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Question #2363: being satanists what is your opinion on english sitcom series like friends,big bang theory,how I met you


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Dec 16, 2022
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i do not know why but i feel that these sitcoms really actually cause over indulgence to sex (while sex being a very natural thing)but these kind of sitcoms actually oversexualise things and make people think it is fun to have sex with anyone randomly ..as a satanist what is your opinion on all these sitcoms which overglorifies random casual hook ups ?is it not important to feed ONLY right and important things to our mind?
These shows are garbage and are made by jews, they also have the fake jewish laughing that tells you when something is supposed to be "funny" by jewish standards. There are shows that are more intelligent and that even though are just entertainment can be considered better than the garbage you mentioned.

Entertainment is needed, but choose it wisely.
Friends was always silly jewish nonsense created by three NYC jews that encouraged people to make shit sexual choices like cheating out of childish petulance, but it's dressed up as funny and nobody really suffers for it because they band together as friends in the end, which isn't exactly realistic. It also ripped off Living Single and a lot of other comedies pretty liberally.

Sex and the City is a similar sort of idea but amped up to 11, with an anorexic gobbo jewess treated like a hot piece of pussy and a queen by decadent New Yorkers for acting like a neurotic psycho and being a huge asshole to her friends.

But a lot of the messaging outside of sex is what you should look out for. I remember one scene where the jewess barges into her goy friend's house illegally and barks at her goy friend for not offering to hand over tons of money so she can make a down payment on a condo apartment, after the adulterer she was with bailed on his promise to lend her the money.

As if it's the goy's responsibility to give jews money so they can buy a house :lol: in the end her goy toy friend gives the jewess her engagement ring to pawn off for the money. I mean, what more can be said? This type of SHIT is what they subconsciously push to people through television.

A lot of these shows really messed with the expectations of women and devalued the power of the sex act, but whatever, that's nothing new with jews. They also pushed the 'any hole a goal' and 'buhh frat bro dude' thing for men very strongly. If you watch both of these as a Satanist though, it's an insight into their mind for sure...

As for modern stuff, they are trying to get ratings so they push sex, nude scenes, explosions or violence inbetween the woke sermons... since it's the only thing they can do. You can't do actual comedy anymore since it'll offend some weakling somewhere.
I have completely stopped watching all of the American filth series, they promote treating oneself as essentially garbage by having sexual intercourse with random people, being overly materialistic, obsessed with relationships, never learning anything or doing any charity, lying to each other, cheating, the list goes on an on. I have noticed that especially the so called ''binge watching series'' totally drain my energy and the next day I wake up unmotivated and tired, even though all I did was watch a TV series the day before, so I don't do that now. Last but least, I see a lot of subconscious programming towards drinking alcohol and taking drugs, if you observe carefully, more and more series come out where being intoxicated is being glorified and doesn't lead to any consequences. I know alcoholics and drugs addicts in real life and they all look like shit and have permanent mental and physical damage, but in many series you will see the protagonists being wasted non-stop and never gaining any weight, never looking bloated, never have brain damage. I would advise to not spend a second in any of them.
Boring, unfunny, visual goyslop, straight from the Jew's ass.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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