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Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:13 am


Capitalism ethos is that money is what makes labour valuable and gives value only.

Capitalism ethos is built on several pillars of its power that of usury, undercutting wages and monopoly. These come together and create a plutocracy which sets up an artificial system which allows for the rule of thieves. The other problem with capitalism its a liberal version of economics. Which does not factor a nation, community, nature or anything but the individual and their quest for profits. This mentality creates the problems in society. Its an incorrect economic moral system.

How a society governed by capitalism works is private banks which are private money corporations run by private individuals take over the state and turn themselves into "State sponsored usury" which forces the population into a usury system in which they have to purchase their own money from private capitalists who charge major amounts of money on that debt with interest this creates economic instability and cause the economy to shrink and stagnate and the cost of living to sky rocket. This includes the government starts to create taxes and raise taxes to attempt to pay off the fees the private bank sets for repayment back to the private banks for printing pieces of paper and selling it you at interest. The private banking system by nature has to make a profit and the mechanic's of this will never allow even with lower interest rates for a open economic system always a closed one that grows slowly then stagnates. This ends up garnishing the fruits of the labour of the entire nation into the pocket of a handful of private individuals. Its simple theft of the value of the labour of a nation. It causes total collapse.

The undercutting of wages destroys the growth of the economy by not allowing for a steady flow of investment spending of the working classes into goods and services into the economy. This cause the economy which is depended on the generation and consumption of needed goods and services to collapse. The workers don't have the fruits of their labour returned to them to them spend to create the fuel of the engine of the economy. Because the owners are stealing the fruits of their labour and putting into their individual pockets. This brings about total collapse.

Monopoly is the private banking system and its effects and the creation of criminal game strategies to create total monopolies this includes artificial scarcity that allows for price fixing such as the passing of laws that farmers have to destroy excess food so the six major food corporations can raise the prices on food to make more money. Where the extra amount was allowed into the market it would lower costs for people and the profit would be lower. This also includes the creation of the FDA by private capitalists to create a corporate lobby under government cloak to then push out any individuals who have working cures and cost effective cures for diseases that could be affordable to the entire public. This is done to maintain monopoly on the private medical industry they have created and to keep the cost of treatment and thus profits high. There is no money in a cure. This is why Bayer was caught selling HIV infected blood to 2nd and 3rd world nations they gamed the system from within the government to do this as well. They wanted to make a profit as they stated..... However they were creating a bigger market place for their market by infecting people who would then need their drugs.

Monopoly was the destruction of the electric car, the destruction of Tesla and his company so the capitalists could build a global monopoly on energy. The capitalist have taken over and own the government and use it to build and protect their monopolies this includes creating higher taxation so the money of the population, billions of dollars worth can be taken and given to their corporations to and share holders to make billions off of corporate welfare. And to pass laws protecting their monopolies. To allow them to rob the fruits of a nations labour. This monopoly stagnates the health of the economic and social progress of a nation. And causes total collapse. Monopoly only survives by holding back new technology and creative individuals and deplatforming them. This causes stagnation of the economy and makes life miserable for millions of good people causing them to starve, die of disease they could of been cured decades ago and drives down the standard of living. Destroys the environment and public moral. Tesla would have saved the world if he was not deplaformed to die homeless. They destroyed his platform socially and his company that ensured the numerous inventions he created never reached the public.

Coupled into this the constant psychology warfare operation against the population by the corporate media that has destroyed healthy social values and moral ideals to create a neurotic consumer in the new moral system they have set up that of dog eat dog, social Darwinistic mentality that has destroyed social unity and the traditional and normal morals of people. That society needs to exist.

This has created an artificial social order where a persons value the value of human life is by definition their individual value to the market place at the given time. This allows for a power structure in which social status and social power is determined only by how much money one has. Not by their moral values their natural merits to govern their creative genius and their altruism. That does not survive in a system that only rewards with everything from a better life to positive social regard and self esteem.....Nothing but money and getting money. This ensures the very criminal mentality that games the system is reborn and enforced into the minds of every generation. As the dominate social morality. We can't survive this.

So what is a solution there needs to be a new economic moral system that is based on what an economy is. Which is the People and their national life. The economy has to serve the People and provide the creation of new goods and services the People need and that develops the evolution of their society into a better standard of living for the People as a community. This means money is a medium of exchange only for good and services hence labour is the value of a society its labour that makes money have value. If nothing was built and no skills where there what good is money? You can't plant money in the earth and have food grow.

This means there has to be a national bank that issues debt free, fiat currency that is regulated to maintain a constant supply of economic development with simple controls to prevent inflation. Which is the point of fiat currency. This means the abolishing of the stock market its a criminal game institution that is driving economic collapse. By allowing individuals to take zero interest loans to build their business with this by passes the need for private investors and thus stocks. This gives individuals the freedom to try as if they fail by proving by their spending records to show it all went to a business they are forgiven of their debt. We don't want to make people afraid to build the economy with individual merit.

By passing a law which states employers have to pay high wages to their employees which can be determined on several practical factors this returns the fruits of the value of the labour back to the workers and allows for the standard of living to go upwards and the economy to prosper.

By not allowing private individuals to create monopoly this allows for new technologies and business to be created that can be improved upon by others in time as ideals always are which creates evolution of society living standards. The government can create a platform for new business ideals and individuals with creative ideals where they can be funded and have infrastructure built around them to them use this to get these services into the society as fast as possible. This also includes held back tech in the medical field and other fields that will save lives and save our planet. This allows for the prices of living to go drastically down and the standard to go up. These includes the abolishment of most taxes and the creation of small flat tax that goes into public infrastructure. This includes public health care which with new medical technology and the tech that has been held back will be cheap in cost. And with passing laws to protect public health by cleaning up the air, food and products. People will not be near as sick as they now from being made toxic by bad living. The public education system is a monopoly of the private capitalist sector to create a dumb downed prole who never questions. This has to be thrown out and a new public education system created with teaches people a moral spiritual system of life of service to society based on goodness, altruism and love for their People and their community. To bring out the individuals genius and give the individual the resources need to actualize this genius into society. This creating a holistic spiritual meritocracy.

This includes a new public morality system where service to society and the People is rewarded. The goal of the economy being to be rewarded for helping your community. This needs to be part of spiritual and thus moral development of society a whole new culture. Which give us a utopian world.

Its by our spiritual, moral and physical labour we create value to our souls, our being, our People and our world. This was the knowledge this truth given to us already by the National Socialist ideals. National Socialism is the only way out, the way of Truth pass the lie of Communism and Capitalism.

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Re: Capitalism

Postby absolute13 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:48 pm

i wish i had you for a history and economics teacher. you stated getting paid for the work you do. A LOT of people feel that way and want that way. it would be extremely easily to implement value based on labor as a whole in society. and as far as the money mentality you mentioned anyone can watch tv and see actually that if they havent heard, which is impossible because of todays music.

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Re: Capitalism

Postby NaziMan12 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:31 pm

They do not teach about the Jews in the schools so obviously the Jews have moved on to other fronts in which to divert the common peoples attention away from national problems. That front is going to be the media, hollywood, etc. It's true what HP Mageson has said in the past and I don't know where I would be without his wisdom in that regard. All gentiles are good and want to participate in a National Socialist type government but they are strapped for time and strapped for cash in most cases and are lost in the sea of knowledge that is the world. This is why the government of all nations need to have state media. The problem with the bourgeois classes is that they believe Communism to be a legitimate form of government. This is a critical error in their analysis of Communism and it's history and information related to it in general.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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Re: Capitalism

Postby Hvítr Ormr » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:29 pm

Don, you mentioned you read Gaddafi's green book I think on the old forum didn't you? What you describe here reminds me a lot of what he wrote in that, I wish more people actually sat and thought about this rotten non functioning (((economic system))) and how to actually fix it like he did and you've done. It seems no matter how unhappy people are, by and large they just never realise that the reason they're so unhappy is that they're slaves to all this, and a slave who doesn't know that they're a slave won't ever even think to revolt.

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Re: Capitalism

Postby NaziMan12 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:46 am

If we are forced to live with Liberals who want Jews in our society then we should ask for the end of loan sharking. Atleast make the Jews do any other type of work. Their loan sharking, also called banking, has been the culprit behind the mass amounts of Communist activity. They obviously use their money to fund Communist activity, an obvious example being Warburg funding Lenin and his gang with suitcases of money.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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