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Question #4601: Enemy situation


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Dec 16, 2022
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The current situation of the enemy is not very clear to me. So I would like to ask some questions.

1- Father Satan won the war, but why are there still grays, angels, operating in the astral?

2 - If the planet of Valefor was conquered by the enemy, considering that he himself had the opportunity to escape, this means that they had reached a level of technology that allowed movement between worlds, and I imagine they had advanced on many others wait, we are still far from this. How can we have hope of saving the Earth?

3 - the enemy is in every key position in our world, they have all the power in their hands, from sanity, to media, to military force etc, it was where they wanted to go from the beginning, how can we stop it now? I don't see anyone capable of holding their own against the enemy in terms of weapons who isn't manipulable. Considering that the enemy's two options are, either they succeed in their plan to microchip everyone or in case people wake up and understand the situation and rebel, destroy everything (Operation Samson)?

4- If the enemy manages to conquer the Earth, and we are unable to complete the Magnum Opus, will we again have the opportunity to be born in another world and continue to advance from where we left off? Or will we be condemned to be reborn here as slaves? Sometimes the dormant state of people makes me lose hope a little that we will be able to win..

Sorry for these doubts, but I would like to have clarity regarding the situation and I hope that some of you will clarify these aspects for me. Obviously each of us must do our part and I will continue to do so until the end.
Doubt is part of the process of advancement. The only two reasons why mankind advanced from the communist level of the xian Middle Ages, were the Gods, and doubt.

  1. When an army wins a battle, some soldiers from the side that lost still live, it's not as if they all die as soon as they lose the battle.
  2. We have made tremendous progress in technology, and a large part of it thanks to National Socialism. People are waking up en masse every year, the jews' hope for global enslavement is now permanently ruined and they know this. We are closer to cleaning the Earth of every single kike than returning to the Middle Ages. The state of humanity in 2024 is much more hopeful than in 2017, even if the jew-owned media says otherwise.
  3. Not anymore; long gone are the days when most Gentiles were uneducated slaves. Many leaders, even those assigned by the jews, are turning against them and are taking the people with their side. Social media have been flooded with anti-semitism, and they can not ban everyone, otherwise their platforms will literally lose half their profit. Even if the jews do try to nuke the whole world, something which Satan has assured us will not happen, they will be nuked back and they will surely perish.
  4. Most people won't be saved, perhaps only select souls which are closest to Satan. Valefor was very advanced before they enslaved his planet. But this won't happen to us. The tide has turned. We survived WW2 and we came back not even a century later, while we could have been totally eradicated. The Gods are protecting us, but we lead the fight.
It's already been stated before by HPHC that these things that you mentioned are outside the scope of human power or comprehension. What we need to worry about is doing spiritual warfare, God rituals, and spreading the word of the jos.
The gods will take care of the rest of what you are worrying about, and the more rituals we do for them, the more power they have on this planet.

If we do our part, they will do their's.

Also, it is stated that Satan has already won because this is in the future, which exists in the Astral and hasn't manifested materially yet. This is something we still have to work for. I usually see that quote as being more of a morale booster and not to be taken in a most literal sense.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan