Prolactin levels high with symptoms.

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Prolactin levels high with symptoms.

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I got tested for the corona virus and it show up positive. That was some weeks ago. It was a mild case. Mostly sinus congestion systems. Then I had my blood work for sugar, cholesterol, and other stuff. My doctor says I still have high levels of Prolactin levels. I researched what that is and I've been having some of the symptoms. Such as vaginal issues and loss of sex drive. Also my periods are very weird and it burns horribly when I pee during that time which cause many issues vaginally. I know my stress levels are high at times. During sex my vagina doesn't stretch like it should and makes sex very uncomfortable and I tear a little which takes a lot of time to heal. I was over wiegh when all this started. I've lost 10 pounds and slowly things are going back to normal but my stress levels are still high and still experiencing pain and a little bleeding during sex. I have been eating better and healthier also.
Is there anything else I can do, any more info will help too.
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Re: Prolactin levels high with symptoms.

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Anyone know anything to help with prolactin?

Thanks, not sure what else to do on this.
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