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About Allergy

Postby Abdimnt » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:55 pm

Hello guys, I have allergy since I know my mind for example to ragweed, grasses, some animal hairs, and I dont know what can I do, I tried a lot of medicament, but its helped only for a short time, please guys can you help me how to get rid of it? Because it is so bad to live with
Thank you!

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Re: About Allergy

Postby T.A.O.L. » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:48 pm

I spoke to someone whom treats illnesses in a natural way to pets, and we spoke about allergies.

The person said that an allergy isn't just caused by what is external. Basicly.. lets say you have a pile of leaves. This pile of leaves is at this moment still small enough to fit in your green bin. But when external additions come to this, you'll have move leaves and the bin overflows.
Now.. usually you may not notice a lot but when there is something else that has a triggering effect, and the bin is already full, this can result in allergic reactions.

This person measured it using a bio-resonance test, of which the indicators were changed and different organs were measured for toxic bioelectric readings. Basicly, anything that is off the chart.
Hormonal imbalances can be read too, and it is said to be used to find the cause of a problem that may otherwise not be so apparent or hard to detect.

Now I tried to look a bit more into this. There seems to be some kind of electromagnetic field involved (I could feel that..) There are (for so far I am aware) 2 different devices that are used in this, Bicam and Mora. Bicam method basicly measured healthy waves from a couple of people and has then a set amount of healthy waves which are then given to the body to trigger a healing response.
Mora is different. Mora registers the own bodies resonance and separates the good waves from the bad ones. Then the good harmonious waves are send back to the person.

I think the second system may be better for us as SS, since with power meditation and such we do amplify our own waves. We shouldn't be put down into waves that are.. maybe on a lower level than ours, if you were to choose to go to these.

Which made me think of this. Squares. Satan's Magical Squares. Words, have power, vibration, and their own resonance. If you were to apply the mantra of one of the squares to the place which is giving problems, it is very likely that the problem will lessen if not completely gone by introducing more healthy resoning things.

Anyway, that were my thoughts on that.

Considering what the person told me about the bin thing, it basicly means, that you should work to lessen the burden on your body by in example, cutting out pesticide sprayed foods from your diet. Avoiding plastics. Etc.

There are some herbal teas if you're interested and more ways of treating allergies. But I think the better place to ask this would be on the SS health forum, not here.

Also, before your first allergy became apparent, what happened in the entire year (or more) before that? It may give you a clue as to where to look first to solve the issue.

I also said to look at your natal saturn and any conjunct planets especially that may be taking a beating..
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Re: About Allergy

Postby Truthseeker666 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:23 am

To be completely honest the best possible way to get rid of an allergy is to avoid the allergen and hope it goes away in a couple years.

You see allergies are caused by IgE (immunoglobin E) which are cells in the body that attach themselves to allergens. This causes the body to attack the allergens as your immune system confused them for pathogens and causes an autoimmune reaction. While one may think that the white blood cells will get rid of all of the IgE they actually don't. Your body will reproduce more IgE and will actually cause an increase of the cells.

My advise is to remove yourself from the allergens to prevent more reactions. Avoid over using your allergy medication since there is the risk that your body could become too accustom to it. If you have problems with animal fur from pets for example then make sure it's the fur and not the sweat/saliva from the animal. With fur make sure you have good air filters, clean places that attract fur like couches, and avoid having pets in the bedroom to keep that room free of allergens while you sleep. With the grass make sure your lawn is clipped and make sure to wear shoes and socks so that you don't come in direct contact with it.

Hope this helps! :D

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