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The Root of Evil Modern Asian Xianity - The Taiping Rebellion

Maxis Orientis

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May 9, 2023
This will be my first post in a larger series I'll call "Exposing Asian Christianity".


So in college, I took a course on Oriental history, a move I truly feel that Gods had their hand in it, and were trying to show me something overlooked about the so-called "nationalist" movements propped up to fight the communists in Asia.

They all have one extremely sinister commonality: they were led, financed, let alone formed and controlled by Christians, not Secular Christians (Satanists who had to fake a Christian image), but serious Christians who fed the communists the energies they needed. This mostly affecting China, Korea and Vietnam - ESPECIALLY Korea were practically 95% of all "Korean nationalists" were Christian.

Whether it's China, Korea or Vietnam (or anywhere), the fight against the communists was already lost when serious Christians were allowed to have any sort of major influence in the ranks of the nationalist leadership.

These idiot Christians all have one thing in common: they persecuted fellow nationalists for not being Christian, and caused their own camp to fall.

You were either faced with two evils: a communistic hellhole (as in our timeline with Mainland China and Cold War Southeast Asia), or a Christian hellhole (religious communism) hiding under a nationalist face.

Often-times, religious communist regimes falsely present themselves as "constitutional free republics" when in reality, in such a world, everything will be controlled by the enemies, your wages will be decided and provided for by the enemy, so you can tithe it back to the enemy...cough cough, no social credit, no financial aid and etc., you will work and toil day and night and get "one Sabbath" where you will slavishly worship the enemy.

Upon learning that Chiang Kai-Shek was a Christian (he even proudly admitted it), looks like a vicious truth is unraveling: China's destruction came even before Mao, it was already in a state of decay thanks to Buddhism, but Christianity was just a further step on the kosher nail on the goy coffin.

There is a reason why Mao Zedong praises Christians why often-not, no matter how much "Christian nationalists" wanna babble about their so-called "hatred for communism", you will see Marxists praising Christianity.

People like Sun Yat-Sen, Chiang Kai-Shek and Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam are touted almost like modern Asian "Gods" and "Gods against communism", but the Sun and Chiang both followed a deluded Chinese Christian cult originated from a cuck named Hong Xiuquan, a fact normally hidden - yet, like a criminal investigation, two very important pieces of evidence in finding the culprit not to why the communists won, but more-so why the nationalists lost.


Sun Yatsen

I'm not sure whether the two even knew it, but by inviting Christianity and its nefarious ideals into Chinese nationalist movement, they simply fed their own downfall.

Although I respect the Republic of China, and support them anytime over the PRC, however in my opinion, China died when the Imperial dynasties were overthrown.

The "founding stones" that set the seeds for the Republic of China are rife with Christian and communist garbage and their philosophers, founders and leaders mixed Christian garbage with Traditional Chinese teachings.

They originate from a "Taiping rebellion", remember it, since it will be a common theme throughout the history of Abrahamic feces religion in the Modern Orient. As you'll see in upcoming posts, the Taiping rebellion turned into a crypto cult used by latter Chinese Christian "nationalists" to form the communist and Christian army known as the Kuomintang, to overthrow the REAL nationalists led by the likes of Yuan Shikai and Wang Jingwei.

The Taiping Rebellion was a very infamous Christian rebellion in China, led by cuck Emperor, Hong Xiuquan, and claimed to be Rabbi Jeshu's young brother.. Xiuquan's rebellion followed a deluded mix of Christian Kabbalah and Chinese religion.


Hong Xiuquan - failed Constantine of China

Xiuquan was of obscure origins, he came from a family we would today consider middle class, he was of Hakka-speaking background (a southern Chinese language). He suffered from extreme mental illness, couldn't pass China's Civil Service Exams, dropping out of school in 1837.

"Jesus" Contacts the Soon-To-Be Cuck Emperor
The HPs have warned that Greys and reptilians often use people's weaknesses and naivity to fool them - they did it for the Gentile Middle Easterners and Greeks for their "Christianity" which is exactly what occured with Xiuquan, was contacted by greys claiming to be rabbi jeshu, convinced him that he was a prophet "chosen to punish evil Confucians". Often-not, the Greys will use the low-lives of society, the drug addicts, dropouts, and etc.

What we have here with Hong was no different, as his followers too, were all drop-outs from the Civil Service Exam.

From Wikipedia, "Socially and economically, the Taiping rebels came almost exclusively from the lowest classes. "

One can pretty-much consider Hong Xiuquan to be China's own version of Constantine of the Byzantine Empire. For those into Greek history, the greys used ancient Greek pagan terms to lure Constantine into kissing up to the christian religion, and just like Constantine, the greys attributed Chinese religions terms to themselves like Shangdi (which the ancient Chinese used to refer to Father Satan) to convince Xiuquan he was something special. They're all like that, after said-conversion to Christianity, they turn on Pagans and non-Christians.

In this "supposed vision", Xiuquan claimed to have "defeated the forces of Hell".

From History.com, "In a feverish state, Hong hallucinated a journey to a heavenly land to the east where his father revealed that demons were destroying humankind. Wielding a special sword, Hong, with the help of his brother, fought the demons and the King of Hell."

Xiuquan's "kingdom" was a self-proclaimed Christian state that murdered Confucianists and those who practiced Traditional Chinese religion, he wanted to establish a "Chinese Israel" seeing as to how the earlier attempts at Kaifeng failed, look up "Kaifeng Jews").

From Britannica, "Taiping Christianity placed little emphasis on New Testament ideas of kindness, forgiveness, and redemption. Rather, it emphasized the wrathful Old Testament God who demanded worship and obedience."


The so-called "Heavenly Taiping Kingdom" was established the same way as any evil Christian state, usage of corrupted jewish occultism, contact with greys posing as Gods, and by the unjustified destruction of ancient Chinese temples (sparing only the ones to be used as churches), desecration of government property and harassing attacks against nobles, in this case, Qing nobles. They were thankfully put down by the Qing government, with British and French aid - who sadly, also had Jewish economists working for them looking to exploit China.

In the time-period of 1850, and 1864 the Taiping rebellion cost around 20 to 70 million lives, at least according to the History.com article. In another creepy note...20+70 = 90, and the "9" is a number used in Talmudic rituals for mass death, slaughter and murder.


Taiping cuck rebels

In 2009, scholar Daniel Little wrote a book and exposed the fact that Marxists praise the Taiping rebellion as being a proto-communist rebellion - not a conspiracy theory, you can go look that up.

Further information from Britannica, "Under the Taipings, the Chinese language was simplified, and equality between men and women was decreed. All property was to be held in common, and equal distribution of the land according to a primitive form of communism was planned."

Even before Mao and the hammer and sickle banner showed its ugly face, the seeds to China's downfall was already being planted in Taiping. Southern China was the fertile breadbasket, unfortunately it was also a cesspool of Christianity, and the Taiping rebellion definitely helped spearhead this.

How Chinese Nationalism turned phony via the Taipings
What Jews and their goy missionary servants like to do is exploit already-existing issues, and around this time in Chinese history, so 1800s-1900s, Christian missionary work was going amok in the country concurrent with the opium trade (surprised?)

The majority of Chinese people had no issues with the Qing emperors. Christian missionaries purposefully targeted anti-Qing crowds, those who were low-lives or living below the poverty (through no fault of their own). This is what set the seeds for the idea through rabbi jebu can the Han Chinese be freed from the "evil Manchu emperors".

Unfortunately, this idea was soon implanted in the minds of future "Chinese nationalists" like Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai-Shek, who either married communists or accepted alliance with communists, and overthrow not only the Qing Dynasty, but the progressive monarchist government of Yuan Shikai who wanted to preserve Imperial Chinese tradition.

Feng Yuxiang, a "devout Christian convert" and supposedly one of the "greatest Chinese generals", served as the Vice President and Minister of War of the Kuomintang and RoC, followed this very same cuckery of a trajectory - by persecuting non-Christians serving in his unit, and "hosing" people for "baptisms" via fire hoses....also, fun fact: Feng Yuxiang went to the Soviet Union for military aid and Mao Zedong also praised him as a "good warlord" :x .

In future posts, again you'll continue to see this trend of "Chinese Christians so-called anti-communist nationalists" cahooting with the Soviets and then "mysteriously" ending up on the good praises of Mao Zedong. There also goes that cycle of "un-educated non-Christian becoming Christian and then turning on non-Christian brethren".


Feng Yuxiang - Cuckomintang General

If the people of Taiwan want real protection from the Red Beast, the PR"C", and if the Chinese really want their imperial-era glory back, they NEED to turn to the glory of the Orion, because the United States, whose elite is currently run by communists is simply pretending to help Taiwan, and if the Jews so-wish, they will happily give it up to the Red Beast, just like they did with Russia in pretending to help the White Army.

To Be Continued: Christians Overthrew Imperial China

Hail Shangdi/Satan!

- GuangXia_666

Sources and further readings for your own research:
Very good article, thank you very much.
VoiceofEnki said:
Incredibly well written articles, excellent work!

Thanks! Right now, working on exposing the "Chinese Revolution". Hope to get it uploaded today or early tomorrow.

The people of China must rise, Rise With the Dragon......with Satanic New Year turning 2024, and in the Lunar New Year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon (though not until February 10 in the Gregorian calendar).

Hail Shangdi-Enki-Satan!
Nagaraja said:
Interesting readings.
Blessings to our brothers and sisters in Asia!

My the Great Celestial Emperors bless you in spreading Satanism in Japan, and hopefully.....continue where your people left off, before the cowards nuked your country in 1945.

After the fall of Yuan Shikai's government in China, Japan provided Asia the hope it needed, and it helped many factions in China free itself from Jewish garbage. I support a Manchukuo or a Japanese vassal state in China anytime over the PR"C".....or even the ROC for that matter, given that it was found by a christian cuck (Sun Yat Sen) who allied with communists and soviets.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Shintoism, but I feel like in its original form, it is Satanic as it has been listed as polytheistic religion, but I hope you can confirm that information.

Hail Shangdi/Satan!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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