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The God Orcus and the inner flames.


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Nov 12, 2022
Greetings brothers and sisters! Today I want to talk about a peculiar figure, depicted as “evil” throughout history, opposite to his original symbolism. I'm always open to discussion, these are my researches done with only two eyes and one mind afterall.

The God Orcus, is an ancient deity of the roman pantheon, he ruled the underworld. But unlike Pluto who was seen as a more neutral or benevolent figure, protector of souls and governed the afterlife in a more broader sense, Orcus was “the punisher” of wicked souls.
More specific he rappresented divine retribution, against wrongdoing, traitors, unlawful acts. And especially, keep this in mind, against those who breaks oaths.

In a spiritual sense all these things accumulates “bad karma”, life after life, bad and corrupted energy is stored, encouraging stagnation.

In the myth Orcus may condemn the wicked to eternal torment in his shadowy domain, subjecting them to nightmarish landscapes filled with suffering and despair. The punishments could range from being surrounded by vengeful spirits to enduring perpetual darkness and cold. The tormented souls might face relentless trials that mirror the nature of their wrongdoings, forcing them to confront the consequences of their actions. Sometimes he would use psychological punishments too.
All of this depending on the severity of the individual's transgression. But why tho? Why all this harshness? As we all know myths are not to be taken literally, even the most gruesome story hide its spiritual meaning.

Not to dive too much on each punishment, sometimes when punishment from an underworld god comes in act it's a metaphor for cleasing one's soul. A lot of
bad karma=Harsher punishment. Which means that life after life this burden accumulates, and the more there is, the more we have to work to “Freeing our soul”. Only by this our kundalini could safely ascending.

It is important to remind that such things as “eternal suffering” is not contemplated, one's will power always play a major role. One could decide to not do anything in their lives, and keep stacking bad karma, destroying themselves apart, or taking action facing these “trials” and rising to higher levels.

Redemption doesn't mean your past is deleted, it means you are working towards a better version of yourself, one will always face his shadows through the way but your will must prevail, in order to embrace the hero within. Or you could choose to stand still passively as times goes by, in an eternal slumber of “perpetual darkness and cold”. Here we got another concept which is “movement” but it has to be done in a different post later on. Now I want to talk about the core. Breaking oaths.

Oaths are manifestations of one's will,is not a chain or a duty bestow upon you, an oath is something you willingly accepted and you carry on the deed by your own will.

One of the first thing we all have done here as spiritual satanist is bonding with our Gods and Goddesseswith a oath, a sacred ritual. Not imposed by deities, but choosed by freedom of choice.

Force of will as spiritual power is an aspect of the fire element. Fire among all our soul's elements is responsable for our internal “movement”. This is of vital importance because only thanks to our will we can proceed through life, every seconds is decided by us, one could argue that external factor could come in play but one's will is what draw the outcome, our response to what's around us.

Fire is also known as “the agent of change”, even in nature fire/heat is the only element that canactually bring things to life, even in the depths of the ocean deepsea life benefits and can keep living thanks to sun's warmth. And last but not least “the agent of change” is our kundalini, the essence that can bring us to divinity.
By breaking an oaths, spiritualy speaking and especially with our Gods and Goddesses, aside from the wrath and consequences one could face, you destroy the individual will, diming the flames. You stop the movement within, the fire cease to exist. And that's why this is one of the greatest "sin" one could ever do.

Orcus stands as a warden of this fire, his role in the myth is harsh because human nature alone tends to be frail, and often one's action leads towards his own destruction, actively or passively.

Only those who keep their fire bright, their sheer will roaring and the “movement” keep going, can proceed beyond and ascend towards the divine.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan