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Re-Read-It Series: Jew World Order | Kabbalah Cube


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Jul 16, 2019


Behold the pledge of allegiance of the Jew World Order slave:

"I pledge my allegiance to HaShem, G-d of Israel, Creator and King of the
Universe, to His Torah and its representatives, the developing Sanhedrin.

I hereby pledge to uphold the Seven Laws of Noah in all their details, according
to Oral Law of Moses under the guidance of the developing Sanhedrin. May
HaShem bless and aid me, my fellow council members and all B'nai Noach in all
our endeavors for the sake of His name. Blessed are You G-d, King of the
universe, who has caused me to live, sustained me, and brought me to this day."

Pledge made by the "Children of Noah" in front of the Israeli Sanhedrin, 1/10/06
This is what it all comes down to:

Liberalism of the Jewish Illuminati that launched the "French" revolution was
called Communism a couple of decades later. Neo-Liberalism of today is Social
Marxism of the Frankfurt School. Liberalism, Communism, Humanism,
Democracy, Christianity, Islam, and Liberal Capitalism all blend into the same
beast, because it's all the same; different names and fronts for the same Jewish

If Jesus had existed, he would have been a typical Zionist, preaching
international Jewish conquest and supremacy; enslaving the planet under the
Jewish theocracy with himself at the front.

The New Zion the real purpose of the Bible world enslavement:


Communism arose when the Jews lost control in Europe, when Whites got out
from under their Catholic theocracy in Rome, and began to advance. The
enlightenment and the scientific revolution led to the industrial revolution and the
development of large urban populations of labor. Many relocated to the cities
from rural areas, to work in the new factories and industrial centers. This caused
major upheavals, due to the excess of Jewish exploitation of the labor force, and
social conditions as society struggled to adjust to this new reality, which was
created by emerging massive labor movements [socialism].

The West had become secular, nationalistic, and scientific.

The Jews then adapted Communism. Before they called it Liberalism to hijack
the enlightenment movements, and before Christianity to Trojan horse the Pagan
Traditions. Now they adjusted it further for the industrial era, and renamed it
Communism; its purpose simply being, to place the populace back under their
Catholic theocracy again. Since the attitudes of the time, materialist science and
the loss of Christianity's hold on the educated classes and fields [atheism started
to dominate in the 19th century not the 20th], it was obvious that religion was not
going to flourish. Therefore, they adapted it to open scientific materialism, and
atheism and worked to pull all emerging movements into their program, Trojan
Horsing the current popular trends. Communism maintains the exact same
system of control minus the spirituality.

Previously with the Church, they called their ideology "dogma," which was less of
a danger by the 19th century. With Communism, they called it "science," and
they knew how to appeal to the dreams and the resentments of the workers who
are the masses. Communism was designed to operate off the psychic power that
Christianity generates, so their schemes are once again relevant to the new era.

When Communism takes over and places the populace under the total control of
the Jews, they always leave the churches alone and allow Christianity to flourish.
In North Korea, there was a newly built Catholic cathedral, and Communist China
has a state Catholic Church comprising over 70 million members. It was the
same in the USSR; the Churches were allowed to remain– so much for the
bogus anti-religious rants of Communism.

Communism is the neo-control arm that was adapted in response to the failing of
the original Jewish program. People were not going to buy into a Church
revolution so they hijacked them with a Marxist socialist one. Then once the Jews
are again in total control, they make sure the Church remains so that their spell is

It's like an orange, Communism is the skin and Christianity is the pulp and core.
This is because Christianity was always supposed to be the control program. The
agenda has always been Jewish theocratic rule and they need their messiah to
manifest this. Christianity lays the foundation for all of this. Rome is the heart of
the "beast" because it's the core of the real program and it deals in occult power.

Communism is just the holding program. Since Communism is unconsciously
based upon Christianity, it connects psychologically and psychically with
Christianity. So when their Messiah appears, it is not difficult to readjust the
paradigm into full out Theocracy.

Remember the Pope's role is to rule the Christian Theocracy and sit as a steward
on the chair of St. Peter, the throne of Christ, until the Messiah appears, and then
hands over the reigns of the Universal Church, global theocracy to him.

Catholicism is the original Church. The Protestants are not any serious
opposition, as they keep the perpetuating the spell and will bow down to the
same Messiah.

Everything is set up for this. The Church has spent years influencing Hinduism
and Buddhism into accepting the ideal of Jesus into their cultures one way or
another as a God figure and Messiah, while also working to expand the Church
with converts by force and propaganda, and removing spiritual knowledge, and
promoting the idea that all religions are one in global society [with the Nazarene
always inserted at the front and center].

When the Jewish Messiah appears, a billion Hindus and hundreds of millions of
Buddhists and billions of others will be on their face heralding the return of what
they believe is their savior figure; Islam as well with their savior the Mahdi. That's
it. People will be on their knees forever before what they believe to be "God," the
Jewish rulers, as the Jews believe they are their "God" in human form. Who is
going to argue with a God king who rules with a rod of iron, as the populace has
been indoctrinated with slavish worship for centuries? And will be forever more.

The only law will be the law of the Theocratic Jewish regime, which has always
been the foundation. Everything from the wars, to the revolutions, the global
banks, the media, and religions – all are to achieve this end.

The form this Theocracy will take is based upon the seven Noahide laws. The
number seven in their biblical numerology relates to the Nazarene's rule and
conquest of the earth and the creation of the Jew World Order:

Providing evidence of a possible One World Religion, on March 26, 1991, U.S.
President George Bush signed Public Law 102-14, a congressional resolution on
the Seven Noahide Laws [H.J. Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14]. Prior to that
event, as Val Valerian says, "The bill was passed in the House by a voice vote on
March 5, 1991 and was passed by the Senate on March 7, 1991."

The Proclamation was as follows:

"Whereas Congress recognized the historical tradition of ethical values and
principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great
Nation was founded; Whereas these ethical principles have been the bedrock of
society from the dawn of civilization when they were referred to as the Seven
Noahide Laws;

"Whereas without these ethical values and principles, the edifice of civilization
stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

"Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these
principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of
civilized society;

"Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of
the Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical
values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

"Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical
values and principles throughout the world;

"Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch
movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday
falls on March 26, 1991;

"Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, 'the rebbe,' this his ninetieth year
will be seen as one of 'education and giving,' the year in which we turn education
and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the
Seven Noahide Laws; and "Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the
President of the United States and other heads of state; Now, therefore, be it
"Resolved by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the
ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide
Lubavitch movement, is designated as 'EDUCATION DAY U.S.A.' The President
is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States
to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

Sanhedrin Recognizes Council to Teach Humanity ´Laws of Noah´

A group of non-Jewish delegates have come to Jerusalem to pledge their loyalty
to the Laws of Noah.

By Ezra HaLevi

First Publish: 1/10/2006, 1:08 PM / Last Update: 1/9/2006, 10:43

A group of non-Jewish delegates have come to Jerusalem to pledge their loyalty
to the Laws of Noah. They appeared before the nascent Sanhedrin, which
established a High Council for B'nai Noach.

The ten delegates appeared before a special session of the Jewish High Court of
71 Rabbis led by its Nassi (President) Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. B'nai
Noach, literally "Children of Noah," also known as Noahides, are non-Jews who
take upon themselves the Torah's obligations for all members of the human race.
The seven such laws were passed on via Noah following the Flood, as
documented in Genesis (see below).

The gathering took place under a banner quoting the Biblical passage in Tzefania
3:9 which refers to "all the nations... speak[ing] a pure language... proclaim[ing]
the name of G-d."

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz addresses the Noahide Council members
The Noahide delegates stood before the nascent Sanhedrin, which was
reestablished over a year ago in Tiberias, following the renewal of Biblical
ordination, and has met regularly since then. "Each one [of the B'nai Noach]
comes with a name he has made in the world, as a teacher and example in his
community of observance of the seven laws of Noah," said Rabbi Michael BarRon,
the Sanhedrin's emissary who facilitated the council's organization,
introducing the delegates. "At great physical and financial expense, they have

flown across the world to Jerusalem, the holy city, to pledge before the court and
all mankind, their allegiance to the Seven Laws of Noah, the laws of the Creator."
B'nai Noah delegates sit before members of the nascent Sanhedrin in Jerusalem
Each of the Noahide representatives stood before the Sanhedrin and pledged:

"I pledge my allegiance to HaShem, G-d of Israel, Creator and King of the
Universe, to His Torah and its representatives, the developing Sanhedrin. I
hereby pledge to uphold the Seven Laws of Noah in all their details, according to
Oral Law of Moses under the guidance of the developing Sanhedrin. May
HaShem bless and aid me, my fellow council members and all B'nai Noach in all
our endeavors for the sake of His name. Blessed are You G-d, King of the
universe, who has caused me to live, sustained me, and brought me to this day."

Ben Noah Roger Grattan pledges before the Sanhedrin
Roger Grattan, a council aide who lives in Maine, told Arutz-7 prior to the
ceremony, "I am sure that this will be a paragraph in the history of civilization,
although one could also write books on it. It is also the fulfillment of prophecy."
The core members of the council are Indian Foreign Relations Coordinator Bud
Gill, Billy Jack Dial, Andrew Overall, Adam Penrod, Jacob Scharff, Chairman
Larry Borntrager, Honorary Noahide Council Elder Vendyl Jones, Tennessee
Noahide Community Head Jack Saunders and Council Speaker Jim Long.

Long addressed the rabbis of the court, requesting formal recognition of the
Noahide Council: "Your honor, esteemed rabbis of the developing Sanhedrin. We
are here because of your Torah. Rabbis before you elevated the Torah and it
drew us in; before that, we stumbled in darkness. Everyone here today can tell
you that in the past we have experienced the need to consolidate our efforts to
make the world aware of the truth."

Rabbi Even-Israel Steinsaltz, on behalf of the Sanhedrin, replied: "We hereby
recognize these men as the first high council of B'nai Noach in accordance with
the conditions they have accepted upon themselves."

Rabbi Steinsaltz spoke about the role of the Jewish people in bringing the Laws
of Noah to the world:

"I am part of this Jewish family and I have nothing bad to say about that family,
but you don't go up to a man on the street and ask him to join your family.
Instead you talk to him about joining the true belief in the Creator and about
implementing divine justice toward his fellow man. We are setting up a global
mission here – not to recruit people, but to bring them to the realization that there
is one G-d."

The Nassi explained that this aspect of Judaism lay dormant for years, as the
Jewish people dealt with remaining alive and keeping the Torah in the exile.
Rabbi Steinsaltz called for an extensive project to be undertaken to help B'nai
Noah in the nitty-gritty details of the observance of the religion. "A Shulhan Arukh

[Jewish Law Code] for B'nai Noah must be written so that the individual can have
guidance as to what to do," Steinzaltz said, referring to the compendium of
practical Jewish law written by Rabbi Yosef Karo of Tzfat in the 1560's that is still
used today.

He then addressed the ten B'nai Noah representatives, who had endured hours
of Hebrew speeches throughout the day, in English:

"There are those people, so far only a small number, who say, 'We are bound by
the covenant of Adam and the covenant of Noah and we know we have to
perform and fulfill our obligations.' We, as Jews, have the same religion as you.
"Within the nation of Israel there is one tribe that deals with the Temple – the
priests. We Jews are a specific tribe in the world that was chosen to be a tribe of
priests – hereditary priests. Because of this we have special duties. Being a
priest does not mean we are cut off from the other people. While the people of
the world are all different units in the armies of the Lord, we are a special
commando unit that maybe doesn't get paid more, but has special assignments
that may be more dangerous."

Rabbi Even-Israel spoke about the difficulties that would confront the B'nai Noah
movement as it grows:

"When we are speaking in general, almost every human being can more or less
accept the laws of Noah, but when we get to particulars we will come to serious
points, at which we disagree with Christianity and Islam.

"It is one thing when a religion is small, but as it gets bigger there will be huge
pressures. We will be there beside you. We are members of the same religion
that was given by the Almighty to humanity. Part of it was given to the Jews and
part of it was given to humanity as a whole."

The Nassi added that while there are those who doubt the ability of the
Sanhedrin to be more than an idea leading up to the true reestablished court, the
Noahide Council cannot be doubted or criticized due to its pure motives and
unprecedented mission.

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel of the Temple Institute said that although Tuesday is the Fast
of the Tenth of Tevet, which commemorates the beginning of the destruction,
"Our sitting in Jerusalem now, alongside B'nai Noach, demonstrates the revival
and the fulfillment of the words of the prophets." Rabbi Ariel told those gathered
that he had seen a rainbow that morning, "the closest thing to seeing Noah
himself - the symbol of the covenant between G-d and humanity as witnessed by

Famed archaeologist and Noahide leader Vendyl Jones addressed a festive
banquet held for the Council members, speaking about the Seven Laws of Noah.

He explained, in detail, the verses in the first eleven chapters of Genesis from
which the seven laws are elucidated, saying that he always understood the first
six, but never understood the law proscribing the eating of a limb of a living
animal - until he remembered his cattle-branding days in Texas: "We would
brand and castrate the cattle when I was young, and at night we would all sit
around the campfire and eat what they called 'mountain oysters'" – the testicles
of the still-living animals.

Rabbi Nachman Kahane, Av Beit HaDin, spoke in English. "G-d created a
primitive world," he said. "We don't grow loaves of bread, but grain that must be
harvested, ground up and baked. We were meant to be partners with G-d.

Unfortunately, throughout history, perversions of this idea grew. How can you be
G-d's partner if you are damned and born with original sin? How can you be a
partner of G-d if your religion tells you to send your children to shopping malls to
blow people up? What we are creating today is a reconnection between the
people and G-d. G-d is saying to humanity – everyone has a job. I happen to be
a priest - I have a particular task for when the Temple is built - but all of us have
a specific task just the same; I am no better."

Jones told Kahane that his brother, slain Knesset Member Rabbi Meir Kahane,
together with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, had organized one of the first
conferences for B'nai Noah nearly 20 years ago.

Conference on Noahide Council

Earlier in the day, several speakers addressed issues surrounding the B'nai
Noah movement as part of a conference on the establishment of the B'nai Noah

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a leader of the Italian Muslim Assembly, addressed
the assembly, speaking about B'nai Noah in Islam: "Islamic law holds within it the
seven laws of Noah and can be taught correctly to the Muslims of the world... I
remember reading that a new Sanhedrin was created in Jerusalem [and] my
impression was very positive - I thought maybe something new had been created
to allow the Jewish people to project moral and legal clarity to counterbalance the
lack of it in our world."

Palazzi added that the project of creating a council of Noahide teachers would
hopefully counter the negative educational effect of the Gaza withdrawal, "which
taught the opposite to my people - it convinced many that only terrorism works."
Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Zini, who heads Yeshiva Or V'Yishuah and is the rabbi of
Haifa's Technion, spoke about the intuitive natural truths of the laws of Noah.

"We must create a formal connection between the nation of Israel and the B'nai
Noah to show the world that we are a nation of holy priests, as is dictated in our
Torah," he said, speaking partly in French as well, as the conference will be
available on the Sanhedrin's web site for viewing by prospective B'nai Noah

Member of the Noahide Council at the conference earlier in the day
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, who received the blessing of leading hareidi-religious
Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv to engage in the project of creating a court and
infrastructure for B'nai Noah, addressed the conference as well. Rabbi Schwartz
is the Deputy Av Beit HaDin [literally, Court Elder] of the Sanhedrin and the Av
Beit HaDin for the B'nai Noah court. He spoke on the topic of "B'nai Noah and
World Peace."

"The Islamic Jihad against the world has restored religion to the center of the
world's consciousness," Schwartz said. "Over 30 years ago, someone by the
name of Eisenberg sent a proposal to the United Nations saying that there will
never be world peace unless the citizens of the globe agree on certain principles
of faith. It was adopted by the UN as one of its official documents but was not
followed up upon and has since been forgotten. We are here today to follow up
on that document and remind the UN why it exists. There will be world peace
when the whole world agrees that there is one G-d. There are people who do not
think what I am about to say is worthwhile, but I suggested years ago that we
begin to translate our books, which are meant for the nations of the world, into
Arabic as well [Schwartz has authored many books on practical observance for
Noahides –ed.]. It is not by coincidence that we have this nation alongside us,
surrounding and living inside the land upon our return to it, who also preserves
the heritage of Abraham our father."

Schwartz has indeed translated his books to Arabic, with the help of an Arab man
he met at a bus stop who asked him a Mishanaic question, telling him he had
already translated the Mishna, a codification of Jewish oral law. He said the
entire printing has been sold out. "Muslim parents have thanked me for teaching
their child that there is a different way to heaven than becoming a shahid, a
martyr," he said.

Rabbi Schwartz explained that although one of the purposes of the Jewish
people's exile was to disseminate belief in the Torah's truths around the world,
their return to Israel has brought with it the technology to redouble our efforts
from here:
"The moment we came to Israel, communication technology flourished. The
telephone and radio spread rapidly, and computers and internet came soon after,
changing the entire concept of communication and education. When we were in
the exile, we were there to teach the world, and now that we have returned to the
Land of Israel, G-d has given us the tools to do the work from here."

Rabbi David Zilbershlag, Director of Meir Panim and Koach Latet, both innovative
charity associations, spoke about rectifying the misdeeds of Noah's generation,
the generation of the Flood. Zilbershlag said that the new Council of Noahides
must focus on kindness and charity, as that was the basis of G-d's covenant with
Noah [the lack of which resulted in the destruction of Noah's entire generation]
and His later covenant with Abraham.

"It is hard to distribute and spread an idea that is negative, as the laws of Noah
are phrased," Zilbershlag said. "We must make a great effort to find and
distribute the relevant positive commandments in our tradition throughout the
world as well, and the most basic of these is that of following in the footsteps of
Abraham our father."

Rabbi Eliyahu Essas, a former refusenik and founder of the Teshuva [return to
Judaism] movement in the USSR, spoke about establishing outreach within
Israel to help gentiles who moved from the former Soviet Union to Israel become
aware of the Noahide laws:

"There are at least 400,000 out of the million people who came to Israel who are
not Jewish according to Jewish law. There are many who think they are Jews,
but do not have a Jewish mother and are therefore not Jewish according to
Jewish law. 150,000 have no blood connection to the nation of Israel – spouses
of Jews and relatives who came under the Law of Return. Then there are 30,000
who have nothing to do with the Jewish people, coming with forged documents.
Over there, Jews wanted to be Russians; here, Russians want to be Jews.

"Should we harass such a person to convert, should we leave him alone, or
should we try to get him to become a Ben Noah?" Essas asked, refraining from
offering answers and saying that such complicated matters must be dealt with by
both the Noahide Council and the Sanhedrin's B'nai Noah Beit Din. He added
that the problem of intermarriage was not discussed by previous generations
because it did not exist in such numbers. "We are dealing with 50% of families in
the former Soviet Union and even more in North America. So if one spouse is a
Jew and one is a Ben Noah, what will be their status? I want to raise these
issues and offer a prayer to the Almighty to help us find wise solutions."

Council Looking Forward

Spokesman Jim Long outlined the Council's goals:

"Education is a vital part of our effort and we need you to help us with this. We
need to make sure that developing Noahide groups do not split into
denominations. As we move into the public eye, we will be viewed as heretics by
many. We each come from other religions and must develop ways to approach
them in a manner in which they listen without closing their ears. The Noahide
movement is a Torah-based template for an ethical way of life. The Creator
requires humanity to uphold these laws as per His covenant with Noah.

Members of the B'nai Noah Council

"Anyone who reads the Bible can see that your Torah is your constitution, your
Bill of Rights and your deed to the Land of Israel. We have plans to publish
Noahide prayer books, children's books and documentaries on science and the
world through the lens of the Torah."

"We have heard that G-d is with you," Long concluded.

For more information, the Council secretary can be contacted at:

[email protected]

The Seven Laws of Noah are:

§ Shefichat damim - Do not murder or commit suicide.

§ Avodah zarah – Pray and offer sacrifices only to G-d. Do not worship false

§ Gilui arayot - Do not be sexually immoral [no incest, sodomy, bestiality,
castration or adultery], crossbreed animals or perform castration.

§ Ever Min HaChai - Do not eat a part of a live animal or consume blood.

§ Birkat Hashem - Do not utter G-d's name in vain, curse G-d or pursue the
occult. Honor your parents.

§ Gezel - Do not steal or kidnap.

§ Dinim - Set up righteous and honest courts and apply fair justice in judging
offenders and uphold the principles of the last five.

This was in reply to a question in the e-groups.

The Jews are a dualistic system with one core. The Jews themselves at the core
are a genetic group, a bloodline. Yet one can convert to Judaism, but upon this
they have to marry into the genetic group and absorb their genes into the hive.

This allows the Jews to blend into the host society while still maintaining their
genetic-psychic strength. The convert then becomes an active agent of the Jews,
with a Gentile face, but will never be allowed to go very far into the deep ranks of
Judaism. At the highest levels, only those of purest Jewish genetic lines can be
admitted, making sure the pureblooded ones lead the group and give it direction.

The Jews by their records and texts such as the Zohar, state they come from a
genetic line not of the Gentiles, which they believe makes them superior and
gives them entitlement to the planet and all upon it. They state Gentiles are
animals put here to be their slaves and property, and since we are not from their
genetic line, we are not human and not covered by their law of the Torah,
meaning they can do whatever they please to us with no moral qualms. Judaism
dehumanizes the entire planet.

Above the Jews are a collective of negative entities, the top rabbinical class who
are adept black magicians from whom they work with and take their orders. The
Jews carry the spiritual inheritance of these entitles in their blood, as this is the
group they are genetically created from by their own admission. What this means
is they are connected on the deep soul level to such non-human and anti-human,
entitles. They are a window to these beings on this planet.

Even the average Jew has a deep unconscious connection to these beings on
the soul level. They are bound into a large mass Jewish mind or collective
unconscious and the consciousness they share with such entitles as well. They
share the same racial soul together. The nature of their soul is encoded in their
religious texts, which are nothing but what is in their soul– simply the desire to
harm, enslave, murder and destroy Gentiles by any means. Their biology is their

People point to their different factions, differences, and infighting as something to
offer as an example that the Jews are not a mono-group against us. However,
this reveals nothing, and in many cases, it proves the exact opposite. It is within
their collective soul. Even programs started by Jews in conflict with other Jews,
still push the Jewish agenda anyway and harm Gentiles. They all have the same
goal. This not all bad apples belief creates a false understanding that allows the
Jews to step in and control any opposition to them, transforming it into something
that serves them, which means you can never trust them. Many Jews do what
they do unconsciously, because of their collective soul. It is within their soul to
carry out what their religious texts command.

