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Satanic Animal Symbology in Qing dynasty tradition

Maxis Orientis

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May 9, 2023
This is a very short post, though an interesting one. Also, I'm quite aware that Satanists (or any decent human) are very cautious about animals, and if the idea of wearing feathers seems offensive or animal cruelty, then I will gladly take down this post (there is no sacrifice involved for starters).

Anyway, in my intro post, I originally had content coming after the phase of exposing jewish agendas in Asia, but it would be quite unhealthy and discouraging if 9/10 of all oriental posts are about communists. It is my goal to uplift, encourage and empower the Asiatic people, and it starts by having and helping us via discovery of our ancient Satanic heritage.

Therefore, Phase 1 and 2 are now mashed into one.

Anyways, if one reads the JoS, one of Father Satan's animal symbols is the peacock.

When one does the research on Imperial Chinese regalia - one will also find the significance of peacock symbology. This tradition was from the Qing dynasty, China's second-to-last dynasty before the Yuan Shikai dynasty, which was a Manchu, not a Han Chinese dynasty. The Manchus, were very close relatives of the Mongols and Turkic peoples.

One of the traditions was wearing feathers, certain types of feathers one one's uniform - which was according to rank and prestige.

The highest of the honorific symbology of wearing feathers was that of the peacock feathers atop their hats or tassels, which was very rare to attain - due high rank and standing required to have the privilege of wearing it. These were also adorned with eye symbols. The number of eyes also gets larger with prestige, with 3 being the highest, and again, the most seldomly-attained due to the prestigious significance of #3, trine spirituality.

Peacock feathers were only worn by princes, imperial bodyguards and prince consorts.

Pictures of Qing dynasty imperial guards with the peacock feathers on their heads (I also like the blue clothing and blue background of the second portrait, reminds me of the blue of Orion and the aether, it was also a color associated with Tengri (Beelzebub) in Mongolian and Turkic religion):


Hail Shangdi Satan!

- GuangXia_666


Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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