Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

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Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:25 pm

Maya has been translated to "illusion" by later texts that are attempts to create a strange monotheism out of the more ancient Vedic texts. Which was created by Shankara and one has to study into the Brahma Sutra's to witness what is occurring here. Shankara is attempting to take the original conception of Brahman which is simply the element of quintessence or Ether and ascribe to this a new strange monism which is attempting to open the door to a Christian style monotheism which has in fact occurred in Hinduism. And here is the major understanding in studying current Hindu ideology. Shankara attempts to state the physical reality is illusion and a lie and only this Brahman is real. He then attempts to create the basic metaphysical justification of Christianity and Islam. That of a radically foolish spiritual egalitarianism that everything and is everyone is Brahman and thus all are one and equal and the same. The individual ego is the lie and one must somehow overcome their own soul personality and become one. This is an attempt to break down people's individuality and turn them into something controllable. This is a common tactic of cults. Note here appears in Hinduism the demands for veganism, fasting and other techniques of making people's minds broken down to control them. This around the time the techniques in Hinduism are put in that are called spiritual but are actually tools to cause a disassociation to ones actual physical and individual being. To then mold them into some mind controlled mold, universalist someone that will embrace this communist narrative. This is also were celibacy comes from in an attempt to shut the door to the original teachings of sexual love as ritual to activate the serpent power. The enemy always goes after sex for this reason. This also creates a neurotic individual they can then direct better this is also where the teachings that Siddhi's are to be ignored and not worked for are put in. The original teachings pointed out Siddhi's are the signs of enlightenment. The chakra's are activating with light and the soul is transforming to a higher level. This is how they originally tested for signs of enlightenment by Siddhi's. Shankara's false teachings accompany the removal of spiritual knowledge.

Shankara was from Kelara a city that was well known for being full of a large Jewish population. I find it interesting to note that Shankara attempts to subvert Hinduism which he was openly stated to be doing in his time. But he attempts to subvert Hinduism with what is literally JEWISH KABALA mysticism. This is exactly the same trash that the Rabbi's of Kabala teaches which forms the core of Communism when its put in a secular political form by Kabbalistic Rabbi's who wrote the Communist ideology. The Jew seek to subvert every People's culture in who's nation they exist in. All to bring them down into what we today call Communism but its just the ideology which is the manifestation of the alien racial soul consciousness of the Jewish enemy.

This is why this Jew states Maya has to be a lie here. As Maya is the actual world of forms and thus structural reality of existence which provides us with differences and scientific basis for these fundamental differences and thus natural laws which are physical structures of these differences. So Shankara then declares all this to be a lie. Because he needs some ideological device to deconstruct this to then put forth his Communistic ideology of Brahmanism. Christianity does this be declaring nature that of physical reality to be a lie of Satan that is fallen and only the same ghostly world of spirit to be the only true reality. It also sets up its Communistic platform the same way Shankara does by appealing to this other worldly lie of Brahman or "god" and all being the same due to this. Christianity was written by the same racial mind of the Jews. Out of their Kabala which is all Shankara did for his tribe in ancient India as well.

Originally Tantra was created to combat this insane nonsense by preserving the original teachings of the nature religion. Which is based on spiritual laws which manifest as nature.

Maya is originally the Goddess that represents the Shakti energy that maniests all existance. One can note the Tantric role of Shiva and Shakti is simply Shakti is the vibration of energy and Shiva is the consciouness the form of the vibration, the two are one. The forms of existance are very real and have very real differences and social structures based on this forms matter and have thus real meaning. Humans evolve thought different states and forms to the ulimate form of their destiny is to take this includes racial differences. The ancient Sanatana Dharma was against racial mixing as well. And that the Brahman is simply the causeless element all forms manifest from and thus form is connected into the cause. Physical reality is thus not a lie its the form of spiritual reality as the two are one the material world is the manifestation of the astral form of the world. Thus all the forms that exist are soul forms. This includes the individual soul. To understand the need for spiritual practice one must understand the nature of the soul and body and why they have to be untied.

