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Why I Trust Only In Joy of Satan and Satan Himself, and the Gods, Brothers and Sisters

Long story about me and jos
Ive known about jos for a long time. I use to talk to maxine a few years back before the whole thing with people making assumptions about here were going on. I didnt know there was a forum but since then i changed my name and joined the army and a voice told me to check back in with jos. It looks like the site is doing better than ever! Im glad cause some people that claim satanist dont believe in satan (makes no sense cause what is the name satan for...) But regardless glad to be here
erythromycin said:
Manofsatan said:
I must say that I am getting a better experience of what the JOY in the Joy of Satan is. I am happy how everything led me here, when I think of it, no human influenced it, it was all longing in my soul for truth and more.
I am grateful for all the journey with HP Maxine and now you, HP Hoodedcobra666 have done what I am so grateful for. Bringing the Gods to us.
Do you know when I came, I only heard about the Gods but could not reach out. So I decided to work on my meditations, never bothered about summoning cos I don't know how, summary, I felt [hmmm] on my own.
This is the changer for me, as a child I always felt strange power, special and that I was different from my family, when I dedicated to Satan, I began to grasp why. Now I have the opportunity to connect to the Gods they don't know and want to know about, I see my destiny is here.

HP Hoodedcobra666, I wish I could tell you something personally, but my country doesn't support a protonmail, I'm going to find a way around it.

Lastly because I yearned for the influence of the Demons like Bune years back, but did not know how to contact them, I made a promise to her [BUNE], I wish her rituals could be out so I can easily keep my promise.

I am Eternally grateful, I appreciate what I have here, I also want to give back and I am working on the how. I also want to be immensely connected to the Gods so I am putting efforts to immerse myself into the rituals. I prefer to be DIVINE than to be a celebrity. I prefer people come in contact with a superior, Godly experience from me than to do same casual shit as every other. I want the presence of the Gods in my soul. I want to show my dedication on this level and every other that I can.
I'm not a tech guy, but I can give money, so I'll move towards this too.

Thank you

I'm currently in tears of Joy for a journey worth the living. Thank you for bringing the Gods to me, I don't know how I would have been without these experience from them, I truly can't fix so much. Thank you HP Hoodedcobra666.

Visualize her sigil in your mind, and charge it up, illuminate it with your purest brightest energy.

This is the way to get in contact with them, if you want to honour her you should practice making speeches.
Improve your eloquence with words. Become cultured and focus on sophistication, reading, dining, chivalry, music, dancing art, proper gentleman kind of behaviors and such. Smile and be kind and welcoming and warm and mature in your life, learn to dress well take care of your skin and hair and teeth. Being godly is firstly taking good care of yourself and being proud of your appearance and your impression.

Become versed in all manners of good taste if you want bune to Smile when she thinks of you.
You can go here and learn her culture. Good luck 🍀

You should see my teeth, really white.,. I'll pass, you can't offer me anything about the Gods. Won't even click the link. I'm good, I'll wait till that comes to us from the JOS. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan