Trudeau and his Wokeism - Black Only

This group is for White Satanists.

It is Satan's intention that the races separate and evolve on their own. The purpose of this group is to educate, and enlighten our Aryan People who are direct descendants of the Nordic Gods. The Jewish communist world order, like their bible and nazarene, work to enforce race-mixing to destroy all racial and cultural identity, history and individuality so the Jews can take over the world with the goal of making slaves of all Gentiles.

"We will have to deal with Christianity in a tougher way than hitherto. We must settle accounts with this Christianity, this greatest of plagues that could have happened to us in our history, which has weakened us in every conflict. If our generation does not do it, then I believe it would drag on for a long time. We must overcome it within ourselves."
-- Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler; Speech to top leaders of the SS, June 9, 1942 Berlin

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Trudeau and his Wokeism - Black Only

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In any other circumstance I would applaud this but this is nothing other than racial instigation.

I wrote this to another place but I will post it here as:

Wasn't there a complaint that whites did the same thing? Yet we were called "Racist".

The word "racist" in this context only emerged when communists were seeking power and wanted to end an argument without really arguing. You know, brotherhood, equality, sameness, blah blah. Essentially, existential trash for any self-respecting peoples.

"Oh you care about your origins, ancestors, and culture. You must be a RACIST!” said every self hating worm.

Personally, I think this a great development for the black community, but only if the same can be done for every other ethnicity. Africa had many beautiful cultures that predate modern history, like the Dogon tribe for example.

However, I will not stand ideally by while my ancestors’ accomplishments are forgotten. Greece, Rome, Celtia, Vedic India, etc

Woes of the past need to be healed. The way of healing being offered is just snake venom to incite racial instigation and make damn sure no resolution is attained. That way, a profit can be made by globalists that funnel the reparative funds to their own pockets.

But hey, scroll past this post and continue laughing at memes.
I am, in fact, a center of Consciousness- made so by Satan- and I am awakening to the fact. Until I recognize myself as a Center of Thought, Influence and Power, I will not be able to manifest these qualities.

It is not necessary that I should compare myself to others, or imagine myself greater or higher than them.

Ignore all consideration of the respective qualities of others and endeavor to realize the fact that I am a great Center of Consciousness - a Center of Power - a Center of Influence - a Center of Thought.

And like the planets circling around the sun, so does the world revolve around me who is its center.
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Re: Trudeau and his Wokeism - Black Only

Post by Gear88 »

But even in your mentions of Racist which the proper word is Racialist or Racialism. Hence Racial Realism as an attribute of reality.

You still use Wokeism and fall by the enemies words.

Woke = Red-Pill.

How can Neo take the Red-pill wake up or woke up from his slumber kicked out of the Matrix in the Machine Battery birthing chamber i.e. Hybrid plug/Human for the Matrix.

And yet he goes from Red-Pill; Awake, Awakened.

How can you take a live, action, state of existence i.e. WOKE from being a degenerate or lying to people and generally working as a Communist.

I don't get if the Capitalist/Communist dupes are trying to make everyone fall asleep to machinate their judeo-bolshevism.

Why would you choose to allow the enemy to carry a big stick i.e. Woke and smack people into shit. With a word that belongs to the Red-Pill community popping out of the Matrix.

Woke, Awake, Awakened.

I don't get it why allow the enemy and their leftist arm of their wing use red-pill technology to harass people with.

Back in July of 2022 Salty Crackers mentioned a word used by lefties was hijacked by the right and they stopped using the word because the Capitalist-Cuckservative dupes of the right took it.

In other words the lefties who attack the normie/non-NS/non-SS right i.e. the culture war had a word hijacked and they took it.

That is okay and nice and all. But why is the big word 'WOKE" i.e. a Red-Pill tech not hijacked by people.

In other words force the enemy to use the word asleep or Nap, Sleep, Asleep.

Like the old saying goes "Revenge of the 3rd Reich, Rise of the 4th Reich; Revenge of the Amalek, Rise of Humanity."

If you want Humanity to "WAKE UP and SMELL the enemy". You gotta WOKE/AWAKE/AWAKENED.

Even Neo didn't become Awakened right away in the first film he becomes woke i.e. pops out of the matrix battery housing. He defeats Agent Smith for the first time. In the second film he is much more astute and realizes his potential even the Oracle was surprised despite her cookie of "I'm sorry Neo your certainly not the one. It could be anyone but you". Finally in Matrix 3 Neo goes full Awakened and even convinces the machines that Agent Smith is a threat. Even his offer of Peace isn't met with reluctance even the Machines want peace hell if machines are logical ice cold calculating devices. Peace is what they wanted since day one and maybe even accept the olive branch of Humanity if Humanity didn't doom and gloom itself with warfare.

Even the machines recognize peace fosters development and peace doesn't meant pussification of society rather like Tim Pool goes and many in the gun World would agree. An Armed Society is a Polite Society.

NS = Armed Society.

I think it's time the Cuckservatives of the Capitalist-Anti/Non-Communists and the Non-/Anti- Communists begin to hijack words and restore them to their previous original usage.

For example the enemy has spent a great deal of time keeping the Genie bottle locked up on electricity to avoid free or freer energies such as the Bendell technology.

Tesla maintained the original electrical view hell I wouldn't be surprised if Benjamin Franklin studied electricity with spirituality due to the original Sanskrit values of electricity. Maintaining it as a source of energy and the ability to give life to things.

But over time the jews, shabbos, and army of cuckinsteins that berg and stein cuckness changed the definition.

Originally Electricity had more of a tone of spiritual energies and chi/qi power tech rather than current stale social marxised technology.

We need to employ Social National Socialism/Social Nazism to explain the truth.

It's much akin to Moriah Sacrifice. The jewish patriarch wants to korban/holocaust his son, Satan even knowing this thing is hostile to him tries to stop this so-called "Human".

The jewish people according to Thomas Schwartz and his Tree of Life book. State this allow Rabbis to lie and place words in Satan's mouth to iterate a memetic action.

If that can happen then the 'opposite' must surely be correct.

But why lie, why stoop to the enemies level when you can tell the truth and apply Social Nazism to Shehameforsh's mouth. And tell the truth so people stop believing in this communist non-sense and apply force of power to the communists neck.

We need to take back our words. And not allow the enemy a chance to handle them and change them around.

We need to engage in Full 5th Generational Warfare, Full Information Warfare.

So far by letting the enemy take words and not researching them in essence your fighting power with powerlessness.

How about taking their power and returning it to the hands of the truth.
:idea: National Socialism is not fascism, fascism is not National Socialism!

Why are we memetically assaulted into a lump labelled Fascism. Do you, pinko, know what Fascism really is :?:

Fascism = State first = Totalitarian
National socialism = O.R.I.O.N. = Our Race Is Our Nation. <- Main Index

Communism is political Judiasm!
Zionism is Jewish supremacy!
National Socialism is political Satanism!
O.R.I.O.N. is Gentile Supremacy with respect to other Racial-Nations!
Xtianity is preparation for Communism!
Xtianity is Communism with a tinsel of metaphysics!
Communism is Xtianity for Atheist!
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