Body hair problems

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Body hair problems

Post by Ardgion »

So I am having problems with my body hair. What I am trying to say is that I am 21 years old and I have ridiculous amount of body hair which is making me go insane, I just hate it.
I tried waxing one time, just for arms to see how will it work and it went fine though my hair grew back 4 weeks after and it looks like it grew more than it was before so I am not even planning on waxing any more as I dont want to make this any worse.
Is there any working or healing that will reduce or even better stop the hair growth. I mean, I understand people need to have body hair and all that but I just dont like it.
Appreciate the help.
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Re: Body hair problems

Post by OpenMind2 »

Well, there is a way of achieving everything , all you have to do is to have energy and to affirm it, how fast you will obtain it, depends on the power of energy.

You make energy(sexual=masturbation/sex/excitation/orgasm in)...rune(vibrating runes/mantras)...absorbing stelar , eter, nature etc energy)...meditations(like 666 meditation, raum meditation, snakes meditation,spinning the chakras...and yoga kundalini hattha...

The ideea is, you have the informations on HOW to obtain the energy on this forum and the JOY OF SATAN site , and once you have it , you can put her to do whatever the fk you get it?

I for an example make energy absorbing it from sun and masturbating(i masturbate and absorb energy from sun in the same time) and i healed my eyes(i see much better, took me 2months of 1h a day)

And also i used it to vizualize better and i do now(took me 1 month of 30m a day)

Also i used to vibrate up to 300 runes a day for like 80days , and i did it like (thurisaz x111 (heal) wunjo x80(don t remember) fehu x111(moneeeey) and i started them on good planetary days , which made them stronger and i had good results (didn t vibrate them perfect but didn t gave a fk and tried as much as i could to belive IN ME and that i am doing a great job, and that helps and helped a lot)

And much more things, now you chose your way of making energy and affirm it for whatever you want. An example "This X energy make my bodyhair to stop growing in the best way for me", and o it a certain amount of time daily for a month.

I said all those bcs you said if there is somthing you can do, so i wanted you to understand how to do things...all of them.

Also use vizualization,after you make the energy and affirm it, vizualize you without that hair you don t want/or not that big, depend what you affirm.

Good luck with hairbody problem and all the others, keep evolving spiritual bcs that mean better connection and control of energy, so you can manipulate more, also you can make more energy with less effort than a begginer so life become easier
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Re: Body hair problems

Post by Centralforce666 »

Are you male or female?
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Re: Body hair problems

Post by Blitzkreig »

Ardgion wrote:
Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:06 pm
ISA to slow things, Uruz or Thurisaz to destroy permanently.
Yes, I know, I transposed "e" and "i" in my name.


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Re: Body hair problems

Post by Stormblood »

Blitzkreig wrote:
Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:16 am
Ardgion wrote:
Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:06 pm
ISA to slow things, Uruz or Thurisaz to destroy permanently.
Yeah, I'd use Isa to freeze/halt growth completely, then Thurisaz to get completely rid of them at the DNA level. Another way to do this, instead of Thurisaz, is to use Ing to convert the energy back to its potential, unmanifested and undifferentiated form. Then he can choose another rune to combine with Ing so that the energy manifests again, this time in a more useful, specific masculine form such as strength or athleticism on the physical side, or willpower and confidence on the psychological side. The second option would look like:

1. Preliminary freezing working with Isa
2. Second working with Ing + Uruz (for example) or Ing + Sol,

Use visualisation, affirmation and intent to target the specific parts he doesn't want.

If growing up over time he changes his mind, he can always do a working to get them back. Hair is personal choice. There is practical/functional advantage in having chest, tummy, shoulder, back, hand, finger, feet and toe hair. It's just aesthetics. However, he may also have a medical condition. So I am curious to hear what centralforce will tell him.
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