USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

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USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:52 am

USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

The fact is as the Jews themselves know and its obvious their Jewish leadership are all adepts in the occult arts their Kabbalah this is the secret to their power and control and why they remove spiritual knowledge from Gentiles with their Jewish system of control. Under the Noahide Laws the laws of the coming Jewish globalist government. The Jews will make it a crime for any Gentiles practicing or having spiritual knowledge and this crime will be punished by the death penalty. This is the same in their program of Christianity, Islam and Communism. That is the number one fundamental thing the Jews must remove to have control.

"We have all been led to believe that Vladimir Ulyanov was born in Simbirsk on the 22nd of April 1870. According to the latest enquiries however, his date of birth had been changed to that date. [Akim Arutiunov, "The phenomenon Vladimir Ulyanov/Lenin", Moscow, 1992p.126]

Stalin copied his great teacher and like him, changed his date of birth. Officially, he was born on the 21st of December 1879, but he was actually born on the 6th of December 1878. The newspaper Izvestiya revealed this state secret on the 26th of June 1990. Both Lenin and Stalin wished to prevent their true natures being revealed by the aid of horoscopes."

Both Lenin and Stalin where practicing occultists to have known the deep significance of that. Lenin was a member of Jewish occult societies within the Masonic world which is run by his Tribe and where he was recruited. And Lenin was a practicing educated Jew his entire life in secret with that would have come Rabbinical instructions into the Kabbalah. The average Jew studies the Talmud normally which is full of Jewish occult teachings and makes up a larger part of Kabbalah teachings. The fact Lenin was a practicing Jew is still in the Soviet archives in Russia. Lenin also passed the "Anti-Semitism Act" making "Anti-Semitism" the death penalty, Stalin also enforced this. Lenin's Grandfather the father of his mother was named Israel Blank.

Stalin was also known to have been into the occult deeply since a young man in the Jewish community of Georgia. It was known by those around him Stalin also practiced internal meditational disciplines to awaken psychic abilities daily. Stalin was believed and it has been commented on those around him from the time he was a younger revolutionary to have some type of ESP abilities. His ability to seemly read the mind's of those around him and also detect the best Czarist Secret Police plants as well as his ability to plan where due to these abilities. Stalin also spoke and read something around 5 languages and had a photographic mind. These are signs of higher mental ability which get into such practices. Stalin and his fellow Jewish leaders had any and all occult knowledge removed from the populace and the Gentile members of such spiritual societies executed because the Jews know the power of such. The Soviet State also kept their own psychic's under State wraps for their own purposes.

The Jewish leadership founded the USSR according to occult timing:

The USSR was established at 4 minutes past 2 o'clock on 8th November 1917. Note that adds to 42 and 6 which relates to the manifestation of the Jewish godform in their Kabbalah and the number of the name of their godform YHVH which is 26 is made to add to 8 in Kabbalah and the 11th month. These numbers are the common in Jewish astrological timing such as the founding of Israel as well. the Soviet Union was founded by the Jews to manifest their world government its right in the founding occult timing . This was done when the sun was at precisely at the centre of the sign of Scorpio. To make Scorpio the ruler of the Jewish world government. Note the Scorpion is the symbol of Israel as well and Israel was founded by the creators of the Soviet Union the Jewish leaders and banking elites and that also includes Stalin who recognized its nationhood first and sent in NKVD troops and supplies to train the Jews and supply them to create Israel.

Under The Sign Of The Scorpion, Juri Lina

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Re: USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

Postby Valontuoja » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:38 pm

I found an interesting story about Stalin and some psychic jew Wolf Messing. Below is my translation from a text originally written in Finnish:

Some Russian magazines told about famous mind-readers. Wolf Messing was born in Poland but he had to escape to Soviet Union in order to avoid the German attack.

In Poland Messing was imprisoned but he escaped. After his escape he came to Soviet Union where he made a living by telepathic shows.

Stalin gave him three missions. First was to raise 100 000 rubles from a bank using an empty piece of paper. Messing gave the bank clerk an empty page he had taken from a notebook. The bank clerk looked at the paper and started to give him money.

After succeeding in the mission, Messing gave the money back and showed the bank clerk the empty page. Bank clerk fainted after seeing that it wasn't a cheque but an empty paper.

The next mission was to go into a guarded area with no access. Messing made it easily.

Third mission was to come to Stalin's mansion with no passport and access permit. Messing went there easily surprising Stalin who saw guards bowing down and servants politely moving out of Messing's way.

Messing had made the guards see him as the head of security Berija. As a reward Stalin gave Messing a right to move freely in Soviet Union.

The article continues about some Tibetan lama Lobsang Rampa who was tortured in the prison of Lubyanka and who kept his extraordinary abilities as a secret so that Stalin never tested his abilities. I'm not going to translate the part about him because it doesn't really relate to this topic at all. I don't know how much of this is true but wanted to share it still.

Original source: ... &author=61

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Re: USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

Postby BlueLight » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:04 am

What about Rasputin? In the end, he had a huge role in the assassination of the royal family.

It also shows just how toxic the British "royal" family is. Two monarchies of Europe were destroyed through them. First, the one in Spain. Then, the one in Russia. He was trusted because he seemed to be the only capable person of curing the only heir to the throne, who inherited a blood disease from the British royal bloodline.

It's a disease that can be carried by women as well, but it only affects men. Back then it was deadly, mainly caused by incest and interbreeding.

Marrying with the granddaughters of Queen Victoria destroyed these monarchies and offered the communism a better chance to manifest itself.

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Re: USSR Was Founded By Jewish Occultist

Postby EnkiUK3 » Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:06 pm

Cant work out how to post new topic on this,

Over here there is "anti semitism" talk, I allegedly put a FCUK Israel comment up now have some barrister questioning me :lol: :lol:

Hope I havent walked into a lawsuit over something so petty.

The guy George Galloway is a Scottish ex Mp heavy anti -semite but obviously doesnt want "bad press"


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