The Fruit Of The Tree In The Garden

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The Fruit Of The Tree In The Garden

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:29 pm

The Torah is the encrypted Kabala and the Kabala is the decrypted Torah as Judaism states. Using the method of gamatria the letters and numbers we can find the meaning of important passages in the Torah to understand the actual meanings written in this code system for the other Rabbi's. And thus read the Jewish code.

What was the actual forbidden thing the fruit that Adam and Eve ate of from the tree:
Here the Hebrew letters are put in simple English text:
AThH HMN HOTz [1 +400+5] + [5 +400 + 5] + [5 +40 +50] + 5 +70 +90] =406 + 95 +165 =666 = Hast thou eaten of the tree [Gen, 3:11]

Revealing the Fruit is 666.

Note what is the number of the God, Adam and Eve under the serpent direction were to become that frightened YHVH so much:

KALHIMf, 20 + 1 + 30 + 5 + 10 +600 =666 =To be as God [Gen, 3:5]

The number again is 666.

666 is the number of the Temple of the Sun in the ancient Pagan religion which is the Light Body. So here it is right from the code book of the Jewish enemy themselves. Its a clear order and warning that "YHVH" which is code for the Jewish Race must stop Gentiles from achieving the Light Body the 666 or YHVH the Jewish Race as was warned in the Torah will have no control over the Gentiles.

The Garden is the Jewish paradise. YHVH the Jewish race has Adam and Eve created to work for the YHVH as slave workers who are naked the symbol of animal nature the Goyim the Hebrew word for Gentiles meaning "animals" with no spiritual awaking or higher consciousness just "dumb animal brains" as the Jews call Gentiles. Note in the Torah YHVH makes the Babylonian Emperor run around naked like a beast in the field just like Adam. To show he is just a Goy under YHVH's power.

In Kabala the Angel that was placed in the east to guard the knowledge of the Light Body to remove the ability to ascend from the Gentiles in Kabala the flaming sword this Angel carries is the Zain letter. Which in Kabala is a spiritual curse this flaming Zain letter makes the path of the tree of life as the instruction that spiritual curses of the Jews are to be used to bind the Gentile soul from being able to ascend this is how YHVH the Jewish Race is to stop this process of ascension from happening. Zain is the 7th letter which is the number of Saturn which is the root chakra where the serpent is bound by the Jewish enemy. YHVH makes the serpent crawl upon the earth the root charka. The seventh day is the day the Jews attend Synagogue and read from the Torah which is the book of curses against the Gentiles to achieve this The Zain letter is also the symbol of the Jewish Messiah in the Torah which is the symbol of the TORAH itself. Showing the Torah is the spiritual weapon to bind the Gentiles to damnation with. Which is why the Roman and Greek rulers order the Torah's burned and the forbade the Jews from reading from it.

In the Jewish Bible 666 is the number given to the Beast which in the Greek word is the ancient name of the Phoenix the bird of spiritual fire and rebirth the Light Body of the Gentiles. Its the symbol of the serpent fire the winged serpent. So its obvious as to what the 666 is. The 666 is also given to the God of the Gentiles, Satan in the Bible. As Satan is also the symbol of the serpent energy in the Garden in the Kabala. The 666 is also the serpent energy or Kundalini power of the Gentiles that was bound in the Torah by the Torah curses on Gentiles.

The Jewish letter TAS is the symbol of the serpent and this letter is clearly stated to be a curse as well and not included for the Jews. Its only given to Samal [Satan] its the reverse of SAT the ancient name of the Gentile serpent God and energy. SAT means Truth in the original language of Sanskrit and is the highest name of God in Hinduism. This letter is another curse on the Gentiles.

Note many Jewish words and letters are made from reversing Gentiles words of power to attempt to bind them. The Zain when reversed is niaz this Z can also be an S in Kabala. If one goes deep into Kabala words have different methods they can be rearranged......Nias is the ancient word for Serpent. The Kundalini energy. Interesting enough the vowels can be moved around in Kabala.....Niaz can become NAZI....Nazi is the ancient name of the Goddess who freed ENKI in Sumerian lore. Enki is the symbol of the serpent energy and the Light Body. Which shows the Zain letter is indeed a Jewish curse on the Gentile soul to keep the Gentiles from being able to ascend into the Light Body and obtain Eternal Life and super consciouness and freedom from all suffering. ENKI was also called Satan by the ancient Sumerians. Their head God and creator God.

The reverse Torah rituals are the only way to undo this curse on yourself and Gentile humanity. The Rabbi's in Kabala state that Satan will destroy them by reversing the Torah. SATAN is also a code word for Gentiles in Judaism. The Rabbi's warn that the Gentiles can destroy them by reversing the Torah.

The Western Mysteries, Hulse
The Wisdom Of The Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Munk
The Habir

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Re: The Torah Reveals The Jews Are Cursing Gentiles

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:50 pm

Everyone the RTR's are the key you need to do them daily and with passion. Think of Lord of the Rings when the one ring of Sauron which is a binding spelling on the Goyim was thrown into the fires of Mount Doom. Sauron's jewish spirit was destroyed and the entire Judaic empire came crashing down. Who was also destroyed with the One Ring....GOLEM..... The RTR's are like that.

We are those SATAN'S that the Rabbi's warned about the ones who will destroy the Torah with RTR's.

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Re: The Fruit Of The Tree In The Garden

Postby TheFlea » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:38 pm

I know people say this a lot on the forums, but I was actually just thinking about this the other day at work. Like what the fruit represented, as everything else had a second meaning, like the serpent being on his belly. Crazy, now I know what everyone else is talking about when they say "I was just wondering about this and then a sermon was made, SS are interconnected" lol

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Re: The Fruit Of The Tree In The Garden

Postby 13thson. » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:44 pm

Are these spiritual curses on bloodlines like real seals of power, or astral with different effects, some binding some telling you things to enslave you? Seals you have to overwhelm and break or replace, one by one and become immune to them?
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