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Something is off


New member
Mar 11, 2024
I've been doing this for around 4 years maybe I was in prison past three years just got out. I saw all the demons that were with me learned of my past. Remembered the past and that life times before then because I have not made it this far in life but there is something bothering me why is it that I am treated like shit by demons around me I'm literally possessed they use my vessels to jerk off while I'm sleep I've pretty much came to the conclusion that these beings are racists then I see videos about jos and it's nazi like ideals well see i liked the black sun it was the first book I read before looking into jos but I do remember astarte making a racists joke towards me and I was told I could be a priest by our father because it is a dream of mine but the way they treat it makes not want to do anything as far as others cuz Im loosing track of time these beings talk about killing me one minute fuckin then not fuckin me separated me from my baby mama literally heart broken I'm fresh out of prison with a son I've just me this month my first child now it seems like the world is against me everything I did with those demons my ex fiance knows it's like they only care about woman or white people I guess because I am black and I've worked real real real hard to be alive at this moment I need explanations and to talk to an expert to give this to me straight because who ever is in my head either wants me to commit suicide or suffer regardless of respectful I am even told me satan don't like me and just say yeah major no one really likes you....so why are these "GODS" SOME of the most prettiest people I've met in my life I'm thinking of leaving at this point NEED HELP didn't know satanism wasn't for black people I could havevsworn he wouldn't give a shit about something like that. But I guess it's true please help me
You are suffering mental illnesses and need help and a supportive family. Do not read anything spiritual based as you are not capable to process this, you need to cut off this from your life and create a stable emotional and material life to journey your lifetime. After a new-found sense of stability, in your next life, you may read the Joy Of Satan site, and do so respectfully.
The Gods are beautiful, wise & kind hearted. And wish to help humans, not cause any suffering or harm. I am not white, I feel your perspective regarding Spiritual Satanism is tainted & distorted. Color doesn't matter to Satan or the Gods. If you read through the Demons, there are some that have dark skin.
Spiritual Satanists are a rainbow of diverse cultures from around planet Earth.

It is ENEMY ANGELS who enjoy tormenting humans & causing suffering & confusion like what you seem to be experiencing. A weak mentality or one inexperienced is more susceptible to harassment. Mental instability doesn't help.

You have connected with malevolent beings if "they're telling you to commit suicide", I can assure you that it isn't any God that is with the Powers of Satan's Hell.

Respectfully I think you should seek professional help.
This path is by no means an easy one, and is not for everyone.

Your current state is unfortunate, and I am sorry about your confusion & torment.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan