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Sep 21, 2017
I have come to the conclusion that democracy is, in the current global, Jewish network, just a mass of people suffering from the Stockholm syndrome. When the only level of options, where people can sometimes choose, is entirely controlled in turn by another higher level which is entirely monopolized by the enemy, then those choices are not real.

The Western world well knows this subconsciously, so, the only reason they let a basically controlled opposition set of factions fight each other and not accomplish anything, is the fear of a constructive conflict and an overall high sense of laziness and comfort. They fear to confront the enemy as to not end up in another major, global conflict like before. Therefore, they try to appease the enemy knowingly even if they do not ever admit it verbally.

In the context of the global process of dumbing down the masses, clearly the best decisions cannot be made from a democratically run system. First of all, even if the system somehow slips and lets a good choice appear and exist, like a true white nationalist party for example, the vast amount of people will vote against it, given the current degree of mass media and social media control the enemy has combined with the goyim’s need to lick the feet of the enemy to be left alone. For every single positive option, the enemy has a set of labels, insults and methods of discrediting, humiliating and trashing down the ones that want to choose that slightly better path instead of the total, Jewish destructive ways they have installed for us. President Donald Trump was one of the best examples. Even though he was supporting their agenda to a certain degree, the fact that he was not 100% percent on board with the anti-white agenda, marked him as an enemy and they ran a ruthless campaign of slandering and discreditation against him.

The truth is that people don’t care much about democracy. They only care about their “football” team winning, their favorite faction who has won the emotional war over their minds to be placed in power. Kevin Spacey said the following words in a video game in which he played one of the major characters: “Democracy is not what these people need. Hell, it’s not even what they want”.

I remember there were lots of people who clearly new about the 2020 US election and how the Democrats cheated massively to make Joe Biden President. One such person knew about this and played dumb every time. The moment Both him and I were in a group of friends which were mostly Republicans, things changed. I was talking with one of the other guys about the voting machines and the IDs not being required in certain states and the person who was accepting the result as legit by playing dumb, started asking the others why the vote could not be overturned even with all the obvious evidence about fraud. He knew, but he was just pretending and most people do so. They do not care what methods are used as long as their favorite leader pulls the strings.

It all comes back every single time, to who puts the biggest pressure for conformation and subsequently, where the norms of validation lie.

Another example of a person I know, saw some news about a thug who, out of jealousy, beat up his former girlfriend. The news said that the criminal had a political party in his all of his Facebook profile pictures. That person, automatically assumed it’s got to be the nationalist party that was constantly trashed on TV and by the social media pseudo-intellectual influencers.

Turns out it was one of the leftist parties running the country which the thug had in his profile pictures. I told that person, before even searching the profile, that if it were the party she assumed, the media would have mentioned its name, but they did not. They just said he had a political party mentioned in his pictures to paraphrase it. It was the typical pattern of a nationalist party with at leas some positive aspects, that the Jew controlled media was portraying as the ultimate evil. Even if the party had some small Jewish influences, because they all do in order to exist, it was still a better option at that time than the leftist ones, destroying the demographics, the economy and the legal system of my country. The enemy must have influence over the opposing parties as always, in order to ensure that in case they somehow win, it will not turn into a Gentile desired path.

The narrative was as always “only the inferior and uneducated people vote for nationalist parties”.

No matter how many years, effort, patience and will we devote into explaining certain people about the enemy, they will always build up excuses and make those choices in accordance with their nature. That is, simply putting it, why along the history, there have always been wars, conflicts, brutal competitions and all sorts of confrontations. There are certain elements, naturally speaking, in each race that do not possess the inherently abilities and traits to evolve past a certain level. Or they simply lack the capacity to achieve understanding in certain areas of life. The person I was refering to above, is not even in the category that some would call “totally brainwashed people”. She has repeatedly told me how the Jews control the world and has given me numerous examples of their influence, like finance, politics, wars and so on. This is the same person that refused to acknowledge the correlations between all elements of our life which the enemy run and while knowing the Coronavirus (Co-Vid19) was a possible enemy conspiracy, she refused to acknowledge the danger of the vaccines given the same variables. The need for conformation was too big. She and her husband both got three doses of the vaccine and he has an incipient form of leukemia that he keeps under control with different treatments.

Her husband is in the exact area of knowledge where he is perfectly aware of the enemy’s control over the world, about their forced immigration, diversity and LGBT behavior imposed by them, about wars and Jewish conspiracies, but at the beginning of the pandemic, he was loudly proclaiming that the governments should make the vaccines mandatory, “no more debate”. As one can obviously see, the loudest “supporters” of democracy do not really believe in it or the freedom of choice. For him the label of “uneducated” placed on the ones who refused the shots, was a much bigger worry than his actual health, or my right wo work, as when things got pretty bad at the end of 2021, governments were ready to impose the being vaccinated condition in order to work. Lucky for us, the pandemic shortly after that ended. Same was for his wife. She was pressured by the media narrative that whoever votes for a certain party is a thug, a stupid person, an outcast, an uneducated person with no studies and voting for the leftists meant you “understood science and were an intellectual”. If somehow, we at one point in history, break free from the enemy’s global system, imagine your ancestors being so stupid as to believe and proclaim themselves “intellectuals” for the sole reason of conforming with an evil empire’s requests. Many of the ones reading this now, when I am writing this book, will probably dismiss such simple, common-sense facts as they simply do not constitute the norm.

Usually, it is the entourage at work or school that puts the most amount of pressure on shaping one’s “beliefs”. The social repercussions of defying a loudmouth in a group can be quite difficult on the long term.

As a specific address to the exceptional people of this world, I am telling you: Give up the mentality that everything has to revolve around democracy and democracy like thinking. The enemy does not and you doing this, will only slow you down and give the enemy a solid advantage. Do whatever it takes to win and survive. The enemy does so, and only keeps the appearance of a free society in order to appeal to the weak and naive minds.

Cognitive dissonance relating to the enemy can be also seen in regards to Christianity. The following words are from Friedrich Nietzche’s Antichrist:

"This is precisely why jews are the most disastrous people in world history: They have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as "anti-Jewish" without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism."

Most sane people would desire that the vast majority if not all of the people from earth, wake up in the sense of admitting what our natural path is and standing up against the enemy, this way all of us would be on one side and there would hardly be any opposition and conflict. But such a scenario does not exist. Evolution does not work in such ways. As concluded from both history and the analogies to nature, some plants or trees only grow bigger and more beautiful if you trim or cut them. Evolution always without exception requires effort, hardship, pain, confrontation, war and every form of conflict that drives us to excel. The more time passes the more inferior people will be born and invalidate the possibility of us achieving victory through means of democracy.

Evolution is not strictly tied to one single method of governing, especially if that method fails in the context of our world. And the truth is, our current state makes it that humanity needs guidance and strong leadership. Eventually, if the threat is over and humanity starts evolving and gaining solid amounts of understanding in all areas of life, the system can be brought back to democratic ways as freedom in such a context is the equivalent of further evolution. One evolves by making decisions and taking responsibility for them as long as they have the capacity to do so without causing a massive catastrophe for others in his group.

Tolerance towards the guilty is injustice to the innocent. This is a principle our society lives by unfortunately due to the enemy’s control through programs such as Christianity and leftism. How can one survive not to mention achieve greatness if a lot of people still chose this option if presented with it? Our country men often glorify the weak and take pride in being a victim. Stupidity and poverty are regarded as virtues.

Power must be gained back by our people by any means and we must be ready to make decisions that at first will most certainly be disliked by people. Hitler also acknowledged the urgency of those times given the enemy’s control over his country and the imminent upcoming Soviet invasion of Europe. Therefore, the National Socialists took power through fast and aggressive means and they constantly governed under a state of emergency. Germany was an authoritarian state. This is not to be confused with a totalitarian state.

In our current fallen state, people willingly engage in harmful behavior and wrong decisions, they simply do not care about the long-term consequences. The worst mindset good people could have, is to continue thinking they are completely unaware of those actions and that if they are given time and we constantly keep talking sense into them, they will eventually have a revelation, give us reason and start working alongside us. One must treat such people as willingly traitors, whores, backstabbers and individuals without integrity and no backbone. For those animals the best approaches are, if they are to be spared severe punishment, pressuring them into different norms of social validation, humiliation for not complying to our vision and constant exposure to positive propaganda. Basically, we must reverse the enemy’s mechanism. Then, in time, we shall implement strict behavior laws, eugenics and the perfect education system so that children start understanding the natural order and how society and civilization find their optimal place in all of this. In time, with the advancement of humanity and the gradual increase of overall understanding, restrictions and authoritarian lead will be less and less necessary, analogous to a child growing up and maturing.

For now, we must deal with reality and not with what we imagine or would like circumstances to be. The governments, state institutions, private sector and global trade, social and military organizations must be taken over by our people by any means necessary and we must govern them under an authoritarian type of rule. The state of emergency must be used as it is what it is: a critical time in history where we are literally struggling for our own survival.

One must also understand the basic difference between authoritarianism and totalitarianism. To give a very meaningful example from our history: Joseph Stalin’s government was a totalitarian system while the National Socialist state was an authoritarian rule. In accordance with the circumstances a state faces, authoritarianism allows certain liberties like private property, gun ownership and a mostly free market with a degree of state regulation, just as foreign trade and capital were regulated by Germany at that time. Totalitarian states do not allow such freedoms at all. Encyclopaedia Britannica states the following about this system comparison: “Totalitarianism attempts to do this by asserting total control over the lives of its citizens, whereas authoritarianism prefers the blind submission of its citizens to authority.”

In an authoritarian state, propaganda and the understanding of the ideology is highly encouraged while totalitarian states do not care about such means as being the main methods, the main priority being ultimate submission by any means. In short authoritarian states will put more effort in convincing its people while totalitarian states will focus on suppressing its opposition. This is very obvious in our White versus Jew ideological confrontation as we are trying to convince people of our vision while the Jew only tries to suppress us from doing exactly that. The white man knows the natural order and that the natural thing to do is easily accepted by the rest if not under enormous pressure to defy logic and common-sense and comply with the sick ideology of the enemy. The enemy’s vision of the world is completely unnatural therefore, it must be imposed by force and the opposition silenced and censored. This is White Supremacist authoritarianism versus Jew World Order totalitarianism described in short. Their ways are unnatural and this is why they are trying to force them so hard.

Our system must focus seriously on identifying all potential hidden enemies and subverters and take them out of the decision-making area. Education about race, family, community, healthy and ethical economy, civic duty and selflessness, legislation and justice, science and progress must take place at a very serious level. Those areas must become part of our white cultures and be presented to the other gentile groups around the world with the ultimate goal of having a united Earth with all races and nations living in perpetual peace, communication, diplomacy and having constant trade and developing projects. The goals must surpass the inferior and strictly materialistic desire for just money, but must be oriented towards advancement. Instead of bullets and swords being thrust into each other’s flash, focus must be put on medical development, muscular perfection and energy manipulation with the ultimate enlightening purpose of achieving the Magnum Opus through constant spiritual meditation.

First the Übermensch and then the Godhead!

As one would normally do with a child, so does humanity need guidance from exceptional people until it is knowledgeable and independent enough to make decisions on itself in a way freer way. In a sense, a National Socialist type of authoritarianism is a first step towards freedom from the enemy. It’s is getting the first taste of being free from degeneracy, lies, false perception, false goals and constant frustration and inhibition.

False freedom in the context of lacking knowledge, maturity and responsibility can be way more disastrous for a species than rules and discipline. We have been given such a false sense of freedom by the enemy that in many people’s minds it would appear that they are making decisions unopposed, while in reality, they are actually conditioned to fight against the natural order while the normal and natural actions one would take for survival and species perpetuation are heavily suppressed. The anti-family propaganda for white women is excruciating. I know smart women with a great degree of understanding about the Jewish question and the overall demographical disaster that still refuse or postpone having children even though it is their natural mission to save their species and therefore the world. I have the utmost respect for women that understand that nature has placed the fate of their race in their hands and gladly and proudly accept this mission and accomplish it. The fearful ones will descend into oblivion and nobody, not even the Gods will want to remember their names. It is absolutely stupefying that so many white women fear having children more than anything while white mud sharks have two, three or sometimes even four children with negro men. Let me make a clear distinction between black men and negroes or niggers. The black man is an honorable man who lives in his own soil, builds a family with a black woman and contributes to his society as a true man is supposed to do. A provider and a guardian. The nigger is a worthless virus that gladly engages some or all of the enemy’s plans. Comes to a different race’s soil and engages in racial mixing, crime, thug attitude, does not work, harasses others while enjoying the enemy’s special privilege and so on.

The path out of all this would have been so easy and bloodless. White women should have just breed inside their own race and support the natural order and their men, men instead of being a bunch of soy boys and accept high numbers of degeneracy, homosexuality and immigration, could have prevented this and have a normal society. Instead of choosing and voting for the worst parties such as progressive profile ones and calling them the lesser evil, they could have rejected this. People have yielded to social pressure and intimidation to promoting mandatory unhealthy vaccines during the pandemic, gender surgeries for children, normalization of drugs and pedophilia, race-mixing, corporation monopolies and so on. They could have simply used common-sense and perception to not give any of those elements fertile land, but instead they have forced us in being “extremists” with no other choice. How can one stay calm when he sees society collapsing, racial demographics being totally destroyed when the women besides him refuses to have children and dreams about bullshit, waste of time activities like traveling, restaurants and useless events. We are at war and everyone deep down knows this. We simply cannot keep begging people to not burry us under the ground forever. We have done that for enough decades and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Humanity and especially the white race must continue existing and exist in a natural state, not under a perpetual disease which is the enemy. The enemy is simply sick and will never stop doing what it does. You cannot change the nature of a bacteria. White people and Jews cannot coexist forever, eventually one will have to take out the other. I wish things were different, but reality is what it is. No pseudo-labels of “hate” or policies of anti-racism will change the Universe and the laws of science. One either accepts the reality that he must fight or he will perish. If we are in a boat sailing towards land and some individuals on that boat start trying to make holes into the boat or turn it upside down, the rest can either try to bind them with a rope or throw them off board depending how violent and stupid they act.

Leftism is based on hypocrisy. All their “anti-racist” policies are actually a big racist movement against whites. As corporations often tells us that they have “zero tolerance for racism” in the sense that we must accept being a melting pot until our extinction, so do we the normal people declare loudly in very large numbers “We have zero tolerance for Jews! We have no more tolerance for a species of murderers, thieves, liars, pedophiles and subverters. Crime will not be tolerated and it will be severely punished! You cannot mask crimes under the banner of authority and get away with it forever. You will pay for all your crimes against humanity and nature!”

Some individual knows about the Jews’ agenda, their control over the world and the depth of this vision, but the moment the news tell them the governments should mandate a vaccine or that we should eat synthetic meat or switch from classic food to eating bugs, he starts applauding such actions and placing them in the thought area of being educated. I know such people and I have been struggling to disconnect them from the enemy’s thought machine in vain. What more proof does one need to see that it is pointless to wait for the others to join us in our struggle. Exceptional people will start taking back positions of decision and if or when the sheep will come after us, we will have no choice, but to confront them. The situation is tragic, but then again evolution requires a lot of pain as previously iterated. The great cause will prevail with the people that are already on board, there is no further need to wait for others.

Democracy basically means strength in numbers which can be beat with strength in coordination if done well. Currently, the lesser elements of humanity are breeding like rats so the battle cannot be won using democratic means and the longer we wait, the more the odds will be against us. I believe in the very near future, the circumstances will push us to make extremely difficult decisions which will eventually trigger a process of evolution and advancement for our people.
EasternFireLion666 said:

Having read though most of this I can say this is a really good refresher and great for newer members, however it might be in best interest to make it a bit more digestible.

People get discouraged when they see a giant wall of text and don’t necessarily have time to read it all. Maybe segment it by posting within the post and a few less examples.

Just an idea. this kind of stuff is important so you want as many people to see it as possible.
You hit the nail on the head with this one!⚡♥️ I enjoy reading! And I love reading your work!!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan