Tamil peoples for satan: kumari kandam, shiva and naga peoples

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Tamil peoples for satan: kumari kandam, shiva and naga peoples

Postby Sathya dev » Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:56 am

Philip sclater, through his research found out there is a ancient continent that went underwater, located in Indian ocean to Africa and Australia. Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka are just remaining part of the flooded continent. ancient Tamil sangam books also stated that there was a continent called Kumari Kandam from where all the Dravidian peoples came from.
This continent, according to my research is the home of Dravidian peoples. And is ruled by satan himself.
Kumari kandam once upon a time was a magnificent Kingdom where gods ruled and lived with Dravidians. Satan in name of shiva, lived with these peoples and teached them all the ancient knowledges.
In tamil nadu, shiva is praised as "thennadudai shivane potri" which means, hail to shiva who ruled Kingdom of South. The Kingdom of South is kumari kingdom.
Shiva had nine character names which was given by ancient Dravidians.
Adhi Bhagavan- ancient god.
Adhi nadhan- one who teached to use toungue (teached to speak in tamil).
Adhi yogi- ancient yogi.
Adhi guru- ancient teacher/ master.
Kala bhairav- timeless one.
Isha- creator.
Yaman- destroyer.
Adhi gnyani- ancient wisdom keeper.
Nataraja- for his dancing figure which represent the movement of the cosmos and also for his teaching of arts, musics and dance.
He lived in kumari continent before its fall. Some ancient texts say that tamil is the first language to be spoken. Their have been called nagar race because "na" means toungue and nagar means who has tongue to speak.
Most of the world's languages has tamil words as its base. Nagar tamil peoples are talented in sailing. Even the words "Navy" and "naval" is originates from tamil word "navay". And more than five thousand Australian cities has tamil name.
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HP Mageson666
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Re: Tamil peoples for satan: kumari kandam, shiva and naga peoples

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:17 am

In the South India texts it mentions a lot the Vedic Shiva teachings came down from the North by Rishi's who travelled as well. It was not just Tamil's on that island the Aryans were there as well and went further north after the land mass sunk it seems different Asians were also there. Tamil is Sanskrit as its origin. There is evidence MU might have reached as far as Australia and the Americas.

It seems the Aryans might have already lived on now different continents before this flood happened around ten thousand years ago when Phateon was destroyed. There are cities in the Andes that are 17,000 years old that were once sea level before the mountain range was created by the flood. The Himalayan mountains are only ten thousand years old as well. I believe this sunken area went into the American's and the far east from looking at Japan and the Pacific islands such as Nan Madol, Easter Island, and such. The same ancient writing in Easter Island is the Vedic Indus Valley script. Churchward did a lot of good work on the MU culture. Easter Island has the Poki-Manu as their sacred character in their mythos. The child Manu.

Shinto, Taoism and Hinduism might be the last most intact MU cultures left on earth.

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Re: Tamil peoples for satan: kumari kandam, shiva and naga peoples

Postby Ol argedco luciftias » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:43 am

https://mega.nz/#!aw91jQwS!wzuBo_gxWSHa ... UIE3gJ_9dM
This book The Lost Civilization of Lemuria is probably the best book about this land. :D
MANY books, articles, and videos to help you!

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Re: Tamil peoples for satan: kumari kandam, shiva and naga peoples

Postby Sathya dev » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:50 am

In greek mythology, zeus(satan) had lots of wives. Most of them are mortals(humans). Muruga said to have two wives. Also shiva has Parvati and sati.
Book of enoch say that deamons (gods) took human wives and bore Nephilim(Aryans) childrens. Book of enoch is Jewish currupted version. So they show everything related to satan and spirituality as evil.
In book of enoch, Fallen angels have been shown as abducting and rapping human womens. In truth they aren't raped. But willingly offered themselves to the gods.
But why would they want have children of gods?
I think satan and our gods given Aryan/Nephilim among other races to act like a mediators between gods and mortals by having sexual relationship with human womens.
Children who born to highly powerful gods and humans have most of characteristics and powers of their extraterrestrial parents. Heracles who born to zeus/satan and human women is a great example for this.
I believe womens have willingly offered themselves to have children of gods to lead and guide their peoples into spiritual and worldly perfection.
Every mythology has heros who guided their peoples into spirituality. In India, Rama and Krishna are best examples.
For this reason, jews hates Aryans/White peoples more than other races.
Pure Aryans have satan's gene's running in their blood which is a medicine for Jewish virus that slowly killing our earth for centuries.
In book of enoch, these Nephilims are described as beasts and monsters and the (reptilian) god created flood to cleanse them from earth.
So atlantis is a continent which has most Aryan population in those ages. But it is not may be the birth place for Aryans.
Aryans are present everywhere and most of them described as born of virgin and a god.
Any opinions?
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