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SSA: Correcting Africa and the JoSBlack Website


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Nov 11, 2023
The biggest issue correctly is there is a lack of a defined goal. We more or less understand what we want to achieve as SS & regarding the website but it isn't fully clear.

Information is key, but you also have to understand the importance of relevance.
The focal points of the website should be Action and Re-education.
√Defining the action of historical black leader's.
√Correcting and clearing the misidenty and information about Africa.
√Suggesting current ways to improve life through culture and spiritual means.
√Highlighting life and opportunities within Africa to promote growth.

As much we can understand the past, we need to also find ways to apply those teachings and practices in current times, whilst also making it clear to those new on our aim is as black Satanists.

A few of the major concerns surrounding Africa.
1. The amount of countries in Africa that are still influenced or under colonial interference is a staggering amount. One can pre-date historical invasion and all that they came with (change of culture & destruction of original religion) majority of the Arabic countries in Africa now pre - Arabic invasion, were Christian and before that they maintained their belief in multiple deities and kept spiritual practices.
2. Second is the influence of foreign countries through language and social standard, primarily this would Frances grib on Africa, and regardless of independence France has never shown (historically) any real interest to lose territory in Africa.
3. Africa has closer to 60% of the world's arable land still un-used ( that includes mineral usage also), Africa isn't a poor continent nor or is one unable to sustain or provide for itself. Existing villages and tribes today prove the concept of independence, whilst surviving without requiring dependence from outside their communities. The issue is mismanagement and a lack of government action, invaders came and destroyed alot of the ruling structure in Africa and made it dependant on political discussions which have not help the growth of Africa.
4. Understanding one's culture means understanding how and why one must represent themselves, respect is a huge important characteristics in Africa homes and culture, which is why crime isn't a black thing. Many Africans in Africa come from unsupported communities, that hasn't lead them to crime. It has been only the intake of drugs that has lead to increased crime as these people only steal to buy drugs.
Doing criminal actions no matter how poor one is, is taken as a sign of madness and often you'll hear people from rural areas complain that these actions can only be found here in major cities not where they come from.
5. African culture is rooted in stability and reliability, if something works there's no need to change it. This would make thing appear that Africa has no interest in developing when rather it doesn't see the significance in improving structures that work well and rather focus on improving area's that need work, yet global growth is based on cashing in on what works and building that demand over developing certain markets whilst leaving other's to perish.

There are lots of issues to tackle within Africa but there's more opportunities also.

Hail Satan
Another thing that should be corrected in jos is that when the gentiles in here think about the black race they default to black americans instead of africans and this gives birth to a lot of false preconceived notions about the black race.
African americans have a lot of pent up trauma from slavery and other things that is not reflected as strongly in africans and as a result the way african americans think and act is different to africans (also taking into account the diversity of africa). If Western africans and Southern africans can differ a lot in culture and thinking patterns then just imagine africans outside of the continent living in and breathing the other races cultures and going through a lot of brainwashing ( not to say africa is free from this either).

One thing that should also be heeded is that africans themselves do not behave like africans anymore (mostly those you see on the media) because of western standards and propaganda, here in southern africa and other parts we had a thing called ubuntu which is an advanced societal system of being integrated into one entity with individual characteristics in a communal space this system is only alive in village communities and not in cities. Since Western philosophy is the standard of the world, the more developed a city becomes the more western it becomes and as a result city life is every man for themselves while in the villages there is harmony between people and the enviroment. But this philosophy is also being attacked in the villages ,since this harmony also involves nature , the destruction of nature and the natural environment due to industrialisation and lack of services is tearing apart this philosophy but it still breaths gently.

All in all black american culture is very different than african culture even though it may "seem" to get a few influences and gentiles shouldnt think that by analysing black americans they will understand africans better. Oh and another thing , some africans are really confused or purposely misguiding about their roots and have half truths majority lies about their culture so theyre perceptions should also be taken with caution (especially the ones online).There are very few ways to find knowledge of african spirituality unless you are:
1.Born or live in africa
2. Educated about it while you are in africa by an african person mostly an elder with chief status or a griot
3.Black and can tap into your ancestral memory (Basically something like aang talking to previous avatars because thats what ancestral worship is about its a library of information collected by those of the past who are united within us and in nature).

:btw i said ancestral "worship" but the true word for it is guidance , never believe anyone who says ancestral worship and doesnt correct the misconception they clearly dont know fokol.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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