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Question #4955: Foot Fetish


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello. I am active member on the forums, but i have something embarrassing to ask about.. a foot fetish. Is this abnormal? What can I do to get rid of it?
This is not anything bad or unhealthy.

If you had some fetish that was unhealthy or degenerate, it would be important to remove it. This example is not the most common, but it is not degenerate.
Feet are easily sexual and seductive like thighs or other erogenous zones, they also can play into power dynamics which can be hot as well.

This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, embrace it and enjoy it, your Sacral Chakra will thank you, lol.

But stay away from porn if you can, it always over-perverts stuff and can lead to porn-induced fetishes that you won’t actually enjoy in real life.
I think the reason why people sometimes have foot fetishes, is because the feet chakras are tied to the sacral chakra (and base chakra).

This page about opening the feet chakras kind of explains it imho, it's because the feet chakras have ties towards sexual pleasure: https://joyofsatan.org/Opening_Feet_Chakras.html
You don't need to try to get rid of it if you adequately assess reality and don't hyperbolize such things.

Often people who have an attraction to absolutely harmless things get too fixated on them. This leads to destabilization of their life activity and deterioration of their general well-being, including mental health. Indeed, pornography can affect this by instilling destructive liking, so you need to minimize the presence of porn in your life and put the focus on realizing your healthy liking/fetishes for a real partner.

If you don't have any difficulties with this, including social isolation and other consequences that actually cause tangible discomfort, then you just need to accept your own nature for what it is. It is important not to blame yourself, but to accept your interests and urges as long as they do not reflect detrimentally on you or others.


— «The Commandments of Satan».
I think that the foot fetish is more related to an pisces enegies approach.

At least it's only one of the many.

And stay away from porn and e-girls, they have ruined foot fetish, it's not even about bdsm and that shit.
Foot fetish seem to be one of the most common when it comes to fetishes related to body parts. Many areas of the body are very erogeonous due the amount of receptors they have.

I've known people with feet, thighs, hand, neck, and ear fetishes.

All are reasonable as long as you don't do something excessive with them like injuring them. Just use common sense.

I wouldn't personally consider someone who is into buttocks or genitals to have a fetish for them as of course those areas are normally used in sex.

Just read the Kamasutra, and you'll find all kinds of pleasurable things you can try with a partner.

This is not something to be worried about.
What can even be taken as the norm?

Every nation, culture and tradition has its own taboos and attitudes towards sexuality, and almost everywhere the enemy has visited, somewhere he has corrupted and turned men into cuckolds and women into a-holes, somewhere on the contrary he has imposed that any form of sexuality is a terrible and cruel sin.
There are a lot of prison concepts, where if you kissed a woman below her head/mouth, you are now in a hierarchy lower than anyone else.

Is any of that adequate? No.

Is it adequate to say that two consenting partners are free to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't bother anyone? I think so.
Hello. I am active member on the forums, but i have something embarrassing to ask about.. a foot fetish. Is this abnormal? What can I do to get rid of it?
I do not know if this is true, but I have heard that supposedly scientists have proven that the most beautiful part of the female body is the legs.

In any case, during sex with a living woman (not with a robot, or a hand), young couples often try new poses and new sensations, in my opinion there is nothing unnatural in foot fetish, the only sex should not be limited to caressing beautiful female legs, I think you understand this.

I know some Caucasian men who are married and have children, who have grown up completely in a traditional, conservative family (in the mountains), use the services of prostitutes to satisfy some sexual needs (which they are afraid to admit to their wives, since they will not be understood due to their upbringing in a very traditional mountain Caucasian culture).

If a young, beautiful and sexy girl offers me to kiss her feet during sex, or I want to do it myself, then I will do it on the condition that I fuck her hard and will definitely have anal sex with her, I'll stick my penis in her anal.

I know for sure that any woman or girl who sleeps with me will get maximum pleasure and will consider me the best man in sex, because I try to use a scientific approach in everything (in this case with knowledge of the Kama Sutra) and approach such things seriously, in sex the most important thing is to be able to give pleasure not only for myself, but also for a woman, besides, I am actively developing (reading, watching) how to deliver the highest pleasure to a woman during sex.
Stimulating the feet chakras can stimulate the genitals so it would make sense that they are an object of sexual interest for some people. This is only an issue if you're only interested in feet, I believe.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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