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Question #4120: How can I interpret my Nodes, when they aspect different planets? (Saturn, Pluto, Ruler)


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Dec 16, 2022
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(Please edit/remove the informations if I shared too much, I don't really know at what extent can I talk about my chart and what is safe or not to talk about)

I'd like to correctly interpret my True and South nodes. I have a vague understanding on what they mean and how they function, I read the Azazel's Astrology for Satanists pdf, as well as read the threads on the Forum in connection to the moon's nodes, but yet to find the answers to my question and case. I'm especially interested in the South Node, as it is said that it signals special talents and gifts of psychic and psychical nature which were carried from past lives. It'd be nice if I could see my strong points or hidden abilities based on astrology, and work on amplifying them. Also find out more about my past life, if possible.
I have my South Node in 17 degrees Saggitarius, 3rd house. It's in a conjuction with both my retro Pluto and Rigel. It's in opposition with my Saturn and Mercury (Ruler), those two planets are directly on top of each other on the same degree. True Node conjucts them both.
I didn't find anything in relation to what does it mean when one's nodes conjuct or oppose different planets, especially if it's the Ruler itself or Saturn in my case. Also, what kind of special talents or gifts can my South Node signal?

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