It is not about opposition to Christianity, Islam, Communism, Liberalism, or
Capitalism, Zionism, etc. It is actually on the unconscious level– one thing only:
opposition to JUDAISM. All the programs listed above are rooted in the Jewish
race soul. Most people in our society are in strong opposition to the Jews on
some level and don't even realize it yet.

One can also observe strong schizophrenic behaviors in those who have a larger
mixture of Gentile blood. It is from a conflict on the soul level, which manifests
into the conscious mind. Otto Weininger stands out. He was half-Jewish.

However, he hated his Jewish half, as an ugly and vile stain within his soul. He
could feel this. He lived a life of struggle against it, until he committed suicide to
try to escape from it. Weininger was a blatant example, of the two different and
conflicting natures of the Gentile and Jewish soul in one man, and the fact that
those of Jewish blood can never stop being Jewish, even if they consciously
want to. It is within the soul.

The purpose of Judaism is transforming the earth into a host planet where the
entities that manifested the Jew, can then feed off of humans and use them as
slaves without end. The Jews are simply the terrestrial level of this agenda. In lay
terms, the Jews are race of psychopaths, and are not part of Gentile Humanity.
They are a war upon it.



Kabbalah Cube

Different shapes hold and conduct different energies. This is why the universe is
made of sacred geometric patterns that are the blueprint for all existence such as
the five Platonic solids, the five elements. Ancient temples were built using such
knowledge to conduct different energies and it’s why they were built on lay lines.

Originally in Kabbalah, the entire Jewish occult system is shown as a cube and
the entire alphabet fits into this cube of space, which also contains the five
Platonic solids. The Hebrew Alphabet is the energy of their thoughtform they call
god, and it relates to the element of earth and that of Saturn which rules earth.
This is the reason ancient altars were cube shaped as well. It symbolized Saturn
and earth.

This is what the tefillin, the black box the Jews wear on their head, relates to. It
contains the Shema prayer, which is a formula arranged with the Hebrew
alphabet, which is a series of charged yantras that ties into their energy matrix.
The Shema sequence is what unites the Jew with their "god" in Judaism. This
unites them and connects them into the energy matrix, which is the cube.

The Jews state:

"The tefillin acts like an antenna that draws down a powerful spiritual force from
theses seven dimensions."

Here the same Kabbalist Jew tells us further on how this connects to the cube of

“According to both Kabbalah and Islam, there are seven heavens, or seven
dimensions in the spiritual world that directly influence our world. This is why
there are seven notes of music, seven seas, seven continents and seven days in
the week. We have seven layers of negativity within us and we want to bind and
slaughter those selfish layers that make us treat others with disrespect.

The Zohar explains this is the secret behind Abraham binding his son Isaac.

Each of us are required to sacrifice our ego for the sake of sharing with others.

The tefillin act like an antenna that draws down a powerful spiritual force from
theses seven dimensions that negates and sacrifices the influence of our selfish
nature and ugly ego. 99% of Jews have no clue that this is why we bind tefillin on
our left arm. We use the left arm as the left embodies our ego and the negative
(Isaac) , whereas the right refers to the soul and the positive (Abraham).

Each year, Muslims embark on a pilgrimage (Hajj) to walk around the Ka’ba in
Mecca seven times. This mirrors the process of binding our tefillin.

The purpose of Hajj for Muslims is to connect to the same event of Abraham
binding Isaac (Muslims relate this to Abraham binding his son Ishmael).

The connection is profound. Only Kabbalah explains the true spiritual purpose.
Perhaps this is why the Ka’ba in Mecca is known as the House of Allah.

Ka’ba and Allah, as we know, spells Kaballah.” [1]

The process described is how the Muslims are unconsciously tying themselves
into the Jewish matrix during this mass ritual. All Muslim's must pray five times a
day facing the direction of the cube in Mecca. They do this on the solar power
points of the day to make the energies stronger to charge this thoughtform.

And from Islam:

"Tradition goes that the Kaaba was ordained by Allah to be built in the shape of
the House in Heaven called Baitul Ma’amoor. Allah in his infinite Mercy ordained
a similar place on earth and Prophet Adam was the first to build this place.

The Bible, in the Chapter of Genesis describes its building when God ordained
Abraham to erect a Shrine for worship when Abraham was ordered to go to the
Southern desert with his wife Hagera and infant son Ismael.

The Old Testament describes this building as the Shrine of God at several
places, but the one built at Ma’amoor is very much similar to the one at Makka.

There is no doubt that it was referring to the stone built house at Makka.

Qur’an brought this story into the full light of history. In Sura 3:90 Qur’an says
“Allah has spoken the Truth, therefore follow the creed of Ibrahim, a man of pure
faith and no idolater”.

The first house established for the people was at Makka, a Holy place and
guidance to all beings. Qur’an firmly establishes the fact that Ibrahim was the real
founder of the Holy Shrine. When Prophet Ibrahim built the Holy Shrine in Makka,
his prayers were that this place should remain a center of worship for all good
and pious people; that Allah should keep his family the custodians of the Holy
place." [2]

This cube is also built to the dimension of six which is the number of binding of
bringing down astral energies into the material and it also unfolds to form the six
pointed star the symbol of Judaism. The above Islamic passage is important it
shows that the Christian Religion and Islam tie into each other on the occult level
and thus the Torah and Kabbalah. The city of Heaven is the New Jerusalem in
the New Testament, which is also given dimensions that relate to six. Which is to
descend out of heaven to earth. Note that the Islamic passages tie into the Torah
and thus the Bible in Genesis as well. And the biblical characters such as
Abraham and so on. Jesus is even in the Koran as well as Essa with the tale of
his divine birth and such and is a major character in Islam. The Islamic religion
ties people into this Jewish thoughtform of Christ. Note that Mohammed is also
described as being a Jew.

The tale of Abraham sacrificing Isaac also ties into the place of the Mecca Cube.
In the Talmud, Abraham actually does sacrifice Isaac in a blood sacrifice to
Yahweh. Three days later, Yahweh then resurrects Isaac. This ties into the
thoughtform of Christ as well the ultimate blood sacrifice that is resurrected three
days later. The reason for this here is this ties into the actual ritual murders the
Jews commit by what the Kabbalah calls sympathetic magic on the astral and
charges the energy of the murders with more power. Islam has mass rituals
devoted to offering up the blood of humans and animals as well into this. Note
the three days for each. Three is the number of Saturn and the square of Saturn.

Three days is also 72 hours, and 72 is the number of the cube as well,
connecting this with the 72 names of the Jewish god, which is shown as
Metatron, which is shown as the CUBE. The Christian ritual of communion ties
into Jewish ritual murder directly because it’s a sympathetic enactment of how
the Jews do this. Including the symbolic drinking of the blood and eating of the
flesh while standing around the image of a ritually murdered person on a cross.
This ties in subconsciously.

The cube for the Christians is the cross. In Kabbalah it’s admitted that the cross
of Christ is the Kabbalah cube and acts as the focus point for these energies to
descend and channel through. Every Christian church has always had the cross
at the front of the altar where the intention is directed during mass. In Kabbalah
the cube unfolds into the Christian cross and has six sides, the number of
bringing energy into the material.

The cube in Kabbalah also represents GOVERNMENT. In the Jews case, it
represents their world government they are working to manifest with the matrix of
energy the spell of Christianity and Islam are generating and feeding into the
thought form of the cube of energy. This is why the cube is the symbolic shape of
the world government of the Jews, and government is traditionally ruled by the
concept of Saturn.


[1] https://kabbalahstudent.com/mecca-and-kabbalah

*They removed this article. Here is an archived link:


[2] https://al-islam.org/story-holy-kaaba-and-its-people-smr-shabbar/kaaba-house-allah

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