History of Sinhalese...

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History of Sinhalese...

Postby Sathya dev » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:09 pm

I learned that humanity is created in sri lanka which once a part of kumari kandam. I accept Aryans move forward into Tamil Nadu and further north east. And then other races moved and spread worldwide and Dravidians settled in South India. But where do the Sinhalese came from?
Are they live there since the deluge?
Their buddhist texts say they came from India, lead by a king called Vijaya. Before they arrive Sri Lanka, it was already populated by peoples.
And there are lots of tamil documentaries about Sri Lanka after the the destruction of kumari kandam was populated by tamil peoples.
I ask this because i am living in Tamil Nadu. I am a Dravidian.
In 2009 may 18, Sri Lankan civil war rised to its peak and Sinhalese army killied millions of eelam tamil peoples.
Lots of them became refugees in Tamil Nadu.
According to Sinhalese peoples, Sri Lanka is their land but they don't have any evidence to prove it. On the other hand their buddhist faith is suspicious. How did Jewish created buddhism liked by Sinhalese at the same time it has no sign is South India.
I searched all the posts about the background of the civil war in Sri Lanka but i can't found any topics about it.
I ask my satanist brothers and sisters to tell me if they know anything about it. I especially ask mageson. He has very amazing knowledge about history. If mageson can answer me, it will be helpful.
And i am sorry if i offended any Sinhalese brothers and sisters.
Hail Lucifer!!!
Hail Lilith!!!
Hail all the Gentile Gods!!!

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