Thats Not Real Communism

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HP Mageson666
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Thats Not Real Communism

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:18 am

Communist's will often whine.... "But that's not real cooooomunism" when confronted with the reality of real Communism. I can always honestly say that is actually not real National Socialism when some ignorant person tries to repeat some Hollyweird movie about Hollywood Notzee's. Because its actually not, its way cooler then that.

What it comes down to is this...... Rabbi Marx promised the Goyim that if they surrender all their property, rights and freedoms, and grant total military and police power to a handful of Goy pretending Jews and open Jews. And thus create a totalitarian militarized State run by Chosen People who believe you are animals meant to serve them only........ Somehow this will create a Stateless Society of total freedom...... Kind of funny how they never got past the violent Jewish militarized police state that kills anyone they don't like.

Its not a mistake every Communist regime looks like current Palestine.

The entire argument of the Communist is this....


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Re: Thats Not Real Communism

Postby DiscipleOfSatan » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:13 am

What the Communists here in Eastern Europe (the former socialist republics) most often whine about is how the economy and the industry of the country were much bigger and stronger during the communist era, how much more powerful the army, the police, and the intelligence services were and so on. How much stronger the country was, in general. And some retards fall for this...

The economy and the industry of the most former socialist republics was bigger during the communist era, but how does this profit the average person, when the whole economy and industry are in the hands of the jew? What does it matter if your jew-ruled communist country is the second largest economy in the world, when you are nothing but a serf, or worse? In the Soviet era, the standard of living was dire poverty, despite it was the second largest economy in the world, no different than how the big jew-owned multi billion dollar corporations pay their workers from the third world countries $100 dollars a month and treat them like slaves. What does it matter if the country you live in has a big economy, or if the corporation you work for is big, multi-billion corporation, if this big economy, or big corporation is jew owned, and you are treated as a slave? I don't get how some people could be so damn stupid.

And even if you were well-educated, and making more money than the average, in the Soviet Union you couldn't buy ANYTHING with that money because you were not allowed to have any property or wealth (even your own apartment, because you couldn’t simply move to a different town). You couldn't even buy a car, because the average waiting line for a car was seven to 10 years or more. Basically, with Communism, you entered the system early in your life, and then this jewish system decided how to put you to some use, according to the country’s needs, despite the person's individual needs and desires.

Yes, the army, the police, and the intelligence services were powerful, but what was their job? To keep the communist nightmare going, and to kill or ruin the life of anyone who opposes them in any way. The KGB and their analogues in the other communist countries had informants (snitches) literally everywhere. You say something bad about the communists, or you tell a joke that represents them badly, a "friend" of yours hears you and tells about it to the security agency, or the police. The officer will pat him on the back, and give him $20 for 'serving the country with loyalty', and will send some muscle-guys to beat you as to become a cripple, or to send you in the gulags... And that's not stories i've read on the internet or saw on the tv, that's stories i've heard personally from my grandparents, and other people who have lived in that era.

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Gerecht Ror
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Re: Thats Not Real Communism

Postby Gerecht Ror » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:20 am

I suggest to have a look to the movie "The Circle" (2017) to see very clearly the enemy plot to create a mindless, globalized state of existence where the individual is crushed in favour of "the collective" and loses any right to privacy under surveillance at every corner.
A sort of digital communism, that the enemy does not enforce with violence but by exploiting feelings and the mind.
This reminds me the Grey aliens and their hibe mind, that owns them all without a true "self".

The enemy is used to fill their Hollywood crap with their plot, to subliminally create it in the Astral in the Goyim subconscious, and see it happen in 20-30 years or so (possibly a Saturn cycle I believe).
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