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To Stay In The Battle: Success As A Satanist

Whenever I think about a subject or have any problems in my daily life, it is no longer a surprise for me to see a sermon being published afterwards. I have known for a long time that our Father Satan and Gods always see and hear us and care about our problems and offer effective solutions through Jos. I think all SS's are very lucky in this regard.

How wrong I was when I thought I was unprotected, abandoned, unloved, never forgiven for my mistakes. SATAN DOESN'T LEAVE US! He tolerates us because he knows we will succeed. He wants us to solve our other problems except the ones we can't handle because we have to prove ourselves. We are here to do the will of Satan Father and his Gods. That's what we are for. We live for it. We are the reflection of Satan's will, and eventually this will will turn into a diamond that will illuminate the entire universe with its light. There is no other option. This will happen.

90sbb said:
One thing i learned about religions is names play a big part in religion. if someone is named muhammed its muslim michael is a christian named after the angel etc.. In the bible they say lucifers name is morningstar which sounds more like a native name and they did lose their land but i dont think lucifers last name was morningstar. That may have been his name for that lucifer but as most people know last name is the family name. It would make more sense for his last name to be baal or baphomet etc. If you do enough research youll see every type of person has a name even atheist just something i noticed
One of Satan's planets is Venus, the morning star.
True morningstar has alot of different meanings. Not saying hes not named after venus but i doubt most people know that or that Venus is even connected to him in anyway.
Im just saying morningstar doesnt have the same stigma as other names associated with satan
Charlotte61903 said:
There are many obstacles that impede me, some of which I have taken care of and others that I am still trying to make due with. The greatest one is being active in the forums. The things I want to one day accomplish are not things I am taking lightly.

However, when I want to make a comment or give someone advice it is my own choice to not do so. I think that someone else is sure to have better advice for this person or that what I say may not be useful. It also doesn't help that I'm terrible in social situations, even online.

I'm trying to come out of my shell more and get over this ridiculous insecurity. Because what I say may not be useful to one person but it could be to another. It'll take time, but my goal is to become more active in the place I love most.
Same for me. I have hurdles when it comes to adding to discussion. I feel that I can't express myself properly and be understood, and also what I have to say doesn't have any value, and someone else will add their value and make my participation completely redundant, or even a waste.

I sense that a better way to approach it to help open up is to balance out the information of the post with your own unique perspective. Your experiences and the lense through which you look at the world is unique to you and nobody else has anything quite like it.

Anybody can have the information. But not everybody has the perspective, or the spirit, or the wisdom.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan