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The mask unearthed in 'Three Star Piles' is highly similar to the portrait of Lord Enki

Amuro Ray

New member
Jan 2, 2024
The picture on the left is a portrait of Enki in the Adda Seal of ancient Sumer, and the picture on the right is a mask unearthed from Sanxingdui in ancient China. We can find that there are striking similarities between the two. Excavation of Sanxingdui began in 1934, and so far only two-thousandth of the area has been excavated. Interestingly, the Chinese government banned excavations at Sanxingdui. If Sanxingdui continues to be excavated, it will subvert the history and archeology of surface civilization. Then the "theory of human evolution" currently promoted by governments of various countries will be completely overturned, and people's understanding of the world will also be completely changed. Our gods have always been active among races and nations.
You know it's good when the jews shut it down (in this case by banning excavations).

The Chinese divination books that I'm studying are all banned in China.
I meant "You know something's good [...]". Reading my message again I only now realise it looks wrong.

Exactly! Not to mention, that their Masters and Practitioners accredit Fuxi (Satan) as having brought them their knowledge....so yeah, definitely from Satan, and the fact that the stupid communists found it "that threatening".

The kikes have also gone ham on their attack against me....so, I know I'm kind of a threat to them in spreading this knowledge.
I hope you're not implying that you're in danger in real life...

They tend to attempt weaponizing my weaknesses against me, no, I don't have Chinese troops or anything barging into my home given that I'm a U.S. citizen, and armed with guns and knives. But they like to attack my with nonsensical and negative and ultra-intrusive thoughtforms to try to discourage and bring me down, and these negative thoughtforms just "coincidentally" happen to be strong when I'm studying Chinese divination, or sometimes I'd be pushed to practicing these things when the situation is less-than optimal (forgot to take my meds, noise environment and etc).

It's Asian-American Heritage heritage month over here in the US and boy did they go ham on these attacks, causing all sorts of ruinings to my plans...this is the same month last year when I first came to the forums, though I came to Satan earlier than that.

Also prior to coming to Satan I was deeply involved with enemy xianity, so those leftover and nasty energies havent been fully purged and have also been weaponized against me. Great as my knowledge is, I'm still dealing with the energy consequences of having been a xian for so long, not to mention that my former xian colleagues constantly "pray for me".

Then again....I haven't met a single spiritual person, be it in JoS or some other spiritual group, who hasn't battled these kinds of obstacles......

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan