Question on eye/face sight...

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Question on eye/face sight...

Postby Gear88 » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:03 pm

Not sure if this is the best place for it but considering others might have such issues and might be because of potential mental health situation I guess it's okay to place it here.


My question is: What does it mean when you have difficulty looking at other people in the eyes?

I'm someone who kinda like Japanese people hate looking at people in the eyes. Is that a bad thing? or is just shyness? or some sort of lack of social skills?

I force myself but it feels wrong, I've also noted I shy away my vision and or head from looking at people in the face as well.

Are these bad signs i.e. some sort of shyness and or socializing issue?
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Lunar Dance 666
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Re: Question on eye/face sight...

Postby Lunar Dance 666 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:56 pm

Unlike what psychologists tell you, no if you don't want to look people in the eyes its not a bad thing.

Maybe there is a magical reason behind it.

Also even if you're standing with your back towards someone, in a conversation they say body language is important, along with looking at the eyes to recieve clues about a person.. but how many times has the voice given itself away?

So no it is not necessary to look people in the eyes or to notice their body language. There are other ways.

And no you do not have socializing issue either, given by the reasons above.

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Re: Question on eye/face sight...

Postby Larissa666 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:35 pm

Are you generally shy or introverted person? Do you have any degree of "social awkwardness". Do you rather prefer to spend time alone and hate situations where you have to deal/interact with people?
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Re: Question on eye/face sight...

Postby Stormblood » Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:48 pm

The eyes are indeed the mirror of the soul, as an old saying goes.

It would be different if you could stand to watch people in the eyes and you found it easy but decided not to for a number of reasons.

For some reason, you seem to fear getting to know other people and have them know you. This may be conscious or unconscious. This is what it seems to boil down to, deep down. Interesting would be to know the answers to the questions asked by Larissa. Regardless of the answer, being shy/introverted/socially akward or whatever term you want to use is not a mental illness, contrary to popular opinion. It becomes a mental illness when this trait is so strong that it becomes debilitating to your life. For example:

• you never leave the house because you don't want to be around other people;
• you don't look for a job or don't go to interviews for fear or shame of having to deal with an interviewer (in case you don't have a job);
• you have a job but you start not showing up at your workplace because you don't want to interact in any way with your coworkers...

etc etc If a trait is so strong that it can compromise your survival, than it is a mental illness. Otherwise it just may be a weakness or a flaw, but not a mental illness.

Another question you should ask yourself is the following: "Did something happen that affected you and makes it difficult for you to look other people in the eyes?"
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