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Question #5004: How do runes/vibrations work?


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Dec 16, 2022
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How do they function? Are there steps one should take before using them effectively?

Sometimes I feel like I'm just chanting to myself and I don't feel much from it. Should I get into a trance first? Should energy work and affirmations be done beforehand?

I understand that having doubts can kill results in meditation yet my experience with runes is a little mixed. If I'm consistent I'm sure I'll feel and see results. RN I'm not there though.

People on the forums stand behind runes a lot, that they are helpful and are something that can be used to improve seemingly anything. I can't help but in my experience feel that they are more an addition to our workings (extra empowerment) and not a working in-and-of themselves, yet sun squares appear to consist solely of runes. As well, we use chants (minor vibrations) when performing RTRs, thereby reversing enemy letters.

I don't feel much from RTRs or God Rituals unless I raise energies and enter a deep trance beforehand. After that they appear to be highly effective.

I will give a sun square a try and see how it goes. A part of my hesitancy is the above but I'm hopeful that they will help me to be healthier (sleep better, eat better, work better, think better, etc) as I struggle with insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue, bloating, a few floaters in one eye and occasional constipation and urinary retention. It's a bit like everything in my body is out of tune with nature yet I generally eat better and exercise more than most people. It's like I'm always switched-on and it's hard to switch-off if that makes any sense; to take it easy and allow things to come to me rather than viewing everything in life like a nail and hammer; as though all life is mechanical (almost robotic in a way). Shift work doesn't help either.
Because of my challenges with health I only seem to know extremes and black and white, thus acting on impulse is something that isn't a part of my life unless it's something that I can fixate on such as meditation, research, falling into rabbit-holes or extreme budgeting to buy that next thing I have on my list of things that I dream about having (namely clothing, creative tools, electronics, etc). It's a little cumbersome but I'd rather that than partying like I did in my younger years not long ago. Hyper-fixation is a thing for me however that I wish to better control. It's kind of a double-edged sword in that it's a useful tool yet it can have repercussions.

Anyway, thanks for your time and I apologize for the lengthy aside at the end. 😄
It almost seems as if you have jumped too far. Start again from the basics. It is important to learn how to feel energy before you start doing Runic work.

Practice yoga and give yourself as much time as you need until you start feeling energy. This is important because it is the foundation for proceeding with more advanced magical operations, but especially for being able to perform the Rituals of the Gods and RTR.

As written by JoS Guardian Power of Justice, runes and Solar Squares are different things. Especially for the latter, it is ideal to have the seven main Chakras open.

But in order to properly open the Chakras, you need to know the basics of funding magical work. Read here.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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