Diabetic Neuropathy ans Spinal Stenosis

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Diabetic Neuropathy ans Spinal Stenosis

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Treatment epends on the syndrome that causes it and what the manifestations are.. Neuropathy can be extremely painful or it can feel numb, or with tingling.

It can be worse in the cold, and accompanied by low energy, fatigue, diarrhoea, difficulty sleeping (particularly falling asleep), dry eyes and irritatability.

These symptoms would represent a Neuropathy due to Spleen Yang Deficiency with Liver Blood Deficiency and would be treated with herbal formulas appropriate for those patterns.

Other persons might have phlegm or blood Stagnation caused Neuropathy and these would be addressed with completely different groups of herbs.

There is no one herb for either condition, as both are complex, chronic disorders usually of many years development and would require an individualised assessment of the concurrent symptoms to appropriately prescribe as well as a course of at least six months to bring about any changes due to the chronicity of the disease(s).

If the Neuropathy was due to Spleen Yang Deficiency, one would use

Korean Ginseng
Cinnamon Bark
Roasted Ginger
White Atractylodes
Poria Cocos Mushroom
Honey Fried Licorice Root

If there was Blood Deficiency:

Angelica Sinensis
White Peony Root
Chinese Goxglove
Ligusticum Wallichii
Cinnamon Twig

If there was Blood Stagnation:

Same as blood deficiency herbs but with added to that:

Red Sage (Salvia)
Immature Bitter Orange Peel
Carthsmi Flos
Peach seed kernel
Moutan Cortex

Where there is Phlegm:

Honey processed Pinellia Ternata
Dried aged Mandarin peel
Balloon Flower root
Fresh Ginger

The herb groups listed above includes some herb pairs which work synergistically and would be less effective on their own.
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