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white mixing awareness photo for online warfare.


Oct 12, 2019
I don't know why the enemy has tried very hard to stop me from posting this photo. That's why i made sure to post it.

You need to put the picture link in the image tags, not the page where the picture is on in the tags
All races cease to exist when they mix, not only people of the white race.
White race has the more recessive genes compared to other races, I recall. Also, here's a decade old gag image about race mixing:

You can use it as a meme, I guess
Whites suffer the most but the child of a race mixing couple with isn't really the same race of the non White parent.
Self defense by speaking against the scorn and racism against whites, and those who wish a real marriage of commitment and of the same race and to produce the correct children is not evil.

It is a genetic imperative a Luciferian virtue in action as well as self defense of right to preference.

Do you think the way they speak against whites would be tolerated against any other race?

No. Not even 10%. Its causing hatred in some against other races as a naturally occurring defense mechanism, beyond thinking, where it was not an issue before.

Just as the false brand feminism and other issues are casing disharmony and hatred against females by western males, only stoped barely by overriding sexual attraction. ''This is going too in a few cases''.

The combo in more cases, actually ups violent crimes against women by men of average to low intelligence the noncompetitive that wont compete for what they wish, or see it as a lost cause by being fooled by media.

As anyone with any sense would have known would happen. Thankfully they have overplayed there hand in media to the point the stupidest of men can sometimes learn the info is pure propaganda and ignore it entirely as auto-false, like there is no news at all. Not being subtle, too much to fast so doomed to fail. Just over the top pushing like someone trying to cover a lie.

Also they don't care and don't prefer this, save true suckers or those with no problems with this to start with.

Others lie for social and economic reasons of implied threat, humiliation and blackmail and persecution by others abusing laws. This is flying, less and less.

Also they can retain at least some of there self respect if they don't admit it, or try to justify it ''this type is most likely to snap''. Its unfortunate that they are a common type and overeating to a media driven fantasy that is only true for some yet not to be ignored ''sanely''.

Few of the beta males exposing this really believe it save for the sheltered ones that are mostly bisexual that don't have primal passion specifically focused on women. ''this is also why the push to bisexuality for truly heterosexual as a trend, it defuses there passion and energy focus from giving this energy to women only.

They oppose ''monogamous'' marriage because likely multiple pure children, and all focus on one woman ''by and large'' and its harder to corrupt genetics.

The energy focus on one women ''if you desire this'' could cause the marriage to last longer ''potentially'' because she will be given what the genetics req to continue such a thing with multiple off spring ''potentially'' or if not the genetics assume this ie if barren or ''not want to''.

This is because ''being against marriage'' they wont give them there children to use in that way, by teaching them to follow certain views.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan