three western Jews. Epstein, Shapiro and Coe [Cohen] all western Jews. These Jews did everything from run the Chinese Treasury to run their propaganda to engineer the "Great Leap Forward" which murdered 40 million Chinese in an engineered famine to steal their property and then murder this part of the population so they would not be able to rise up as counter revolutionary forces against the regime. And they also created the "Cultural Revolution" for Mao which killed 5 million people and destroyed Chinese identity by destroying their culture and replaced it with Jewish Communism to create a new identity for the Chinese that would change their social values into one the Jews can make them slaves with. The "Chinese" Communist Party was founded by Asian Jews out of Shang Hai along with western Jews brought in from the Jewish seat of Communist power in Moscow. And funded by Jewish international bankers just as the Communist war in Russia was funded by the same Jewish elites off Wall street. Tens of thousands of western Jews migrated to China to fight along side their Asian brother Jews to take over China with their Communism. Now China is run by Asian Jews who make up the entire class of families not individuals but families who run the "Chinese Communist Party" over 80% of the GDP the wealth of China goes to the .04 percent of the nation, the ruling families of the (((Chinese))) Communist Party elites. The Asian Jewish families that run China.

During a partial audit of the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank back in 2009 it was found the Jewish owned Federal Reserve had shipped massive amounts of American printed money to major Chinese State Banks to build up Chinese power at the expense of America. Goldman Sachs another major Jewish global bank is well known and praised by the Jewish presses for building up major infrastructure in China which Goldman Sachs personally owns. The Jews have been building Communist China into a military and economic superpower. While weakening America for the kill.

The oil in Iraq which was supposed to go to America to pay off the war cost in Iraq [another war for Israel] as promised by then Vice President Dick Cheney. Where did it really go? .... The BP Rothschild owned oil company went into Iraq and sent the oil to China and set it up for the Chinese Oil to come in and take out the rest and guess what its all going to China anyway. Much of this oil and oil money was launder thought Israel to accomplish this. No surprise Rothschild's own Israel their family members are on the money in Israel. And the state of Israel helped set this up from the start in what they call "Operation Shekinah." And the now famous Jew Chuck Schumer and Jew John Kerry real name John Cohen. Helped to set up this deal on the American side by sponsoring the Bill to do this in Congress. This is the highest treason brought to you by Jews to build their controlled golem Communist China into a world power. Geithner the American central banker who served as the 75th United States Secretary of the Treasury under Obama was sent over to make numerous deals to build Communist China into a greater superpower. During Obama's regime in which the continuing handing over of America to the Jewish golem of China went on without stop.

If that's not enough the Rothschild's agent fellow Jew, George Soros [real name Schwartz] has openly stated in the presses that Communist China is to be the leader of a new world system the new global super power all must bow towards. This is what the Jews are planning a Global Communist State run from the front of Beijing while taking its orders from Israel.

This is why the Huawei scandal is so important. This is happening as part of a larger move by President Trump to head China off from being able to be the author of the new G5 internet which the Huawei company is the head of the Chinese Communist State arm to attempt to build. The Jewish Globalist move thought their control of Communist China is to create a new global G5 internet which EVERYTHING will be connected into and will be run from one place...... COMMUNIST CHINA right out of Beijing and all on hardware and software build in Communist China which has already been found to be full of backdoor spyware this stuff was being used in high level American government area's that where housing State Secrets thanks to backdoor deals. The fact is Beijing is the current center of Big Jew, which takes its orders from the Elders of Zion such as the Rothschild's who declared themselves the Kings the political Messiahs of the coming world Jewish government in their own Jewish publications. The major Jewish owned tech companies from Google and on all want to bring the model they have perfected in China with the Chinese internet to the entire world. To build the technological control grid for the coming One World Jewish Order.

Trump's battle against China is the signal of a major change in which on some serious level the selling of America out the back door is being challenged. President Trump has been warning about China going back years and that something needs to be done to stop the raping of America. However the raping of America is the price of allowing Jews to be citizens of America.

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Re: Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:07 pm

Note "Operation Shekinah" the Jews connect their kabbalah into every criminal thing they do.

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Re: Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

Postby Larissa666 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:14 pm

There is strangle lack of interest in this topic, while I consider it very important.

Huawei also has strong ties with Google, which is also known for spying everyone they can, while pretending they are doing it “for your own good”.

This is a very good research, thank you for sharing this.

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Re: Important The Bigger Picture Huawei

Postby sip » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:23 am

Larissa I agree...I keep coming back thinking about all the dots HP just connected for me.

Trump's battle against China is the signal of a major change in which on some serious level the selling of America out the back door is being challenged."

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