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Question #2591: Why did you become a spiritual satanist? And how did you discover satanism?


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello, guys I'm just curious as to how a lot of the posters and visitors on this site became spiritual satanists. And by how I mean what led up to you deciding to be a spiritual Satanist?
For me it was seeing first hand how the more someone gets involved in Xtianity the more misfortune befalls them. I remember thinking to myself “if this is how the alleged “Good Guy” of the Bible treats people then clearly the other guy is right.”
The other guy in this context being father Satan. Hail Satan!
I don't know if I had a past life, or if I was a Satanist.

Ironically, I discovered Satanism on Tiktok, which is very rare. My ex-friend showed me. He ended up leaving Satanism, and saying that 'it is bullshit' like weak ass looser, in opposite of me, I was persistent in my faith, because I was aware that it is very real.

People ending up leaving Satanism, have some of these factors:

  • They are not that important for the Gods
  • They are lazy to read, read, and read.
  • They are too programmed
  • They can't be persistent, not enough dopamine towards this topic.
  • They get misguided, by anything, such as enemy 'Satanists', films, Christians, etc..
  • They have a bad Natal chart, and/or their misfortune manifests in the wrong time
  • Intrusive thoughts.

Such indicators makes People leave Satanist, and only based people survive. Having hard times as a beginner makes hard to stay Satanist, but people who survive these hard time, become the best SS.
It is a natural thing to find this path by any SS.
Every Satanist has come across the JOS in their own time.
I’ll admit that this path isn’t the easy street I thought it was gonna be when I signed up, but I’m so happy to be with our true Gods, it’s so much more being an SS than I’d ever imagined and despite the hardships I’m always looking forward to every day with our true Gods. Hail Satan! Hail Victory!
Out of curiosity about Satan “the devil” at the time. I was wanted to know if you could sell your soul to satan like people claimed bc I wanted to sell my soul at the time for some reason being young and all dumb. So I googled my questions on the web and Then I stumbled upon the Jos site and read and experimented with the mediations and I felt how good it felt to meditate and knew the occult was REAL. When you meditate and feel real experiences/ results you know.
i was looking for the occult like crazy at the age of 13/14, i came across the website joyofsatan, everything was very logical and made a lot of sense, at the age of 15 i made my commitment, it was out of desperation to see if my life would improve.

since then it has improved a lot.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan