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Question #4704: Do the Gods speak to us?


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Dec 16, 2022
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HP Cobra just wrote a sermon "Learning Respect and Freedom" where near the end he says not to go to the Gods for trivial matters. In that sermon it kind of feels like Cobra was roasting me for what I said to him in an email, and in a way that isn't a very fair representation of what I told him. Hopefully that's coincidental and relating to someone else who was a real piece of work and not me. Because I feel like everything I said was well explained and within reason.

I wrote to him before where I spoke about something that mattered a lot to me and how I believe I received communication from my GD which came in a way I would understand. He told me not to "pull the Gods" in my decisions, which I took to mean not asking them for help with our mortal affairs and figuring things out on our own. However that felt contradictory to what I've read on here about being able to have a personal relationship with the Gods and them and especially our GD communicating with us in ways we can perceive. And also to the Al-Jiwah in which Satan says he is there for his followers in time of need.

I replied basically "I didn't know that was wrong. How come?" and didn't bug him anymore after getting no reply. So I hope he wasn't referring to me in particular in that sermon. I'd hate to be thought of by him as an imbecile. But his reply did bring out frustration in me because I did experience something uncanny which had context relating to what I asked the Gods about. And I had taken that wild coincidence to be Demonic communication.

I get he's busy and can't read every long email. Hopefully someone knows what to say.
Whatever you said, he could have taken it out of context. He's really busy. Just know that the gods aren't mad at you if you're at least trying to be respectful toward them. Only you and the gods or your GD can know to truth about what's going on in your life. HPHC has so much to be preoccupied with and just can't help us on an individual level.

Take his lack of response as a sign of faith that you are capable of figuring things out.

You can talk to your gd, but by not pulling the gods, he probably meant to not rely on them like a parasite. I doubt you were, but that's just an extreme example of "pulling" them. Satanism is about developing ourselves so we can be more independent.

By no mediators in Satanism, that means that the gods and your gd are the final judges in the end. While high priests are competent judges of character, they still can't have perfect awareness of every individual, so don't take what hphc said personally.

Anyway, your gd is there to help you advance and the gods are understanding, so don't be afraid to make mistakes and keep meditating. I'm sure you can talk to him/her even if just for emotional support.

I hope that helps.
The things mentioned in the sermons actually apply to many people, so if you pay attention, after each new sermon dozens of Satanists thank and are grateful that they “coincidentally” learned some information they needed. Also it would not be appropriate for me to comment on your personal matters, but if you are doing wrong, you should take these opportunities and rectify your character and therefore your actions.

What matters is intentions and purity in behavior, as long as you don't fail the good advice then probably everything will be fine brother.
No, Sermons are never directed to one person. They are for everyone and there is no statement for any individual person.

What I have said is that you must take accountability for your choices, not try to throw this on the Gods. Make your decisions and accept them. Consult with them, but don't blame the Gods for your own decisions. They are here to help not to take control over every small matter in one's life.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan