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Solar Magic

fuoco blu 666

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Sep 21, 2017
Solar Magic

Moon in Leo
Good for anything having to do with children, creativity, good for casting love spells; romance, success in gambling, winning, attracting center stage, personal charisma, men in general, the father, hobbies, speculation, risk taking, investments, stocks and bonds, authority and spells for gaining positions of power and authority over others. Do NOT have surgical procedures performed on the heart, spine, or back at this time. Leo is a fixed sign and projects begun when the moon is in this sign tend to last. Magickal workings ruled by the Sun are successful at this time.

Sun Square

Sun Square thread+additional information

Summer Solstice
666 is the number for the Sun. [For more information regarding 666, please visit the page on Satanic Symbols] On the 21st-22nd of June, when the Sun enters into 0 degrees of Cancer, the power of the solar chakra is drastically amplified.

Workings that deal with solar magick are greatly enhanced at this time.
Workings on both the solar plexus chakra are greatly enhanced at this time
Communications with astral entities such as elementals: fairies, gnomes, etc., are also facilitated at this time
As with Halloween, the astral is very thin making telepathic communication much easier
Fire magick is greatly facilitated
The Eve of the Summer Solstice has a very long tradition for being a night where divination is much easier and more accurate.
Love magick spells are also greatly enhanced on the Eve of the Summer Solstice.
This is also an excellent and powerful time for infusing herbs, crystals and other items with solar energy
This date is also favored for beginning healing work, as the solar chakra is the esoteric healer.
Workings that deal with infusing water with solar and/or healing energy are also traditional here
Creating and blessing of wands [fire], and the blessing and empowering of Tarot cards
Rune spells and Rune work are also favored at this time as Runes are staves and of the element of fire
Gathering of herbs for magick, especially those used for solar/fire magick and/or healing.

Anglo-Saxon: UR
Germanic: Uraz (Uruz)
Gothic: Urus
Norse: Úr
Anglo-Saxon: Ur
Icelandic: Úr
Norwegian: Ur

# 2. Aurochs is a species of wild ox that lived in the European forests. By the 1600’s it was hunted to extinction. This rune is the cosmic seed, beginnings and origins. It is masculine in nature and gives strength, endurance and athleticism. It is a rune of courage and boldness, freedom and rebellion. Ur represents the horn or the erect phallus, resurrection, life after death. Coming, being and passing away.
White Magick: Incites action, sexual potency. Freedom.
Black Magick: Used to threaten and destroy.
Magick: transfer of energies, used for projecting or drawing in of energy. Repeated use of the rune will gradually increase the amounts of energy one can handle at any given time. Helps in the growth of one’s own reserves of power.

Germanic: Sugil (Sowilo)
Gothic: Sauil
Norse: Sól
Anglo-Saxon: Sigel
Icelandic: Sól
Norwegian: Sol
Old Danish: Sulu
Old German: Sil, Sigo, Sulhil

#16. Sowilo is the rune of the Sun and can be used in masculine magick. Sowilo is a rune of invincibility, and final triumph. This rune is movement and action and bestows the will to take action. It symbolizes the chakras and the lightening bolt, spark of life. Kundalini is like lightening and flashes in the brain when it connects with the 6th chakra. Sowilo is used to strengthen the will and confidence. It has both shielding and combative properties. Used in understanding the energy forces in the world and on the astral. When used with other runes, it activates and empowers them. It can be used in meditation and to empower the chakras. Brings out one’s leadership abilities and one’s ability to inspire others. Enhances one’s strength of spirit. Gem is the diamond.

Numbers of the Sun
10, 13, 36, 74, 100, 111, 130, 216, 360, 666

Affirmations for Solar magic
Purify and empower the chakras
"My chakra________ absorbs as much solar energy as possible when I'm in the sun which is extremely beneficial and empowering for me."

Gratification and pleasure
"The solar energy that I absorb gives me physical and mental pleasure and this satisfies me and gratifies me in the best way"

Strengthen Sexual Magic with Solar Magic
"The solar energy that I absorb enhances the energy of my orgasm in the most intense and healthy way for me"

Improving the Solar energy within the soul
"The solar energy I absorb permanently enhances my soul's solar energy in the best way for me"

Purifying Alchemy of the Sun
"The solar energy that I absorb purifies and unites the polarities of my soul, my soul is completely and permanently purified and united.

Sublimation of specific astrological houses
"Solar energy permanently improves all affairs in my _____ home, in the most positive way for me."

"The solar energy I absorb permanently gives me a sunny expression within all affairs of my _______ home in the most positive way for me."

Creating solar qualities with a specific goal (can be added to multiple houses)
"The solar energy I absorb creates a permanent solar drive and expression towards ______, in a way that is best for me."
Examples: career, hobbies, meditations, satanic career/warfare, membership in an organization, communication, money and finances, love, romance, spiritual and psychic power, training skills such as telekinesis, astral projection, clairvoyance or siddhis in general.
Study the Sun houses of Azazel's astrology to see how this work can ideally manifest.

Incitement to action
"The Solar energy I absorb permanently increases my energy, momentum and ability to carry on/complete my _______ business, in the way that is best for me."

"The solar energy I absorb permanently improves my vitality in the healthiest and most positive way for me".

Leadership skills and being a guide for others.
"The solar energy I absorb permanently improves my ability to command and guide others (in general or in a specific field), in the way that is best for me."

Restorative power
"The solar energy that I fully and permanently absorb improves my body's ability to sleep and recover at a substantially faster rate, in the way that's healthier for me

Denial of negative influences/karma - birth chart
"The Solar energy I absorb permanently eliminates any obstacles associated with my planet/house/certain ______ abilities in the most intensely beneficial way for me."

Denial of negative influences in planetary transits
"Solar energy permanently removes any negative manifestations from ______ planet/specific transit, in the best way for me."

Solar Magic for the material aspect of life:

Wealth/Abundance - General - permanent
"Solar energy permanently enhances my natural abundance and wealth, in a completely positive, legal and easy way for me."

"The Solar energy I absorb permanently gives me the wealth and opportunities to advance my satanic career (advancement/spiritual warrior skills), in a completely positive and legal way for me."

Material wealth
"The solar energy that I absorb now manifests a great deal of wealth in my permanent possession, in a completely positive, legal and easy way for me".

Career improvement
"Solar energy permanently accelerates my advancement within _______ career/job/organization, spiritual path in the way that is best for me."

Career improvement - immediate
"This energy from the Sun has now improved my position within _______ career/job/organization, in an entirely positive way for me."

Improving the prospects of authority
“This energy from the Sun has enhanced the perspective of the authorities within _______ the government/legal system/work on me, in a way that is best for me.”

Dates for the magic of the Sun 2023

Sunday 11 December 2022 Moon in Leo after 21:08.

Sunday January 8, 2023 Moon in Leo.

Sunday February 5, 2023 lena in Leo.

Sunday March 5, 2023 Moon in Leo.

March 21, 2023 Sun exalted in Aries (solar square)
Sunday 2 April 2023 Sunday with the Moon in Leo (before the empty Moon which will occur before noon)

April 28, 2023 Moon in Leo in the decan of Leo after noon in the hour of the Sun).

May 25, 2023 Moon in Leo.

(Extremely and concretely powerful Date) 22nd June 2023 Wednesday Summer Solstice with emphasis/Stellium in Leo with Moon in Leo, Sun enters 0° Cancer from approximately 5pm Eastern time.
This date also isexceptionally powerful to start the square Mercury because Mercury is in Gemini on a Wednesday and it is the Summer Solstice.

July 19, 2023 Emphasis in Leo with the Moon in Leo in the decan of the sign itself.

Sunday 23 July 2023 Sun in Leo (square Sun) with emphasis in Leo adds power.

August 15, 2023 Moon in Leo with emphasis in Leo decan of Leo after noon in the hour of the Sun.

September 11, 2023 Moon in Leo after noon in the hour of the Sun.

October 9, 2023 Moon in Leo.

Sunday 5 November 2023 Moon in Leo

Sunday 3 December 2023 Moon in Leo (preferably before noon)
fuoco blu 666 said:
Numbers of the Sun
10, 13, 36, 74, 100, 111, 130, 216, 360, 666

Could you possibly explain why 74 is a Solar number?this number is very relevant to me.

Also were you listing the most relevant Solar numbers? I ask because the Sun has the highest amount of numbers under its influence, Like 4 for example because 4 is of life.

Great post I’ll be sure to incorporate some of these affirmations
thank you :)

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