Where the Jew Shankara taught dissolving the soul into some non-existence after the physical death of the body and ceasing to exist as the ulimate goal which is spiritual death. And creating a situation in which Gentiles will degenerate physically and thus spiritually till they are so weak the Jews can control them. This is the core of why Jews teach false doctrines about salvation of the soul in Christianity and Hinduism so they can control the outcome of such. It creates the pretext for removing real spiritual knowledge. Your salvation or liberation is done in some false neither world not here on earth by uniting the body and soul. The body has nothing to do with the soul and neither does the physical world in their false doctrines. They tell people the natural world is suffering and bad. But you can get paradise in the sky world if you obey the Jews on this world. That is what this is about in their doctrines of damnation. Where the Egyptians and Greeks taught the truth is if the soul is not empowered by the practice of Serpent power yoga. It will degenerate to a point it can't reincarnate and a person will cease to exist. Which is what the enemy programs of Jainism, Buddhism, Buddhism with Hindu coverings Islam, Christianity, Communism and such lead to spiritual death.

Tantra taught the individual is to become Shiva a physically perfected being a literal Deva with all the Siddhi's. Thought the practice of the Kundalini Yoga. Tantra's warn people about the lie of Shankara and that he was a deciever sent here to destroy the true teachings. That perfecting the soul is perfecting the body as the two form and reflect the same form. The astral aspect and the physical aspect.

Shankara was a subversive Jew. His lying teachings are all Jewish in nature and origin. And attempts to destroy Gentiles and the Gentile soul for his Jewish tribal warfare against Gentiles. It was noted Shankara took Buddhism and injected into it a false Vedic narrative this was done at the time to destroy the Vedic rebirth and that was going on with the destruction of Buddhist ideology in India. This was to keep the same ideology going. The Buddhist Emperor Asoka had numerous close ties to the wealthy and politically powerful Jewish networks in Alexander in Egypt. It was Asoka who tried to destroy the original Vedic culture and replace it with Communism in the form of Buddhism. This included banning and removing all the spiritual knowledge, mass slaughter of Hindu's who opposed this and the burning of mountains of texts and the rewriting of others. This is exactly what the Jews did when they took over the Roman Empire with Christianity. Because the Jews took over the Indian world with Asoka's Empire and Buddhism. Both western historians and even Hindu Swami's admit that the reason all of Northern India fell to a small Muslim army was Buddhism and the Buddhist teachings that became Hinduism. It so weakened the population they were wiped out and enslaved. Mohammed was an open Jew who stated he was going to impose the religion of the Jews on the world. The Islamic books are full of orders to attack Hindustan. The Jews are told in their Torah to weaken the Goyim drop by drop till they are so weak they can be destroyed in one swoop. We note this today how the Jews are weakening the western world to soften us up for the final strike and kill. A global Communist dictatorship.

Note only the Southern Indian Empires resisted and destroyed the Islamic armies sent against them. Because their Kings destroyed Jainism and Buddhism and maintained the Sanatana Dharma. This kept their nations spiritually strong to resist. Buddhism at one point was literally wiped out by force in Sri Lanka by the Hindu Emperor. There are ancient Southern Indian histories that mention the Jains what Buddhism was called before. Where subverting the courts of the Kings with their ideological lies which are designed to remove true spiritual teachings and knowledge and promote a materialistic, human hating and world hating proto Christianity in its place. The Priests of Shiva then challenged the Jains to prove their spiritual enlightenment then. The Jains were forced to put up. And were defeated and shown to be spirituality powerless. The Priests of Shiva on the other hand performed all the major and minor Siddhi's thus proving the Sanatana Dharma to be the truth as Siddhi's are signs of enlightenment. The Jains were driven out by the Kings and pogromed out of their Kingdoms. Think of Gandalf vs Worm tongue from Lord of the Rings. Indian histories in the Medieval period mention the Jains and Buddhists violently attacking the Shiva saints and attempting Jesuit style to subvert Sanatana Dharma. This was total ideological warfare by fanatic's against Sanatana Dharma.

The Shiva Purana also warn about the Jains and how they taught a false Dharma that brought about the destruction of the noble race of Asur. Note Asura here is not evil this only came about later when the western branches of Aryans went into the Zoroaster cult which is also a Jewish invention. Asura is an ancient name of Aryan and it also means "Gods" in ancient Hinduism. Its warning how the Aryan race fell in its spiritual power and then physical power by subversion by the enemy JEWISH RACE. And how the surviving Asur's who stayed loyal to Shiva and the Devayana the path of becoming Gods then left and rebuilt their racial spiritual empire. But the subversive Jains where then sent into the Middle East to arise to rule the world under the Dark Age. Which is the age that happens because of the loss of spiritual knowledge and the lack of its practice. The enemy has to remove spiritual knowledge to be able to bring the world under their control they state this in their Kabala. Hence they were called Jain's then and the Jain's were from the MERCHANT caste which is the caste the Jews in ancient India were stated to be of. The Jews can only rule a world of materialism and deception. Today its stated by Hindu historians and scholar's all of Hinduism is Jainism this is how successful the Jewish race has been in subverting India. They have been doing this for centuries.

This is why one must understand the Kabala to understand the Jews and then be able to detect their criminal narratives and behaviours in history.

It was only those who maintained the original path of the Gods who stayed strong and defeated the enemy.

The Yoga Of Power, Evola
While The Gods Play, Danielou
The Brahma Sutra
Lord Shiva And His Worship, Swami Sivananda

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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Jews

Postby NaziMan12 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:55 pm

Thank you HP Mageson for the great work over the years and for many to come.
Our duty as Satanists is to never give up in the fight against the Jewish people.

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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Jews

Postby shinninglight » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:52 pm

this shit is just everywhere in hinduism,brahma created a world of illusion and every other crap.
hp mageson what about vishnu,i know shiva is satan but what about vishnu
also why does the hindu text say they dont worship brahma.

HP Mageson666
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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Jews

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:02 pm

Going back to the Veda period. Visnu was consider a minor God however Visnu in the later Hindu period is shown in the image of Surya and Shiva was Indra the King of the Gods and was also known as Rudra. However this seems to be mystical forms of Indra and the spiritual properties dealing with Alchemy.

Hindu's state they don't honor Brahma because he created the world they are trying to escape from and have been told is samsara. However because they don't understand something.....They do honor Brahma by using the Saraswati mantra which is the Shakti of Brahma and thus Brahma.

When a person asks about Hinduism the question has to be in the context at what period are you mentioning. Its been changed for so long.

shinninglight wrote:this shit is just everywhere in hinduism,brahma created a world of illusion and every other crap.
hp mageson what about vishnu,i know shiva is satan but what about vishnu
also why does the hindu text say they dont worship brahma.

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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

Postby ASQV13886662080 » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:47 pm

This is highly appreciated work as is expected of you High Priest Mageson.

I note based on the way "Assholeoka" (your name for him lol) did things, and this Shankara following through with some false reform reinforcing the same jewish system through seemingly vedic terminology (rhetoric, just as they are taught such practices in the rabbinical caste since young), that this Shankara is the likeness of agents like Luther and Calvin from the catholicism to a lesser form of judeanity.
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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

Postby Jack The GOOD guy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:38 am

What an awesome sermon HPMageson. Its exactly as you say. Alain daneliou also notes that the vedantic philosophy which is the progeinetor of tantra was subverted by these so called Brahmans .Who are actually racial jews(they ones who pretend to be brahmins). And I'll post the whole jewing of India in another post. The point is alain daneliou states that sex and powers of Eros can be used to activate the kundalini energy and such but when a celibate will be asked why this is possible, he'll simply laugh while thinking "wtf ". These people as daneliou note are never able to manifest any true spiritual powers. They might occasionaly get some minor astral sight which is also diffused but never any siddhis and anything related.While the true gurus secretly practise left hand path activities deep away from the eyes of society. If you look at the tantras and the vedic philosophy of the Vedas and puranas you'll Never notice a rishi who is celibate. Hell they practiced polygamy and group sex. All these new inventions of the celibate and hare Krishna philosophy is arbritary speculation with no base and completely counterintuitive to the original philosophy of Sanatan dharam. This is a subversive program against mankind's oldest religion which is a thousand years in making.
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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

Postby Hail goddess diana » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:52 am

Hi hp
Is ayurveda and chinese medicine also corrupted?
In some ayurvedic texts they state "semen is life(ojas)"
Those who waste semen will get lifeless and weak. One should conserve semen.
Also in chinese medicine Semen loss cause Jing deficiency in kidney(adrenal fatigue)
What is the hidden meaning behind this
Is there any truth to it?

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Re: Subversion Of Hinduism By Criminal Jews

Postby Godmode » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:01 am

Thank you for this post. One consequence of people who hang around too many Jews is they totally forget who they are. Ever since I got into spirituality I was frustrated at the debate of self vs quintessence or atman&brahman, it is very satisfying to finally know the root cause of these issues in Hinduism, and what the truth about it really is.

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