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The Will Of Our Beloved Father - Knowledge


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Oct 27, 2021
A frenzied, rampantly false humanity, rich in false moral assumptions. What is your purpose at the moment, while you continue and live your monotonous abnormal life, doing nothing, while there is a war going on, about which you know nothing, because your mind cannot comprehend.

What do you want to do about your future? Will you do anything at all to bring the Earth and humanity back to normal, and to eradicate the disease from which you and most of your fellow human beings suffer, and which is a virus among humans?

What will you do if the outcome of the war goes wrong? And how have you the right, you ignorant goy, to slander us and ignore the great danger? Instead you prefer to live your life in ignorance, which pays off, doesn't it?

What would you like to do for the fate of humanity?

Can people like you not see that there is a Spiritual War going on in the background, where one side wants to keep humanity ignorant while the other side wants the opposite? Can your manipulated minds even accept the premise that there is a danger?

What good is a wasted life that lacks the essence of existence and has been replaced by a monumental storm of overwhelming, mindless ignorance. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if this were over and the raging fury of the storm were replaced by bright sunshine? What do you think?

Sadly, I am appalled at the average moral standard of today's society. Where things like lying, deceit, exploitation, tyranny - the combination of which has earned the title of reason - unfortunately form a never-ending process that is hardly acceptable.

What is the point of living in a world that is merely a projection? A projection, like the vile intoxication of lies and theatre, which the conscious sees through and rationally dissociates from certain lies, but the unconscious plays a pre-written role, and that is sad.

Unfortunately, in the light of his ignorance, this charade would go on for eternity.

He begins to see the Truth when it is too late, and may reflect that he has spent much of his life in lies and oppression, and has held a belief that has conspired against him all along, and which takes root in the background and grows until it reaches its climax.

But in the light of all this, this seed had to be sown, and watered and watered by the waves of ignorant men, and waited until it grew strong, and until it reached a state in which it was able to germinate, and its stalk was the seed that grew out of the seed, and on its leaves lay the ignorant.

But the problem with this monumental force is that, unfortunately, there are many of them.

We have to admit that those we pass by every day are on the same level as the human mind, and as an assumption or correct association we have to assume that we are on a higher level than that, and we know it, and we are able to see the unconscious mind, but the opposite is not true.

The current situation that has been created against ignorance is indeed depressing and as I said before, it is ignorance's war against the enemy and we just have to wait for the right moment when this chaos ends and it seems to be ending.

But to do that we must wait until the Earth is once again penetrated by the Light that casts a shadow on the shore and brings us Knowledge.

O our dear planet, home of man, animal and plant. That lives on important goods, without which there would be no life here, and which is home to so many.

Yet, O wonderful habitat, how long will you be scolded? How long can you endure all the harm you suffer day after day because of the low mentality of the people you house? How long must you endure human ignorance without delay?

How much longer can you pretend it is not a problem for you and suffer for it? When will people have the maturity to realise that the place that gives us a home, that we wake up to every day and yet admire so much, is doing something about it?

Throughout human history, the Earth has suffered countless damages because of purely moral perceptions. We could list wars, fought over disagreements between two sides, where only one individual has caused damage, yet the Earth has quietly endured.

It seems a tiny dot in the universe compared to the other planets, but it is a planet with a soul and heart that permeates its entire being and fills most of its people with love.

How does a large part of humanity repay this? It pollutes, damages and burns the plants on it, kills the animals and thus exterminates them. It pollutes its atmosphere, it pollutes the Earth it walks on. The most dangerous disease in human history is a virus, more dangerous than any other.

This virus manifests itself when a new human being is born. It forms a cycle in which humans are puppets and nothing more than controlled entertainment. A disease that sweeps through the world, seizing those it finds suitable to latch onto and not letting go for long.

A disease that sweeps across the countryside, across the country, like a bolt of lightning, and strikes where it hits. Nothing can be done about it with a mortal mind vibrating at a low frequency, because that mind is incapable of even recognising the threat and the danger that is present, so how can it do anything about it?

Oh, rain down thunderbolts on all parts of the earth, which will bring light into the minds of men, and from which the ignorant will flourish.

Build a garden full of blooming flowers, and let men admire thy being, and let every man have a flower that shall cheer him and bring Knowledge into their minds. Cease, O wonderful earth and sky, the destructive flashes of vast ignorance.

Let the sky thunder, let the rain fall, if necessary, that Truth may strike the Earth. Spread the Truth as the wind blows the leaves, and knock at every door, settle at every door of every house, and wait until the people are ripe to invite you in, O my beloved.

Sit down by the vase of flowers, and together praise and glorify the beautiful sky that gives you rain and loves you so much. Love him as he loves you. Don't deceive him, don't slander him, don't revile his name.

For He is the All who brings light into darkness, who shows the way out of hopelessness, who heals wounds and brings comfort.

Yet so many ignorant ones slander Your name and leave You no rest. There must come an age in which You reign over all, and there will be no vile enemies to hinder us. Together with my Satanic brethren, we will bring You that age, and You will shine, forever!

We hear Your voice, we understand Your will, and even if it is not completely true, we work to understand the signs You send us, always. You are our beloved Father, and we are here for you! We are at your side, fighting against our vile enemies.

We are doing all we can to bring Paradise back to Earth and to bring the Book of Truth back to the people. These are chaotic times, but they will end. The RTRs are fighting back well against the enemy and will not let them achieve their goal.

And flowers become a flower garden, to be enjoyed by those who deserve it.


Nice writing BrightSpace666.
The power of the mind is all that is needed to transcend this carnal world into the phantasmic nirvana of spirituality.
Once you become aware of the mind as an antenna in constant dialectics of receiving and filtering signals or transmissions then one would stick with the true satanic path. Our path.
Are you male or female?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan