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Question #1687: Spiritual Healing others as a job?


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Dec 16, 2022
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Hello. I am a person who is trying to climb out of poverty and I have a gift for healing. I've managed to use energy to impact a few chronic conditions. Curing one and impacting the other.

Would it be unethical to use my healing abilities to make money? Or would this be wrong to do?

I would obviously take safety precautions and just disguise myself as some shit for brains new age Reiki. While doing actually effective healing sessions and energy work on clients.

What should I do? I am tired of scraping by with shitty jobs and I want to offer a service to others and utilize my gift.
This is wonderful and yes go for it.

Be sure to charge several hundreds per service and if they're rich you can charge even more. You're a REAL healer working with advanced knowledge and power so don't undervalue yourself.

The waxing Virgo moon is approaching and you can do a 40 day working to bless your business beforehand (attracting well paying and wealthy clients in a safe way for you).

Make sure you say it's reiki or "light healing", so that the enemy doesn't find you. Such "healers" are everywhere: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc.

Try and not take clients with congenital problems as these will take forever to heal. Try and go for things like gut health issues, and the likes. Many people with gut health issues tend to have to put up with them and stay on meds for a long time while it can be easily healed with a working.

Don't use your own energy like with sex magic as it can create a link between you and the sick person. Just use a rune like Vend and keep the energy outside of you.

Another way you can get clients is creating a small website or sales page and advertise on Google. Target people who search for terms like "Alternative medicine" as they are very likely your ideal clients.

Be strong, resolute and I believe you can succeed with such a business. All the best Brother/Sister.
Yes this is a great Idea for you to do. Plus I even prefer to do this for some future plans I prefer to do doing magical workings for others. Yes I agree to use terms like guides when dealing with your clients or gods and or goddesses too. Instead of saying to your clients you use demons or worship or work with spiritual Satanism or with demons of the powers of hell. Since most people are not okay yet with spiritual Satanism yet due to the constant effort the Jews do to many dumb gentiles within our society. Plus I have done this on some asmr videos of some magical workings. Onto YouTube as a bit of a side hustle too. Also I do even explain away why I have a small figure of Adolf Hitler on my alter as that I use Hitler for shadow work. Instead of saying I have our beloved Fuhrer and Antichrist Adolf Hitler to honor and venerate as well as worship him. Or also I never tell anyone even online on YouTube I have communed and summoned wi to Adolf Hitler. Since many people won’t beleive that communicating with Adolf Hitler is actually a conversation with a person who was really a care supportive person. Who is very talking person too. I really also hope that Hitler would become a demon I can work with as a guardian demon too. Since I spend I lot of time communicating with Adolf Hitler. Sorry for a bit of a nice tangent at the end of the reply.
This is absolutely ethical.
What I would encourage you to think about is how long this thing might last.
Making one's knowledge and spiritual qualities a job is not at all easy to maintain, from an energetical and spiritual point of view.

I would recommend you to perform meditation for the purpose of your financial well-being.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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