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Testimonial... Hail Lady Astarte and Father Satan!!!!


Jul 14, 2021
On this unique date... 13/04/2023... Father Satan's numbers are 4 and 13.... so its unique to me... i would love to share a testimonial.
Trust me when I say it's not easy to be a dedicated satanist. It's different because once you sign in blood.... there's no going back!!! You're in forever!!!.... so it takes huge mental power to make that ultimate decision.... mental power is a very veritable tool in witchcraft and magic... so the dedication is a huge help to you.... it's not enslavement.
I cannot count my blessings ever since finding joy of satan and after my dedication 5 months after... Lady Astarte's number is 5. I don't know how to describe the joy of Lady Astarte. She's a true queen. She's a mother and a sister.... she's just too sweet... much. Father Satan is wow!!!! Marvelous!!!!
Before I dedicated... I got enough money to celebrate my birthday with a black goat for delicacy feeding guests to the fullest... it's the first birthday I ever fully funded with no form of assistance... Father Satan gave me that money... I found joy of satan in the 5th of the month of my birthday.... Lady Astarte anyone... then dedicated 5 months later... am I the only one or is there a significance?!!!....
In less than one month after I celebrated my birthday with much feasting and delight and which I dedicated to Lady Astarte... I got a business proposal which I have been doing till this day.... I got to be able to move out of my parents house into a room and palour self-contained apartment... now in Lady Astarte season... I got a brand new 43 inch smart tv... wow!!! I mean during the Easter which actually is stolen from her... it's her rightful day... not that stupid fool idiot they call jewsus.. I spit on him and his stinking holy spirit a million times... bunch of disgusting beings..

There's more than I can list here that Father Satan and Lady Astarte have done for me.... but this is the much I can say.
Oh.... yesterday while bathing... I slipped and fell hard... thank Father Satan I didn't hit my head on the tiles... my elbow caught me... though I'm quite injured... I'm fine...
Hail Father Satan!!!! Hail Lady Astarte!!!!
Hail High Priestest Maxine!!! For being the vessel of the Gods to bring us this esoteric knowledge.... Hail High Priest Hooded Cobra!!! Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of the Joy of Satan!!!!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan